Article Review - School Principals Unethical Marketing Practices in Taiwan Essay

1.0 Introduction

The rubric of our article reappraisal is “School Principals Unethical Marketing Practices in Taiwan” which is written by Hsuan-Fu Ho in twelvemonth 2013. We get this article from the Utar library OPAC. This article is of import for us to understand the unethical selling patterns in Taiwan.

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Article Review – School Principals Unethical Marketing Practices in Taiwan Essay
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Unethical defines as making something which is morally incorrect or non rectify or non under the sanctioned criterions of societal. By this, it is unethical concern pattern. Nowadays, the Taiwan authorities is concentrating on marketization of instruction and coupled with a deficiency of figure of pupils. As a consequence, Taiwan educational market will go more competitory. In recent old ages, unethical selling patterns are popular used by the school principals in Taiwan. Researched by Huang and Ho ( 2012 ) support that single schools are expected to take duty for the consequence of their selling attempts, and hapless consequence will impact the school being closed or merged with other schools ( as cited in Ho, 2013, p454 ) . Besides that, harmonizing to Lai, 2011 ; Republic of China, 2012, birth rate in Taiwan has decrease in a big figure and now go the lowest in the universe ( as cited in Ho, 2013, p454 ) . It shows that the low birth rate in Taiwan and hapless consequence of school being closed have stressed the school principals to implement unethical selling pattern. There are figure of manner that school principal used: 1 ) graft 2 ) misrepresentation 3 ) Invasion 4 ) coercion. Typically, all of this is the unethical selling patterns used by school principal to survival in the competitory market. Therefore, school principals are willing to conflict established ethical norms, adopt in the unethical selling patterns and broke their antecedently good repute in Taiwan instruction.

2.0 Drumhead

As the school-age population has quickly decreased due to the birth rate in Taiwan has fallen dramatically in recent old ages, school principals have found it harder to hold sufficient Numberss of pupils to guarantee the school endurance in instruction field. School principals have used several unethical selling patterns to avoid closing of their school.

After the research worker has done the research, we can do a sum-up on the common unethical selling patterns that are practiced by school principals in Taiwan today. He has categorized unethical selling patterns into four wide dimensions which are graft, misrepresentation, invasion of privateness and coercion. Among these four dimensions, graft was considered to be the most serious unethical selling pattern.

Besides that the four dimensions of unethical selling patterns, Ho besides listed out 12 unethical selling patterns that are on a regular basis employed to enroll pupil. The AHP consequences showed that of the 12 unethical selling patterns, the participants perceived the five most serious to be utilizing political power to hale feeder schools to enroll pupils, corrupting instructors at feeder schools to enroll pupils, defaming one’s rivals, publicising overdone claims about one’s school, and corrupting pupils to prosecute in enlisting at their old schools. Merely one of these patterns was besides among the five most normally used which is corrupting instructors at feeder schools to enroll pupils. During enrolling season, principals and other decision makers use all kinds of stalking-horse for giving gifts or money to instructors at feeder schools. Due to this method of enrolling pupils is extremely effectual, principals make much usage of it and apologizing their behaviour by understating or disregarding its unethical nature.

In the decision, Chinese authorities should set up a item and clear set of guidelines to attach to its policy of marketizing instruction to enable school to vie on a flat playing field and besides assist to cut down the likeliness that principals will follow unethical selling patterns.

3.0 Review

In recent old ages, the Taiwan authorities achieves publicity of the marketization of instruction, coupled with a diminishing figure of school-age kids, and has given rise to a extremely competitory educational market.

As a consequence, school principals ( at all degrees ) feel compelled to fall back unethical selling patterns to guarantee the endurance of their schools. The chief intent in this survey was to place the unethical selling patterns normally used by school principals in Taiwan, and so find their prevalence, the grade to which they contravene established ethical norms, and the fortunes in which school principals are likely to use them. The consequences show that whereas graft is regarded as the most unethical selling scheme invasion of privateness was seen as much less serious.

Next, the questionnaire procedure to roll up the informations non really suited in this state of affairs study. That is because the inquiries in the questionnaire will hard to plan. It besides wastes a batch of clip to plan the inquiries. Besides that, when design the inquiries, we must more be careful when design the inquiries because the inquiries must guarantee make non hold any sensitive inquiries like political issue. Some clip, questionnaire can non direct cognize about the item of inquiries or misconstrue the inquiries. When the answering deficiency of understand to the inquiries, they merely make full it up with their semblance. This will convey the inaccurate reply to the decision maker. The questionnaire will non roll up complete from exterior because person will non go through up the signifier of questionnaire. Person will experience that are annoyed when replying the inquiries.

