Argumentative Sex Education Essay

In her Introductory paragraph, the author quoted a case regarding immoral sexual acts in the U. S. There was a case in Washington where 9 year old boy was trying to get a 6 year old girl to ;sleep” with him. This unacceptable Incident could easily avoided If the boy were to be exposed to sex education at an early age Line 7-8, paragraph 1 LOL Mining Ling intended to use this case to show us what is going to happen if sex education Is not taught to our children. Yes, that case In the U. S. May be related to problems of sexual behaviors, but there is still lack of supporting evidence in her claim.

She did inform us what has occurred in the case, but did not specify when it happened. The author failed to show whether the Incidence happened before or after sex education has been introduced in the U. S. To argue against the author, it may be said that sex education has already been introduced before the incidence happened, but it clearly showed no effects. In the LLC_S.. Teenage birth rates had dropped since 1991 to the early 2000, but a 2007 report showed a 3% increase from 2005 to 2006 (CDC National Center for Health Statistics, 2007).

On top of that, a person named Wilhelm Reich , showing that sex education has existed a long time ago. Hence, sex education is not something new or foreign to the public as claimed by the author. Thus, the author Is actually missing the point in her first claim. Define what is missing the point. Next, the author stated that our television stations cast movies with ideas of immorality and sex misconducts.

With this statement, she hoped to inform us that vulgar movies In television channels are also caused by lack of sex education. Although it may have a nearly same social issue, it is not related in reality. Sex education is a syllabus in schools, Its main alma was to provide children with the knowledge and skills to cope with the physical and emotional changes of adolescence as well as to maintain healthy relationships with family and other members of the community (Raja, 2010); it Is not meant to control ten Tells castes Day television stations.

I Nils Is a Tally AT weak analogy, as the issue of films castes by television stations and sex educations can neither be linked nor compared. Define briefly what is weak analogy. Besides that, LOL Ling Mining wrote that parents are responsible to teach their children about ex, and one the goals of sex education is to provide related issues from God’s perspective. She also quoted citations from the Bible to support her opinions. What she had taken for granted here is that not every single parent in our country believes in God, and among the believers, not all of them are Christians.

This claim gave the readers a depiction that sexual misbehaver only occur among Christians, and sex education is only for Christians, which is not true at all. Sex education is taught to shape the attitude and values of youngsters among all religions and believes, thus e need to take into account the political, religious and cultural sensitiveness in the society (Dir. Raja, 2010). This claim revealed that the author has made a number of hasty generalizations. Define briefly what is hasty generalizations.

Apart from that, the author put a number of resources for children to learn more about sex. The resources stated are from parents, schools, and churches. Then, the writer eliminated the responsibility from schools and churches, thus concluded that the burden to teach children about sex is only on parents. The first mistake done here is hat the writer only gave a limited number of resources for children to obtain sex education, while there in fact are a lot more choices, such as counselors, doctors, books and articles.

A survey conducted by Methodist Pile Institute showed that 19% of students learned about sex from the media, 12% from literature, 10% from pastors and 5% percent from teachers (Ho, 2010). The next mistake she did is taking out two out of three resources stated in her article, to conclude that only one resource is available to be used. This is actually a fallacy of false dilemma. Define… In addition, the writer also stated a chain reaction that started with a good example from the parent and ends in the child being a complete sexually educated grownup.

In contrast, a bad example from the parents will cause an end result of the child’s misunderstanding of sex. This claim can still be proven wrong. What the writer did was Just providing a chain reaction to reach a conclusion. Not all children are influenced by behavior of their parents. Some children are not even close to their parents. The child’s sexual behavior may also be influenced by the media, the internet, friends, or role models among relatives other than their parents.

A national survey found that there were children as young as nine years old watching porn (Raja, 2010). So where do they get the porn materials from? Of course not from their parents. Hence, the writer’s claim cannot support her conclusion, as it contains a fallacy of slippery slope. Define Overall, the claims in the first article can be considered as weak and lack supporting evidence. The supporting evidence of the writer’s claim is not enough to convince the readers to agree with her stand.

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