BIOCHEMISTRY WEBQUEST Name: BASIC CHEMISTRY Link: http://faculty. clintoncc. suny. edu/faculty/Michael. Gregory/files/Bio%20101/Bio%20101%20Lectures/Biochemistry/biochemi. htm Draw 2 separate carbon molecules both with four single bonds connected to hydrogen molecules. Next take away two hydrogens from each and connect the carbons together with a double bond What is the difference between being ionized and being polar? Compare macromolecules to Monomers; complete the chart below Example of a Macromolecule Corresponding Monomer polysaccharide glycerol, fatty acid protein nucleic acid BIOCHEMISTRY WEBQUEST Name:

CARBOHYDRATES Link: http://www2. nl. edu/jste/carbohyd. htm#dehydration%20synthesis List the three main groups of carbohydrates and give an example of each Play the animation of dehydration synthesis. What two monosaccarides did you start with? What disaccharide was produced? What molecule was synthesized as a bi-product? Four types of polysaccarides are mentioned on this page, name them. Which are found in animals? LIPIDS Links: http://www2. nl. edu/jste/lipids. htm Neutral Fats: Play the animation of fatty acids being attached to the glycerol backbone by BIOCHEMISTRY WEBQUEST Name: dehydration synthesis.

What is the name of the functional group on the ends of fatty acids that lose their “–OH” in order to bond to the glycerol? When making one triglyceride, how many molecules of water are formed? (2 points) Phospholipids and the Cell Membrane: Links: http://telstar. ote. cmu. edu/biology/downloads/membranes/. html Name the four parts to a phospholipid molecule Play the animation of phospholipids being immersed in water. Why do the tails float in the water pointing up? What happens when a second layer of phospholipids are added? Which of the following are also found in the cell membrane: lipids, proteins, or carbohydrates?

What is the role of steroids in a cell membrane? (2 points) Steroids: Links: BIOCHEMISTRY WEBQUEST Name: http://www. wiley. com/legacy/college/boyer/0470003790/animations/cholesterol/cholesterol. htm View the “overview” button on this link. Besides its role in the cause of heart disease, name four useful functions of cholesterol in the body. 2. View the “Heart Disease” button on this link. List two reasons why bad cholesterol can elevate in a person. Why can’t a person remove LDL from the blood when they are genetically predisposed? How does exercise help? (4 points)

Saturated and unsaturated fats Links: http://biology. clc. uc. edu/courses/bio104/lipids. htm Find the paragraph on saturated and unsaturated fats and explain why unsaturated fats are forced to take on a liquid form. (2 points) 2. Read further and explain what a trans-fatty acid is and why they are a concern to your health. (4 points) NUCLEIC ACIDS BIOCHEMISTRY WEBQUEST Name: What does DNA look like? Take the DNA tour http://gslc. genetics. utah. edu/units/basics/tour/ Go through the tutorial: What is DNA Where is DNA located? (1 point) DNA coils into X shapes called what? (1 point)

The DNA molecule has three main parts – list them. (3 points) How are bases in the double helix connected? (1 point) Explain the link between bases (letters), genes, and proteins made. (3 points) Go to this website: http://www. visionlearning. com/library/module_viewer. php? mid=63 and scroll down to the “replication of DNA” concept simulation. Click and watch this animation and record the steps of DNA replication. First, the DNA opens or ______________________. Next _____________________ pair with the original DNA strand. The two new strands are __________________ to the original. (3 points)


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