Aristotle and Metaphysics Essay

Introduction The study of metaphysics is a broad spectrum of comprehensive ideas that ultimately serve to discover the generalities of human thought. Without Aristotle, the concept of metaphysics would cease to exist. Taking this into consideration, it is evident that Aristotle plays a major part in the study of metaphysics and how we know it today. Therefore, he formulated the basic entities of metaphysics and constructed its foundation through his own philosophies.

Also, after reviewing material presented by Socrates and Plato, Aristotle is able to develop an understanding of causes and absence and how it relates to metaphysics. Furthermore, actuality and potentiality are philosophical ideas that Aristotle discusses throughout his evolutionary thought- provoking beliefs. Through these instances, it is clear that Aristotle has an undoubtedly significant impact on the study of metaphysics and how it first originated. Aristotle and Metaphysics Since Aristotle founded the main ideas of metaphysics, we can assume that his affiliation with it is indisputably notable.

By using the ideas he established, he is able to review the opinions previously held by other philosophers and challenge them. When other philosophers are told that they are wrong, they will go into grave detail to explain their opinion or idea. This ultimately delivers a substantial amount of depth in discussion and enhances the study of metaphysics as a whole. In addition to reviewing other philosophers’ ideas, Aristotle analyzes the causes and principles behind certain decision-making and the options they have to consider.

He attempts to reason with why people make the choices they do and also touches upon subjects such as free will, determinism, and topics of that nature (“Aristotle Metaphysics”). Essentially, Aristotle is an undeniably brilliant mind who challenges others’ thoughts in order to better themselves as critical thinkers and improve the study of metaphysics. Furthermore, without a doubt, Aristotle abetted the development of metaphysics through the use of his own personal philosophies.

For instance, in book Alpha, Aristotle proclaims a famous sentence that reads “All men by nature desire to know. ” He claims that we are all constantly in the pursuit of gaining intricate knowledge and applying it to our lives. Since this proclamation is originated by Aristotle himself, he decides that he is going to become very critical of other ideas. He brings out the strong and weak points within each idea in an effort to assist others with developing their own understanding of metaphysics.

The purpose of Aristotle leading others to formulate their own ideas is to push them, and the rest of guiding others to the best of his ability, Aristotle is considered to be a benefactor for the study of metaphysics and how it has progressed overtime. Causes and Substance Long ago, Aristotle developed an engaging idea that has been expanding for two leaning. It is the idea that true knowledge is the knowledge of ultimate causes. Since this idea confronts the common wonder of why things happen, it will ultimately benefit the study of metaphysics.

Moreover, in an effort to fully understand how to attain true knowledge, Aristotle takes the liberty of organizing the types of causes into four simple kinds. The formal cause is when a decision is made because someone is abiding by a particular plan. Additionally, the final cause is when a reaction sprouts an action is done with a purpose. The material cause is when a session is made based on the altercating components that are affecting the potential solution. Also, the efficient cause is when a decision is made in an effort to initiate change in a respective situation (CITATION NEEDED).

Through these theoretical causes established by Aristotle, the idea of true knowledge is sufficiently easier to grasp. Therefore, we are greatly aided with the enduring quest of understanding metaphysics in its entirety. Actuality and Potentiality In book Theta, Aristotle discusses the difference between actuality and potentiality ND relates it back to the study of how we interpret thoughts and ideas throughout metaphysics. Potentiality is considered to be the numerous amounts of options that we may or may not pursue throughout our lives.

On the other hand, actuality is not our options, but rather our final outcomes. To put it into perspective, a person is born with the potential to be a professional quarterback, a chemical engineer, or anything else for that matter. However, it is not until they have become the quarterback or the engineer that they have reached actuality. (“Aristotle Metaphysics”). Given that the Asia ideas of actuality and potentiality are considered to be lofty contributions to the general understanding of thought, it can be assumed that Aristotle involvement with metaphysics is undeniably momentous.

Conclusion The fundamental ideas of metaphysics were brought into the world by Aristotle himself. Also, without his basic philosophies, much of the understanding we have on metaphysics may not have been discovered. He plays a critical part in the early stages of discussion when he attempts to challenge the minds of other philosophers in an effort to further advance the study of metaphysics. Additionally, Aristotle expands on the understanding of true knowledge through the causes and substance we endure throughout our lives.

Considering that actuality and potentiality are both important topics of discussion in regards to metaphysics, Aristotle portrays an immense amount of importance that is irrefutably unparalleled. All in all, Aristotle involvement with the origination and the forever-expanding details of metaphysics is commodiously prevalent and will forever be an influential part of our society as a Works Cited “Aristotle Metaphysics. ” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Stanford University, 08 cot. 2000. Web. 20 cot. 2013.

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