Assessing The Strategy Of Blue Ocean Commerce Essay

The market set is divided into two classs which are called oceans: Blue Oceans and ruddy oceans. Red oceans are the known market infinite as it exists today, with all the assorted industries. Competitive regulations are defined and barriers are clear and accepted. Competition exists among participants to derive a bigger portion ; the more participants are on the market, the fewer chances for net income and growing is existing. “ Cutthroat competition turns the ruddy ocean bloody. ”

Blue Oceans on the other manus represent the opposite – they are the unknown market infinite with industries that are non existing today. Demand is non created by competitory competition, because the regulations of the game are yet to be set. There is significant chance for profitable growing because of the deep potency of market infinite that is non yet explored.[ 2 ]

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Assessing The Strategy Of Blue Ocean Commerce Essay
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To be successful in economic public presentation most companies are puting the focal point on competitory schemes, plentifulness of enthusiasm is spend on analyzing and surpassing challengers. Using the vocabulary of the writers – their focal point is on ruddy ocean schemes. In the hereafter this will non be plenty to last ; in add-on to swim in a ruddy ocean companies need to make Blue Oceans.[ 3 ]The undermentioned image illustrates the major differences between ruddy and Blue Oceans.

Image 1: Comparison of Red Ocean with Blue Ocean scheme[ 4 ]

Value Innovation

The footing of the Blue Ocean Strategy is called Value Innovation. Competition is made irrelevant by making value for both purchasers and the company. Buyer value is created by the benefit and monetary value that the company offers to the consumer ; value to the company is created from the monetary value and its cost construction – hence merely if those two variables are aligned the scheme works. The invention of a product/ service must make value for the market and extinguish characteristics that are non valued by the current market. New and uncontested market infinite is made accessible by at the same time differentiate and cut downing costs. This scheme is contrary to common direction schemes which propose that companies can either make value to clients at higher costs or make sensible value at lower costs.[ 5 ]Harmonizing to the writers “ Value Innovation is a scheme that embraces the full system of a company ‘s activities. ”[ 6 ]Image 2 illustrates Value Innovation.

Image 2: Value Invention[ 7 ]

Analytic tools and model

There are three basic tools that will assist companies to construct a Blue Ocean Strategy.

The scheme canvas

The scheme canvas is a tool that helps to construct a Blue Ocean Strategy. It highlights the current state of affairs in the known market infinite and shows the offering degree that purchasers receive across several cardinal viing factors. By exemplifying these factors in a simple matrix a in writing description in signifier of a value curve is seeable. This value curve shows a company ‘s comparative public presentation within its industry ‘s factors of competition.[ 8 ]By exemplifying the current state of affairs of an industry the strategic focal point can be shifted off from current competition to options and noncustomers, a redefinition of the industry can be constructed.[ 9 ]Image 3 illustrates a scheme canvas with an illustration of an Airline.

Image 3: Scheme Canvas[ 10 ]

The four actions framework

This tool uses four key inquiries to take to a new value curve:

“ Which of the factors that the industry takes for granted should be eliminated?

Which factors should be reduced good below the industry ‘s criterion?

Which factors should be raised good above the industry ‘s criterion?

Which factors should be created that the industry has ne’er offered? ”[ 11 ]

The first two inquiries give an penetration in how to cut down the cost construction in comparing to other participants in the industry. Question 3 and 4 give penetration into how to raise purchaser value and make new demand.[ 12 ]

The eliminate-reduce-raise-create-grid

This tool is auxiliary to the four actions model. It gives companies the possibility to move on all four inquiries answered before to make new value. The four factors of what to extinguish, cut down, raise and make are put in a matrix and by that scrutinize every factor the industry competes on.[ 13 ]

Explicating Blue Oceans schemes

Reconstruct market boundaries

In order to interrupt away from the competition the first rule is to retrace market boundaries. The challenge is to happen possibilities of Blue Ocean chances. During executing research across assorted industry sectors the writers found a basic attack to refashioning market boundaries, the six way model.[ 14 ]This model is applicable in all sorts of industries and all are based on looking at informations from a new position. These are the six waies:

“ Way 1: Look across alternate industries

Way 2: Expression across strategic groups within industries

Way 3: Expression across the concatenation of purchasers

Way 4: Expression across complimentary merchandise and service offerings

Way 5: Expression across functional or emotional entreaty to purchasers

Way 6: Look across clip ”[ 15 ]

