Art Deco and fashion Essay

Manner Signifies a alteration of clip, a cultural bend, and ( wo ) work forcess functions in a society.[ Choose a period of clip in history and usage illustrations to discourse this statement. You can concentrate on a specific society in your treatment. ]

The Art Deco Movement and the influence of France on how it effected adult females ‘s manner during the early twentieth century.

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Art Deco and fashion Essay
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Throughout history the field of manner has gone through many alterations which has been shown in society.

This essay will research the above statement and will be done by concentrating in at a peculiar period of clip which is the beginning of the 20th century, merely after the first World War. For this treatment the function of the Art Deco motion and the influence of France will be addressed to see whether manner does in fact reflect alterations in a society. This essay will get down by a brief overview of the Art Deco motion, researching the influence of the Jazz Age, the impact of France and haute couture every bit good as World War Ones consequence on the employment of adult females and see whether manner reflected this new epoch. But first one needs to get down by specifying Art Deco.

The Art Deco Movement

Art Deco can be merely defined as a mannercharacterised by precise and boldly delineated geometric forms and strong colorss…’

The Art Deco motion 1909-1939 was a period of clip which pushed through new developments in architecture, movie, picture taking every bit good as manner and fabrics. Its influence permeated throughout society advancing a new aspirational life style. In add-on to this, the Art Deco motion coincided with World War One which took topographic point 1914-1918. The combination of the war and the rise of the Art Deco motion continued to turn out favorable to the manner industry as peoples attitudes were more unfastened to alter.

The Influence of Haute Couture On Women

One of the illustrations of the Art Deco motion set uping garb of adult females was via manner illustration and as a consequence the vesture magazines were deriving in popularity as beautiful publications to look at. Furthermore, come ining the 20th century meant that adult females felt more sceptered to encompass new manners, of import in forcing the boundaries further in dressing design. Haute Couture was a manner which reflected this — led by France. Haute Couture is an expensive, made to mensurate, manus made manner of doing garments. It gained attractive force and popularity of upper category adult females due to the new entreaty of the Parisian manner houses. The Parisian interior decorators transformed the manner scene off from the 19th century by planing easy to travel trim garments.

The Art Deco scene and Haute couture unwittingly caused women’s frock to undergo a farther extremist alteration. Womans were eventually able to go forth behind the curtailing girdles and half-slips, this meant they were able to dress in less clip and non necessitate a aid of a amah therefore going more independent. This was because the interior decorators were doing garments which where slimmer with narrower silhouettes every bit good as flatter flops. Manner interior decorator Paul Poiret is one outstanding illustration of the first Parisian manner interior decorator who excelled in haute couture by making slimmer frocks hence go forthing behind the girdle. Lussier, writer of the book, Art Deco Fashion, talks about a aggregation Paul Poiret created in the early 1900’s when art deco inside was in demand, Lussier described the aggregation as aharmonious transition towards the straighter silhouettesand so goes on to state it was arevolution to manner.

At the beginning of the century, as adult females were going more confident and empowered, they began to take part more in featuring activities. This created an extra demand for practical easy to travel garments. Parisian interior decorators experimented with functional designs and cuts. In France, as in Europe, Equus caballus equitation became popular and the races became societal events which meant that the upper category clients took this chance wear these manners. Furthermore, French haute couture houses sent theoretical accounts to races showcasing their apparels. The combination of the Art Deco motion and haute couture both arising in France – influenced the remainder of Europe and parts of the universe to cement its repute as the manner capital which meant all adult females felt compelled to copy.

