Art During the Victorian Age Essay

Rachael Collins Victorian Era 8/24/10 A2 During the Victorian Era, visual art went through many changes and developments. Some of the movements during this time include Classicism, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism. Classicism and Neoclassicism is art that has been based and inspired by the works of ancient Greeks and Romans. The art is realistic, orderly, symmetrical and balanced. Romanticism focused on individualism, imagination, emotions and nature – emotion over reason and senses over reason. Impressionism, like the classicism was based more on realistic subjects.

Everyday scenes and people were painted. Contrasting, though, the Classicism was the style in which the artist painted. They used short, small, thick brushstrokes of bold and bright colors. The artist played with the light and color and there effects on the subjects. Post-impressionism inspired by Impressionism actually shares few similarities. It is characterized by bright color, sharp, and often outlined edges. Also in During the Victorian Era, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was created. A group of young artist that wanted to recreate the style of the famous painter, Raphael.

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Art During the Victorian Age Essay
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The PRB were a secretive group who rejected the principles of art instruction at the Royal Academy and painted directly from nature, creating colorful, detailed realistic and almost photographic images. In The Picture of Dorian Gray art pays an obvious and important role. First there is the portrait of Dorian that Basil paints. This painting is used to spare Dorian from the shame and punishments of his actions. Instead of him getting deformed and ugly, the image of himself makes the transformations. The painting serves as a mirror that shows Dorian the physical transformation his has been spared.


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