By analysing each of the individual way companies will be able to acquire an penetration into how to open up Blue Oceans by reconstructing market worlds and leave behind conventional boundaries of competition.[ 16 ]

Focus on the large images, non the Numberss

The attack to the strategic planning procedure is based on pulling a scheme canvas, as it is explained in the subdivision of analytical tools and model of this papers. A structured procedure for developing a scheme canvas has been developed, which is called the Visualizing Strategy.[ 17 ]As the name implies, this procedure uses ocular stimulation with the intent to unlock people ‘s creativeness. The chief focal point here is laid on the large image instead than on defined Numberss and operational inside informations.[ 18 ]

Reach beyond bing demand

To accomplish a maximization of the size of the Blue Ocean you are making the focal point should be laid on two things: The analysis of non-customers and happening out strong similarities of what purchasers ‘ value.[ 19 ]This is a reversed attack to common schemes, where the focal point is on clients and client differences.

The three grades of non clients

The challenge is to happen out who the non-customers are and acquire a deep apprehension of them. The writers describe three grades of non-customers that finally can be transformed into clients. The first grade of non-customers is closest to your market and would remain and increase their frequence of purchases if a spring in value would be offered to them. These non-customers besides referred to as “ soon-to-be ” .[ 20 ]The 2nd grade of non-customers is farther off from your market and aware of offerings in it but has consciously voted against them. These non-customers are besides referred to as “ declining ” .[ 21 ]The 3rd grade of non-customers is farthest from your market and has ne’er considered its offerings as an option. These non clients are besides referred to as “ undiscovered ” .[ 22 ]

By analysing each of the three grades an apprehension of the non-customers can be developed to pull them into your market and spread out your Blue Ocean.[ 23 ]

Get the strategic sequence right

The 4th rule of Blue Ocean Strategy focuses on the challenge to construct a sustainable concern theoretical account that will do net income on your Blue Ocean thought. The thought here is to utilize sequences and cardinal standards within a sequence to cut down concern theoretical account hazard.[ 24 ]Each sequence has a cardinal inquiry that has to be asked. If answered with “ no ” the sequence has to be reshaped. If answered with “ yes ” one can travel on to the following sequence. The four sequences are:

“ Buyer public-service corporation: Is there exceeding purchaser public-service corporation in your concern thought?

Monetary value: Is your monetary value easily accessible to the mass of purchasers?

Cost: Can you achieve your cost mark to gain at your strategic monetary value?

Adoption: What are the acceptance hurdlings in realizing your concern thought? Are you turn toing them up front? ”[ 25 ]

With this sequencing as a get downing point further analyzing of strategic pricing, mark costing and eventually the net income theoretical account is developed.[ 26 ]

Executing Blue Ocean Strategy

Overcome cardinal organisational hurdlings

The challenge to put to death the scheme of Blue Oceans is important, since there are alterations made from the conventional manner of making things. The writers present four common hurdlings in the executing: The cognitive- , political- , motivational- and resource hurdle. Covering with those challenges in signifier of hurdlings with tipping point leading is the key to do Blue Ocean Strategy go on in action.[ 27 ]

Build executing into scheme

The 6th rule of the Blue Ocean Strategy is about constructing committedness and trust into the scheme from the start. The focal point is laid on a just procedure as a key variable that distinguishes successful Blue Ocean Strategy moves from those that failed.[ 28 ]

Case analysis

In this subdivision, we intend to depict and analize two instances of advanced companies ( Virgin Galactic and Petrobras ) based on the Blue Ocean theory.

Virgin Galactic

Description of Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is a company which belongs to the Virgin Group. This group was founded 1970 by Sir Richard Branson and is one of the taking trade name venture capital organisations of the universe. The group has created more than 300 branded companies in a assortment of different industries, employs around 50,000 people and generated gross of approx. US $ 18 billion in the twelvemonth 2009.[ 29 ]Based on them the success of this group derives from “ the power of the Virgin name, Richard Branson ‘s personal repute ; our matchless web of friends, contacts and spouses ; the Virgin direction manner ; the manner endowment is empowered to boom within the group. ”[ 30 ]

The Virgin Galactic company has the purpose of “ doing private infinite travel available to everyone by making the universe ‘s first commercial spaceline. ”[ 31 ]Virgin Galactic will make, ain and operate starships, the SpaceShipTwo. To accomplish this end the Virgin Group uses it experiences in air power, escapade and luxury travel uniting with the engineering developed by Burt Rutan. The company was founded in the twelvemonth 2004 and is located in New Mexico.