World War One

As World War one began in 1914 it interrupted manner and stopped it from being the chief focal point for adult females. Although, it is said that the economic system at the clip effects manner possibly the economic adversities of the war helped maintain the androgynous manner in. The iconic French manner interior decorator Coco Chanel began planing during the war making tailored outfits and comfy manners which linked with the simpler looks of practical work wear doing it more acceptable. Her designs were a mark of the times as more adult females began working, taking over the occupations of work forces who went to contend. Before the war in France at the start of the twentieth century adult females where already fall ining the work force nevertheless when the war took topographic point ‘female employment grew by 20 % ’ [ Online ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed: 26 November 2014 ]

As the Art Deco motion was a period of clip which saw the great war, the war was a factor that brought important alterations to manner when it ended. Women became competitory for occupations when work forces returned. They wanted to be noticed, hence, they experimented with their visual aspect with the usage of brand up and hair manners. After the war, haute couture continued to lift due to the influence of French Vogue within it the publicity of the Parisian interior decorators such as Coco Chanel, Jean Patou and Elsa Shiaparelli. These Parisian interior decorators showcased insouciant easy motion athletics vesture and ‘Chanel and Patou systematically championed the shorter length– ( Valerie, 19 pg, ) .

During the 1920’s, cosmetics and their new function in specifying beauty, which Vogue encouraged, became all the fury amongst immature adult females. The Moon manicure was featured as something truly audacious and was rapidly copied – conveying nails to the focal point like ne’er earlier. Nail lacquer, mascara, and lip rouge became popularrouged lips, pencilled superciliums and swinging ear-rings( Lanver, 1964, p12 ) To add to this they cut their hair which was besides a dramatic alteration to women’s visual aspect,The other thing that shocked aged people was the ardor of the modern miss for cutting of her hair.

This description was what consisted of the to a great extent made up expression which was apart of the ‘flapper’ manner which is traveling to be explored farther below within the wind age.

The Jazz Age

A new exciting music manner of wind which originated from America after the war which was rapidly embraced by France and its Art Deco certificates in the mid-twentiess up to The Great Depression. This ‘Jazz Age’ addeda alone combination of exoticness and modernness, which was at the nucleus of the art deco motion( Lussier, 2003, p1 ) .

At this clip it was uncommon for adult females to have on short garments nevertheless the Jazz Age sparked a new age of immature adult females where they adapted shorter lengths as good the to a great extent made up expression. It marked a clip for alteration for a new manner of life style which consisted of cabarets, dance passion and general promiscuousness. Although the Jazz Age stemmed from America it became popular within Europe due to it offering a new exciting manner of life particularly after the somberness of being in a war. The Jazz Age can be marked as the starting point for adult females socializing freely, a new tendency for adult females emerged and they became known as the ‘Flappers’ . The combination of the Jazz Age and the new manners of dressing coming from Haute Couture linked together to alter women’s function in society. The unstructured shorter manners of frocks were perfect to the dancing manners they adopted such as the energetic ‘Charleston’ and the increased clip required for socializing. Overall, there was a general female emancipation. They ditched the luxuriant up-do hairdos and cut their hair short in blunt hair cuts.

The ill fame of the flappers and their life style transformed the thought of adult females into something modern that allowed them to be independent and have freedom. It was a dream that finally trickled down to all adult female at the clip.


To reason, the above statement is right. It has been shown how manner goes manus in manus with alterations to fortunes in the society it is in. By concentrating on one period of clip and topographic point — one can see how women’s manner in the twentieth century was affected by the Art Deco motion – in the influence of forward believing interior decorators who took on the long dilutant silhouettes reflecting the new inside and exterior tendencies emerging in France. It besides addressed the demand for adult females to travel more freely peculiarly get downing with the upper categories and the demand for more adult females desiring to take part clean activities. It in bend influenced corsetry making off with the restrictive girdles. The unexpected bend of events of World War One allowed adult females to interrupt away from the traditional function of a adult females by holding to follow the simpler and practical lines of the Haute Couture designs of frock which now became more mainstream to them. The Jazz Scene coming over from New York was embraced by France and resulted in the iconic Flappers who wore strong make up colorss echoed in roof of the mouths of Art Deco. Their shorter hairdos and indorsement of the loose unstructured vesture had a knock one affect and was easy copied by the multitudes. By sing the above clip period and looking over at the manner at that clip – one can state that manner does mean a alteration in clip, women’s function and its civilization.


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