Art Into Life: Constructivism for Social Purposes



1.1Economical Demand

1.2Globe Environment Concern

2.CASE Survey

2.2 Ring of Life ( The design purpose is for aesthetically-pleasing cosmetic consequence. )

2.3 Tatlin’s Tower ( The design purpose is to accomplish the integrity of the artistic and useful ) .

2.4 The Helix Bridge ( The design purpose is to accomplish the integrity of the artistic and useful ) .



5.List of Illustrations


Everyone in this state plays a function of himself ( pupils, workers, bankers, drivers. etc. ) hence everyone could hold an impact to this societal. Hence the societal duty of interior decorators is to keep his assurance on architecture that it will make the value for a development and it shouldn’t be scarified to merely fulfill the basic demand.

In 1920s, Russia exhausted by war and hungriness and tightly sealed off from the remainder of the universe. The pressing societal demands makes the constructivism happened in Russian and the construct of the revolution is to accomplish a synthesis between artistic and proficient. As creative person, had its valuable penetrations and accomplishments to offer the industrial word. It has an elevated concern to art as the merchandise of close engagement in day-to-day life.’ Not the old, non the new, but the necessary.’ ( Tatlin, V. Moscow, 1920 ) .The function of interior decorator is on longer on abstract artistic political orientation but besides response to the demands of the existent universe.

Thesis statement: The footing of the humanistic disciplines must be ‘respect for existent life’ . It is a synthesis relationship between artistic and society. It can non neither focal point on artistic nor map of societal demands, both element contribute to the value of design.

  1. Art INTO LIFE

“Art belongs to the people. With its deepest roots it should perforate into the really midst of the toiling multitudes. It should be understood by these multitudes and loved by them.” ( Said by Vladimir Lenin 1870-1924 ) .

From my apprehension of this sentence, it’s stating us the Art is functioning the people, assisting people, supplying the convenience to our people. Not merely make a simple show instance with scarifying some cardinal designs for his individual calling life.

So, let’s take a reappraisal of current industry useful needs first, so after that we will analysis some instance surveies to look into whether these demands have been captured in their architecture design

  1. Economic Demand

Accompanies the development of today’s economic public presentation, more and more high-quality architecture designs of edifice are required. For illustration at Singapore’s CBD country, edifices are built higher and higher, this is due to the major environment of CBD country is pulling businessman travel at that place for concern. So incorporate and compacted design constructs are adopted to use the value of land infinite ( the land monetary value in CBD country could be really high ) . These are the challenges interior decorators are confronting. How to utilize limited infinite to apportion all functional room in? How to plan a room with least footmark without doing crowd feeling? Advanced design is the cardinal coveted characteristic a client would wish to see in their edifice, he or she will be really proud if his invitees are impressed by his office design, this could assist a company win much more extra net incomes.

If all designers are merely want deliver the basic maps to the edifice without refering aesthetic design, will Singapore still be attractive to investors/tourists? I don’t think so.

  1. Globe Environment Concern

‘Preservation of our environment is non a broad or conservative challenge, it is common sense.” ( Said by Ronald Reagan.1984 )

Nowadays our Earth is acquiring hotter and hotter, increased pollution has made many catastrophes ( i.e. hazes, planetary warming etc. ) . In edifice industry, the energy used for building is really high, and the fabrication procedure of building stuff emitted abundant pollution to our environment every bit good. How to better the building quality with fewer punishments to our environment will be the cardinal challenge to the interior decorators every bit good. Singapore’s authorities is commanding resources used for building presents ( i.e. BCA’s constructability demand, compulsory Green Labeled merchandises, green Concretes with recycling contents etc. ) . It is assisting to cut down the pollutions and impact to our environment, leting us populating in the better Singapore.


