Arrays and Pointers in MIPS Assembly Language

share the same storage class, scope, and initialization properties as one-dimensional arrays
multidimensional arrays
are stored contiguously in row major form
elements of multidimensional arrays
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Arrays and Pointers in MIPS Assembly Language
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no limits
levels of indirection
can be used to traverse an array of strings and to access individual strings and characters
pointers to pointers
appear as strings on the command line after the name of the program when it is executed; available for the life of the program
command line parameters
contains the count of the parameters on the command line
int argc
is the vector of the actual command line parameters; can be used with either the array subscript or the pointer * notation
char *argv[]
the address of an array is actually passed to a function; every dimension except the first must be known to the function
multidimensional arrays as parameters to functions
contains the program counter and instruction register
control unit
Arithmetic Logic Unit: performs arithmetic, the registers store numbers, and the input-output unit is responsible for interacting with memory and the rest of the system via loads and stores.
Register containing the address of the next instruction to be fetched and executed.
program counter
One byte is _ bits.
A computer’s ___ size is the number of bits that the processor may process at any one time.
The more bits in a word, the ____ the computer. Examples of word size in modern computers include 16, 32, and 64 bits.
A plan or outline of a solution; a logical sequence of steps that solve a program.
A language designed to express algorithms.
A character or string used to indicate where a string should be split.
One of the values in a list (or other sequence). The bracket operator selects elements of a list.
An integer variable or value that indicates an element of a list.
A named collection of objects, where each object is identified by an index.

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