Aromatherapy and the Treatment of Hypertension, Stress and Restlessness

[ L ( CA1 ]

Client 1.1


High blood pressure, emphasis andRRoentgenestlessness


Client 1.1

Client 1.1 is 67 old ages of age and is a female, presently she [ L ( CA2 ] ismerelya homemakerat place, but was antecedently an admin director for her husband’s security concern, Guardarm Security. The client has three kids, two misss and one male child. Ages are 45, 42 and 38. She gave natural birth to all three her kids. The client’s lifestyle appraisal with respects to the nutritionary consumption ( diet ) is that it is reasonably balanced but fruit parts should be increased and caffeine consumption should be lowered, due to the restlessness and emphasis. The medical history of the client is the undermentioned ; the client has high blood pressure [ L ( CA3 ] which started about 10 old ages ago. The client has a irregular slumber form, gets in on mean 4 hours of slumber traveling to bed at 21h00 autopsy and waking up at 01h00 am, could be due to her cardiac jobs [ L ( CA4 ] looking at the clip she wakes up is Cardiac organic structure clip – 12h00 am – 02h00 am. The Client has an occasional intoxicant consumption, imbibing an Amarula tot one time every 2-3 hebdomads. The clients had a full hysterectomy after her last kid. The client has varicose venas situated on both her legs. The client besides suffers from second-hand smoke due to her hubby that presently smokes one battalion a twenty-four hours. Clientbesidessuffers from claustrophobia [ L ( CA5 ] . The client has passedt [ L ( CA6 ] her menopausal stage. The client presently takes herbal addendums like Ecenaforce [ L ( CA7 ] beads and Spirilina. The client takes vitamins and minerals and indispensable fatty acids [ L ( CA8 ] daily. She besides presently takes Taureg 80 [ L ( CA9 ] for her blood force per unit area. The Clients present exercising government consists of walking at leastst one time a twenty-four hours,three times a hebdomad ; leg lifts day-to-day and eupneic exercisings. Her avocations include reading articles about wellness and new herbal medical specialty, cleaning in and around the house every bit good as horticulture every twenty-four hours. Recommended that the client travel for a back massage to alleviate emphasis and tenseness. But she is really active for her age. [ L ( CA10 ]

The chief concern of the client is to stay healthy for every bit long as possible. My purpose for this intervention is to loosen up my client and lower her emphasis degrees [ L ( CA11 ] , besides relieve tenseness and aid cut down cicatrixs of varicose venas on her legs. The intent of the intervention is to detoxicate the organic structure of any waste or toxins in the organic structures systems. To convey homeostasis to the head, organic structure and psyche. The motive of this purpose is because of the client’s medical history and that it would look fit to sublimate the organic structure [ L ( CA12 ] .

Treatment Plan

The purpose is conveying to homeostasis to the organic structure and its systems, to guarantee homeostasis and detoxification of the organic structure, the intervention program would dwell of utilizing Eve Taylor pre blended aromatherapy oils. To alleviate emphasis and lower tenseness. [ L ( CA13 ]

Aim of the intervention

Eve Taylors Facial Oil No 5

The motive for utilizing this oil is supported by the fact the client is a mature [ L ( CA14 ] lady and is recommended to utilize this oil to handle mature and Allipedic tegument and loss of snap.

ActiveIngredients [ L ( CA15 ]:

  • Bois de rose
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Rosewood

Bois de rose:Meaning ‘wood of rose’ – Comes from the Aniba Rosaeodora, from which the indispensable oil is distilled. The oil is distilled from the bark of the tree but to obtain it the whole tree is felled. The odor is valued above all. It is woody, moss-grown and flowery. The virago indigens used the bark in therapy for its medicative belongingss and has a singular action on the tegument, assisting with furrows and cicatrixs.

Lavender:Extracted from Lavandula Angustifolia. Lavender has fantastic qualities and besides smells great. It is quieting, comforting and combats stress, while the antiseptic belongingss help with colds and grippe, asthma and megrims. Supports female wellness and has a mending consequence on the tegument.

Jasmine:Extracted from Jasminum Grandiflora. This indispensable oil deeply relaxes, lifts depression and encouragements assurance. Besides tones and improves skin snap.

Rosewood:The belongingss are analgetic, antidepressant, antiseptic and antibacterial. Extracted from the rosewood tree. It rejuvenates the tegument and keeps it looking healthy and immature. It stimulates the organic structure and assorted organ systems and metabolic maps [ L ( CA16 ] .


