Term Definition
Asteroid solid,rocky body that orbits the sun
astronomical unit (AU) Earth's average distance from the sun
axis of rotation imaganary line which a turning bod,rotates
comet body that produces a coma of gas and dust
corana outer layer of the suns amptnosphere
eclipse one object in space casts a shadow onto another
equinox sunlight shines equally on the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere
galaxy billions of stars in a group by their own gravity
light year distance light travels in one year
mare solidifide lava on the moon
metor breif streak of light produced by a small partcle
penumbra reigon of lighter shadow that may surround an umbra
revolution moition of one body around another
satelight object that orbits a more massive object
season defined and caused by the position of earths axis relative to the diriction of sunlight
solar system sun and its famliy of orbiting planets, moons and other objects
solistice one hemisphere gets its maximum area of sunlight
umbra dark centralraegon of shadow
universe space and all the matter and energy in it

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