2.1 SingaporeHousing & A ; Development Board(The design purpose is to function the populace and universal.)

‘’In the hereafter it will be necessary on the one manus to set up a balance between the confidant and individualistic demands for lodging, are on the other to take full history of general societal conditions.’’ ( Lissitzky, E. 1984, p.36 )

The HDB was established in 1960, a period that lodging deficits was a serious job. So at that clip Singapore’s authorities need a solution to alter the state of affairs. We know at 1960 Singapore was still a province in Malaysia, leader of Singapore Mr Lee Kuan Yew still kept the assurance of cardinal authorities of Malaysia who can supply the support for big graduated table of house building. However, accompanies the confliction between Singapore and Malaysia authorities acquiring serious, Singapore had no pick but independent from Malaysia brotherhood. So at that point of clip, Mr Lee Kuan Yew needed to take Singaporean to last with such a little Singapore island. First issue to be solved was Singaporean’s populating environment. So the best solution to alter it was to construct a type of public house with fastest building velocity and lowest cost. This is the ground why the most of HDB flats look similar even precisely same. I will discourse features of HDB flats today below.

Fig.1 HDB blocks at Bishan

Looking from outside, it possibly merely look like a square box. But for Singaporean, looking from inside towards outside, it is the cherished place for them. The ground the HDB flats can be constructed in such a big graduated table of measure and short period, majorly is because the simplified design of room layout. You can barely happen any infinite in these HDB flats is useless, it doesn’t have long corridor connecting sleeping rooms, every residential unit portion the common corridor, unfastened kitchen design etc. Picture besides shows the building site of HDB, all the constituents ( facade, dividers, lavatory, lift nucleus etc. ) are pre-casted in the mill alternatively of projecting onsite. This saves abundant working human resource and building period. As the fabrication is in the mill, less energy wasted during building. so constructing a level can merely wish to construct a LEGO plaything.

However, what is the negative feeling the HDB flats giving to people? Standardize, deficiency of creativeness of design, less privateness giving to occupants, and sometime you will experience like life in the gaol.

Positive illustration of HDB flats

The Pinnacle @ Duxton

‘’The undertaking was clear- it consisted in promoting architecture in footings of its artistic and matter-of-fact values to a degree consistent with the values of our ain age.’ ( El Lissitzky 1984, p. 30 ) .

If in 1960, Singapore society demands is to work out lodging deficits. While with the advancement of the times, what about today’s lodging job? Let take a reappraisal about The pinnacle at Duxton Singapore, which is the world’s tallest public lodging edifices. does HDB alter so much to plan and construct such a edifice with so many considerations of artistic design? I think this is due to a few ground stated below:

  1. Change the image of HDB, heighten the assurance from people on HDB.

‘Under the influence of the conditions of life, of the importance of modern-day economic sciences, of engineering and all their effects, our aesthetic emotion has been changed-the really nature of it …’ ( Lodder, C 1983.p174 )

  1. Accompanies so many standard HDB flats are built, most of Singaporeans becomes tired about such blockish HDB house, people expected to hold something new about their life environment. Hence HDB needs to re-thinking and re-designing about public lodging and to re-build the assurance from people, make them believe the HDB flats will be acquiring better and better.
  1. Competition from private development.

Accompanies Singaporeans are acquiring richer and richer, private development such as condominium and landed lodging belongingss become low-cost. In this instance means less and less people will see HDB level as their anterior choose when they need a house. Hence, if HDB want to heighten the market portion, more attempts need to be put in design to pull purchasers.

2.2Ring of Life( The design purpose is for aesthetically-pleasing cosmetic consequence. )

The gigantic steel loop, known as the Ring of Life, pictured, is being built in Fushun city in ChinaTheRing of Lifeis a 157 metre tall building undertaking in Fushun, China. landmark built in the metropolis ofFushun, China. This undertaking costs 3,000 dozenss of steel and about 16 million dollar ( USD ) with no map at all.

