Aromatherapy 3 Essay

Topic: Aroma Therapy General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the benefits of Aroma Therapy. Thesis Statement: Aroma Therapy helps enhance health, relaxation, and inner peace. Organizational Pattern: Topical I. Can you remember some smells of your childhood? For example the aroma of cookies baked by your mother? What about the smells from your favorite teddy bear? When you smell that sent again, do your childhood memories flood your mind? Ever wonder why? Aromatherapy is an increasingly new approach that has become a worldwide phenomenon. Its amazing all-natural effect is becoming more known than ever before.

According to Mehmet Oz, M. D. , best selling author and host of “The Dr. Oz show, states that “Soothing scents can brighten any day” (Oz 52). Many of you would agree that we have had times in our lives when we would have liked to be relieved of stress. Most of us have this thought on a daily basis. Because this is a crucial part of everyone’s life, everyone should be aware that Aromatherapy helps enhance health, relaxation, and inner peace. Today I will inform you that aroma therapy can help build a stronger immune system, overcome stress or depression, and can help aid in physical healing.

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Aromatherapy 3 Essay
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Transition: Although aromatherapy is not an all mighty “cure all”, it is agreed upon by many that aroma’s inhaled have an effect on the way thoughts are processed in our brains. Therefore, the first benefit of aromatherapy is that it helps to build stronger immune systems. II. Aromatherapy can help build stronger immune systems. A. The power of oils can help symptoms of the common viral infections. 1. According to Kathi Keville, director of the American Herb Association writes that essential oils have the ability to both support the immune system and increase one’s rate of healing (Keville).

Aromatherapy is also great for immune system because it encourages new production of corpuscles, which are part of the body’s immune defense against a cold. 2. Lymphatic massage can also be used with oils to build tolerance against minor aches from the common cold. Keville explains that the lymphatic system moves cellular fluid through the system, cleansing the body of waste that is produced by the body’s metabolic functions.

Lemons, rosemary, and grapefruit are especially good at stimulating movement and supporting the cleansing action (Keville). B. Aromatherapy can help people with migraines. 1. Oz, while working long hours producing his show, often endures painful migraines. These migraines would at times cause a shut down of production. He would then take a combination of aromatic oils and massage them into the temple of his head and that alone would end his migraine pain (Oz 52). 2. According to Norman Shealy, M. D. founder of the American Holistic Medicine Association and a worldwide renowned neurosurgeon, states that “If you take a combination of aromatic oils such as lavender, basil, or chamomile oils and massage, it is an excellent way to soothe head pain (Shealy 144). Transition: Helping resolve immune deficiencies is not the only way aromatherapy is beneficial. Not all people have acquired issues with migraine headaches or viral infections, rather they have encountered stressed related issues or depression. Therefore, aromatherapy can be used in many ways to help overcome stress and depression.

III. Aromatherapy can help overcome stress or depression. A. The relaxing smell of lavender can greatly relieve stress. 1. Sandra White is an author that specializes in aromatherapy. She has spent many years researching the effects of aromatherapy. According to White, essential oils such as lavender have many properties which make them ideal for helping you deal with stress (White 13). 2. White also states, lavender can be used in different ways to help with stress related problems, although one of the easiest, yet most enjoyable methods is to simply relax in a warm bath with essential oils (White 13). B.

Aromatherapy can help relieve depression. 1. According to Shealy, the scent of a “positive” childhood memory such as baking cookies will help a severely depressed person (Shealy 229). 2. Shealy also states that Jasmine oils are uplifting and refreshing, while lavender is calming and relaxing. Using this mixture together will result in a less depressed person. This helps because depressed people don’t stop to relax and focus on today using aromatherapy in this combination allows this to take place (Shealy 229). Transition: Dealing with issues such as stress and depression is just a portion of what aromatherapy can offer for people.

Aromatherapy not only deals with the psychological aspect of healing but, physical as well. Therefore, aromatherapy can help aid with physical healing. IV. Aromatherapy can help aid physical healing. A. A sense of calmness and scents that bring this sensation relaxes tension from muscle pain and stimulates circulation all at the same time. 1. According to White, relaxing with the scent of peppermint in the air will remove an entire days worth of ache and pains (White 44). 2. Rubbing a massage oil that contains muscle-relaxing essential oils like lavender and Roman chamomile on sore muscles and they relax twice as fast than rubbing alone. Transition: Physical healing is just a portion of what aromatherapy can offer. The rewards are infinite. Therefore, one should not undermined the effects of aromatherapy and its all-natural therapeutic healing agents. V. You just heard all the benefits and ways to use of aromatherapy through written experiences of professionals in this field of all natural remedies. I have used aromatherapy in my life for the past 5 years, and it has helped me overcome many obstacles that I have come across from physical pain to minor viral infections.

Using aromatherapy allows me to have the opportunity to take control of the aches and pains. When I want a pick me up, I pull out my peppermint oils and it is like turning on a light switch. When I need to relax, I get out the lavender and it is “my time” to Zen out. Today I have hopefully informed you that aromatherapy can help build a stronger immune system, help overcome stress or depression and help aid with physical healing. It is available through our sense of smell, and with this sense we can allow our bodies the opportunity of relaxation and vibrancy it deserves. | | | | | |


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