  • Hydrating and comforting
  • Improves skin wet and oil balance
  • Highly quieting
  • Visible decrease and softening of all right lines

Eve Taylor Body Oil No. 303

The motive for utilizing this pre-blended oil was due to the fact that the client has passedTher menopausal stage but still has some of the symptoms [ L ( CA17 ] . Aim of this intervention is detoxify [ L ( CA18 ] the organic structure.

This oil can be used on people who suffer from climacteric, cellulite and cicatrixs. Besides quieting and loosen uping.

Active Ingredients:

  • Clary sage
  • Rosemary
  • Patchoulis
  • Geranium

Clary Sage:This indispensable oil is extracted by steam distillment from the buds and foliages of the Clary Sage works, the Salvia Sclarea. It is an herb. This indispensable oil can be used to conflict dependence and can excite a alteration in outlook towards a positive manner of nearing. It can besides move as an anti-inflammatory treating back achings and joint hurting.


  • Speeds up cell regeneration
  • Hydrating and smoothing
  • Appeasement of emotions
  • Helps with emphasis and kiping jobs [ L ( CA19 ]

The aim of the intervention:

My chief aim would be to alleviate emphasis degrees and aid with the unbroken slumber forms of the client. My secondary aim would be to assist with her post-menopausal symptoms every bit good as scarring and varicose venas. [ L ( CA20 ]

What would I desire the consequence of this intervention to be?

To assist my client loosen up more and to cut down her emphasis degrees and symptoms.

Treatment protocol/ Standard operating processs

Duration of intervention:

Duration of my intervention on this client would be, 65 proceedingss hands-on.

Frequency of interventions:

17 March – foremost intervention

1 April – 2nd intervention

4 May– 3rd intervention

13 May –degree FahrenheitFourth intervention

Oils used:

Eve Taylor Body Oil No. 303 – 1 pip-squeak on both pess, 1 pip-squeak per leg, 3-4 pip-squeaks on back, 1 pip-squeak per arm and 3-4 pip-squeaks on the venters.

Eve Taylors Facial Oil No 5 – 2-3 pip-squeaks on the face.

Automatic points:

  • The bosom reflex – this will beef up and modulate bosom beats [ L ( CA21 ]
  • The stop line – this will assist intensify your external respiration and convey more O to each cell.
  • Thyroid and parathyroid physiological reactions – this will modulate the pulsation rate and aid with calcium soaking up.
  • Spine physiological reaction – working on this physiological reaction it nourishes the full organic structure. [ L ( CA22 ]

Observations before, during and after interventions:

Client 1.1 from the minute she walked into intervention country, she complained about being stressed and tired. During the first intervention I [ L ( CA23 ] noticed lines on her large toes, which could bespeak the fillings she has in her dentition. She besides said she had Hypertension which could be one of the chief causes to her megrims. I besides noted that when my clients spoke about her irregular bosom [ L ( CA24 ] round that she has dilated capillaries in her heart/chest physiological reaction on the pes which could bespeak the emphasis in that part. Besides saw on her legs she has many varicose venas.

During my clients 2nd intervention I noticed that she has pockets of opposition on her gastrocnemius, on both legs. Found a beauty topographic point on zone 3 could be perchance due to exposure to 2nd manus smoking all her life. Besides marks of liver musca volitanss and sun musca volitanss all over the full organic structure.

During my 3rd intervention I found callosities on both large toes of my client, this could be perchance due to a auto accident she was in 40 old ages ago, and my client had an hurt caused by whiplash. Besides noticed that my client is more relaxed and said that she was kiping much better and besides says she doesn’t feel every bit stressed as normal.

By the terminal of my last intervention my client was more relaxed and said she feels much better in general. And said she besides felt more rested. Signs of emphasis were by and large reduced. [ L ( CA25 ]


It was decided to handle my clients emphasis degrees and aid with her restlessness making an aromatherapy intervention utilizing Eve Taylor’s pre-blended indispensable oils, organic structure oil 303 and confront oil 5. These blends aim to cut down emphasis and aid with menopausal symptoms every bit good as aid with snap and cut down furrows on the face.

My clients’ wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional degree changed dramatically [ L ( CA26 ] within the fourthe fourinterventions given to her. Stress degrees reduced and she was more rested. Besides more relaxed during last two interventions. [ L ( CA27 ]

My client said her experience was great and she enjoyed every intervention more and more. She besides said she was sad that her interventions were over but she is glad she came for them.

My recommendations that I can give her is to cut down caffeine consumption to cut down toxins in the organic structure. Besides to come for a pedicure to take callosities. Besides recommended chemical roll interventions to assist with hyperpigmentation on the face [ L ( CA28 ] .


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