Arogya Bharat Essay

Arogya:- Arogya, meaning “whole health” in Sanskrit, is devoted to the mission of creating balanced healthy living within our modern-day society. Since its inception in 2000, Arogya has not only provided a wellspring for alternative and integrative healing, but continues to offer an educational resource and holistic opportunity for those looking to enjoy the myriad benefits of bodywork, tea, natural skincare, herbs, yoga, and nutrition…

Regarded by many as Connecticut’s finest source for organic teas, Arogya proudly offers over a hundred pure and blended teas, tisanes, and various signature concoctions made with only the best ingredients from around the world, each brimming with esteemed quality and sumptuosity in taste. Within Arogya you will find an exquisite selection of rare and special gifts, such as various clay and cast iron tea sets from the far East, creative European teaware, the finest Japanese incense and skincare products, all-natural rubber and jute yoga mats, organic care-packages for new mommies and babies, and much much more.

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Arogya Bharat Essay
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For an impressive and remarkable gift for that special someone, regardless of the occasion, Arogya has something exceptional to offer… Yoga:- Yoga has become an extremely important tool for modern life. Not only does a yoga practice strengthen and stretch the muscles while preventing susceptibility for injury. Yoga also produces a feeling of integrated wellbeing as it calms the mind, opens the body, and uplifts the spirit. The physical, mental, and emotional flexibility gleaned from a solid yoga practice is unmistakable, as we see from the glowing smiles adorned on our practitioners and many students. Yoga” originally comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj”, meaning “union”. Though it is often interpreted from the outside as merely an array of stretches and poses, this discipline can have incredible life-changing effects on the health of your mind and body. Yoga is also not a religion – it is a path of radical transformation available to anyone who wants to increase their physical potential while accessing deeper levels of inner stillness.

The union of breath, body and mind creates physical strength and flexibility, fosters creative thought and insight, and calms the nervous system while tonifying the body’s organs. Sign up for a class today and experience the magic for yourself! Ayurveda:- Ayurveda is the oldest scientific medical system dating back more than 3000 years. It has its roots in the Veda, which are the knowledge books of ancient Indians. Ayurveda is a composite word, Ayur meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge. The word Ayurveda means the knowledge of life.

The aim of Ayurveda is to achieve and maintain perfect health of the individual. All living and non-living in the Universe are made up of the five fundamental elements, the Panchabhutha. Pancha means five and bhutha means elements. The five elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. In the living body these five condenses down to form three basic principles called Tridoshas, the Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each individual has a unique constitution of the three doshas where either one or two of these will be dominant. Health is the state of dynamic doshic balance and disease is the state of imbalance of the doshas.


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