As The World Grows So Do Our Challenges Essay

As the world grows so do our challenges. Not only are our problems growing in number
but they are also growing in complexity. There is scarcely a day that goes by when I don’t
hear about some new problem that will soon threaten us all. While some of these problems
such as El Nino, earthquakes, and other natural disasters cannot be stopped — there are
other challenges such as the spread of racial hatred, rising risk of disease spread, and the
growing levels of civil unrest throughout much of the world which threaten many lives
everyday. Most of the future’s challenges will only be made possible if all people,
regardless of race, color, or nationality, attempt to work together for a stronger world.

There are many ways in which I believe that I can help society meet this future challenge
of coming together as a united world.

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As The World Grows So Do Our Challenges Essay
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While I was an exchange student, I saw the world from a different point of view. For the
first time, I realized that the people of the world have so many similarities in comparison
to the few and insignificant differences. To make the people of the world unite would
merely take time in convincing people of the world that we are all in pursuit of the same
basic goals. All that it would take to show that this could be done is two different cultures
to unite and then the rest of the world what can come by the strength all gain by coming
I believe that I can help in solving some of the barriers that hold us back from completing
the task that we all desire which is unity. I served as a miniature version of a diplomat
when I was an exchange student. I helped people in another country see that we all have
common goals and I also helped sever the bonds to racial hatred by providing them insight
into the American way of thinking and they did likewise for me. I have done everything to
help sever these ancient bonds and will continue to do so in the future as I feel I am called
to do.

Many suffer problems on a much less grandiose scale. Although these problems may not
seem to be as big as world peace or global warming, they are however present. People
throughout the world suffer from missing limbs, nervous disorders and a myriad of other
health problems. I have always dreamed of helping those who cannot help themselves.

This desire is part of what has inspired me to become a Biomedical Engineer for I wish to
help design medical devices that are practical and useful for the disabled.

Through the advancement of technology, I hope to give the disabled a greater sense of
self-worth and better equip them to fit into society. I believe that doing so would be
incredibly rewarding, not only to myself, but also, to those whom I have the opportunity
to touch.

I believe that my diversified background and also my desire to develop technology for the
advancement of others will help to make me useful in solving some of the problems that
the future will entail. No


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