Yes, it looks so elephantine, and has appealing design but it loose the useful intent. Except the map as an exhibition to public, what are the maps else it can function? No, it doesn’t have any other maps. 3,000 dozenss of steel merely for a useless “Ring” which is traveling to utilize 1,545 tunnage of coking coal which can bring forth about 630,000 kWh electricity ( this sum of electricity can power up 175 ordinal numbers of 3-room HDB flats for one twelvemonth ) . Meanwhile, the emanation of Carbon dioxide is about 315 dozenss, this takes 14,000 ordinal number of trees to absorb for one twelvemonth.

‘Every nonsubjective created by a modern-day creative person must come in life as an active force, forming man’s consciousness, act uponing him psychologically, eliciting in him an rush of energetic activity.’’ ( Vesnin, A. 1922 cited in PapadakeI„s, A. 1991.p.27 ) So, when the designers design this development, he should hold these figures in head, and seek to minimise the environment punishment.

2.3 Tatlin’s Tower ( The design purpose is to accomplish the integrity of the artistic and useful ) .

This is an unbelievable undertaking designed by the Russian creative person and architect Vladimir Tatlin at 1917. It is desired to function as the headquarter of memorial of the Comintern, nevertheless, due to some grounds it was ne’er built.

The basic maps of edifice ( talks, meetings, seminars, even a penthouse at top of edifice ) are decently designed. And at same clip, the artistic of edifice was maximized ( the edifice constructions can revolve with a rate of velocity, one rhythm takes one twelvemonth and assorted of mechanical systems were designed to transport the visitants from land degree to roof ) .

Tatlin explained his undertaking: ‘The consequences of this are theoretical accounts which stimulate us to innovations in our work of making a new universe, and which call upon the manufacturers to exert control over the signifiers encountered in our new mundane life ‘ ( John E. Bowlt. 1988. p.207 )

So, this is the good illustration to explicate how to incorporate the maps and artistic in the design. Even through due to political environment didn’t let it to be built, we should larn the spirit of its architectural design.

2.4 The Helix Bridge ( The design purpose is to accomplish the integrity of the artistic and useful ) .

Another illustration to show this design spirit is the Helix Bridge associating the Marina Bay to Marina Centre. ‘The development of new artistic signifiers must come from technological and industrial considerations, untrammeled by aesthetics and taste.’ ( Lynton, N. 2009. p.163 )

It acts as a span linking Marina Bay to Marina Centre, it is alongside the vehicular Bayfront Bridge. This 280-metre prosaic linkway – the longest in Singapore – features a world’s foremost ‘double-helix’ construction, designed by a gourp of designers in Singapore. ‘The creative person is best placed to take the public to a higher apprehension of life.’ ( Lynton N. 2009 p.161 )

The Helix Bridge is an technology effort assembled with great preciseness. Its curving design is created by two opposing coiling steel members, held together by a series of linking prances, typifying “life and continuity” , “renewal” , “everlasting abundance” and “growth” , and resembles the construction of DNA. Besides being a connexion, the new Bridge will be an attractive force in its ain right as it provides walkers and visitants a unique and memorable crossing experience, offering a bird’s-eye position of the metropolis skyline. There will be four sing “pods” which overhang the H2O where you can halt to rest and watch events go oning within the Bay.

Helix Bridge has becomes the most attractive topographic point for tourer to see, merely is due to well consideration of the aesthetic design and basic map. At the same clip, blending artistic signifiers with useful ends became a possibility.

  1. Decision

After I studied constructivism, I have deeper apprehension of how design should be respond to our environment. Constructivism had the clear political motive of “putting art to the service of building a new society.” ( Julier, 1993 )

As design pupil, we want to believe that our work affects the quality of life. I hope constructivism could be revived today, because there is no differentiation between art and life. Whether you believe that or non, one thing is true: As members of society, we can impact the quality of life in our communities through engagement beyond our pattern. As citizens of our society, we can act upon societal conditions ; we can even be the cause of positive societal alteration. Its undertaking is to grok the new conditions of life, so that by the creative activity of antiphonal edifice design it can actively take part in the full realisation of the new universe.

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