The research worker has chosen the right methods to roll up and pull off the information or information from the big part of group. For illustration, self –administered questionnaires and Microsoft excel. The advantages self-administered questionnaires are easy distributed to a big part of group and let namelessness ( Mitchell & A ; Jolley, 2013 ) . Microsoft Excel can roll up the information from assorted file and papers in a individual location ( Microsoft, 2014 ) . It shows that both of the methods are efficient and effectual. Therefore, the consequence of the study may be quantified quickly and easy.

The instructors bribe by schools purpose to assist the school recruit pupils. In our construct, the instructors merely merely receive the allowance when they are success to enroll new pupils to use for survey in the schools. Besides that, we feel bribe replace the significance for receive committee. On the other manus, the school can “give” more money or other benefits to the instructors who are achieve the aim that is recruit more pupils to use survey in the school. This is the manner can excite the instructors more work hard to enroll more pupils for survey in the school.

Bribing pupils to coerce them alter their school from old school to the “black” school that is utilizing the unethical selling accomplishments school are unjust to the rivals. That is because will do other school’s pupils measure will fall down quickly in unreasonable. Abuse one’s authorization to public and spread the top pupils name and individuality that is disregard to the pupils. Following, doing the false promise to pupils that is provide the scholarship differ with world promise. This will do the pupils and their parents’ deficiency of the confident to the schools.

Next, harmonizing to the article reference that the coercion is non so of import. Base on the Eastern civilization, a value that remains of import despite the turning influence of such western constructs as personal liberty and human right. In our sentiment, the coercion should be seen as serious. The definition of coercion is to coerce, to move or to believe in certain manner by utilizing force per unit area, menace or bullying. How can you coerce people to make something which they do non desire to? For illustration, a female parent forces her kids to play or larn piano yet but the kids like to play guitar. So, the female parent force them to play piano by menace them or give them force per unit area. This will do a batch of emphasis to the kids. That is why we have a batch of childs who committed self-destruction. Furthermore, for working grownup, the senior director or managers order you to finish a immense undertaking which involves 1000000s of capital in shorted clip like half hebdomad or less. In this state of affairs, either you have an first-class work for you project or you cause your company loss the undertaking. This sort of force per unit area is highly heavy, when the cat failed to make that, their foreman will fire them which them unemployed. Confronting this sort of force per unit area, they will besides committed self-destruction.

The pupils were forced by school when they enroll for school by collect their sheepskin from feeder schools. We agree with this point. Nowadays, pupils have faced some jobs in taking which school they should inscribe. By utilizing this method, pupils enable to inscribe into a larger uppers level school by mentioning to their consequences. Some of the pupils waste one or two old ages merely by taking the school. This will blow a batch of clip. Feeder school have all the records of pupils, they know which upper degree school suits them. By utilizing these methods, pupils are able to analyze in a school which suits them and convey advantages to them.

4.0 Conclusion & A ; Recommendation

After reexamining the article, we know that graft is the most serious unethical selling pattern that is practiced by school principals in Taiwan. The grounds of the Taiwan school principals practiced the unethical selling pattern is because of school principals have found it harder to hold sufficient Numberss of pupils to guarantee the school endurance in instruction field due to the birth rate in Taiwan has fallen dramatically in recent old ages caused the school-age population has quickly decreased.

In our sentiment, the authorities of Taiwan should advance the instruction by utilizing an ethical ways such as publicizing the school instruction which have proved by the quality party.These ways will be more effectual in footings of parents send their kids to the school. Therefore, these ways will give effects to the schools rules that are utilizing the unethical selling will lose their place in Taiwan.

The writer utilizing the head map to specify and summary the unethical selling patterns normally used by schools. Besides that, we prefer to utilize the AHP analysis the unethical selling patterns. This procedure will giving the aid or sentiments from professional depart and can accurate to cipher the comparative weight of subjective and comparative factors being surveies.

Last, we feel that the standard school may non utilize the unethical selling schemes to rip off and lead on the people who truly to acquire instruction in their life. We besides noticed that the money value is non profitable than the moral value. The school which is utilizing the unethical selling patterns need to introspection about the fast one. They must believe about it for their following coevalss, their kids live in the bogus reflect from their unethical selling patterns.


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