The SpaceShipOne became the first private starship with high altitude-flights in the twelvemonth 2004. The replacement of this engineering, the SpaceShipTwo, has seats for two pilots and six riders.

Every rider has to pay US $ 200.000 with a sedimentation ofUS $ 20,000. At the minute 340 riders have registered for this service.[ 32 ]So far 450 people have of all time been to infinite, the end of Virgin Galactic is to take 1,000 people to infinite within the first twelvemonth of commercial operation.[ 33 ]The first commercial flight shall get down in the twelvemonth 2012.[ 34 ]

The mothership of the SpaceShipTwo, the WhiteKnightTwo, will take the SpaceShipTwo to a tallness of about 16km and so let go of it. At that point the projectiles of the SpaceShipTwo will hike and convey it to a tallness of about 100km.[ 35 ]There it will wing for approximately five proceedingss in which the riders have a brilliant position at the Earth and can bask lightness. Afterwards the infinite ship will diminish the height and land at its base in New Texas. The first winging trials of the WhiteKnightTwo were executed successfully and the SpaceShipTwo completed the first manned glide flight in October 2010.[ 36 ]

At current phase the company “ Blue Origin ” which is based near to Seattle is besides working on a private infinite ship.[ 37 ]

Analysis of Virgin Galactic

The analysis will get down by discoursing the Value Innovation of Virgin Galactic.

So far touristry in infinite was available for seven specific individuals who paid in mean US $ 25 million for remaining approximately 14 yearss at the ISS.[ 38 ]The clear purchaser benefit of Virgin Galactic is to do this touristry available for about everybody who can afford paying the US $ 200,000 which is less than 1 % of the monetary value so far. Furthermore, these infinite trips besides add value to Virgin Galactic as it will gain US $ 200,000 for every rider holding already 340 on the waiting list. Virgin Galactic clearly succeeded in making a Value Innovation.

In the following the scheme canvas for Virgin Galactic will be developed to see the value curve in comparing to its rival the stay at the ISS.[ 39 ]

As chief factors the followers was defined: monetary value, safety, petition for personal properties and easy readying for the trip.[ 40 ]As seen in image one the Virgin Galactic company enables a much more comfy and convenient stay as the old touristry on the ISS. This is besides based on the lower demands a individual has to carry through to be able to put to death this touristry and the lower time-investment.

Image 4: Strategy Canvas of Virgin Galactic[ 41 ]

Sing the four action model Virgin Galactic reduced the costs by eliminated the factors that a stay in infinite has to be combined with a long continuance and cost-intensive stay at the ISS and with cost-intensive projectile starts. Furthermore, they created the factor that about everybody would be able ( from physical demands[ 42 ]) to travel to infinite with a low time-investment and a comparably low sum of money. They increased the convenience of space-tourisms to a really high extent.

In decision, they managed to dramatically cut down the costs while increasing the sensed value of the riders which are interested in some proceedingss of lightness and seeing the Earth from the infinite.

Virgin Galactic besides concentrated on the so called non-customers as the entire figure of clients was “ seven ” so far. They identified the inexplicit want of most people to travel to infinite one time.

Organizational hurdlings

The cognitive hurdle can non be applied as Virgin Galactic did non get down in a ruddy ocean but straight entered the Blue Ocean with the start of the company. The hurdle resources will likely be non a large load as the first flight trials went successful, clients on the waiting list already paid close to US $ 7 million as sedimentation and Sheikh Mansour invested US $ 280 million in this concern.[ 43 ]Furthermore, the Virgin Group and the province of New Mexico are back uping this concern. The motive of the employees and directors is high which is besides pushed by Richard Branson personal involvement in the success of this company.[ 44 ]The political hurdle could be implemented by doing new Torahs for required safety criterions. But already in 2004 the US Congress passed a jurisprudence which allows riders to wing into infinite with the apprehension that these vehicles might non be every bit safe as regular aeroplanes. Furthermore, the governor of New Mexico supports this company[ 45 ]and the Virgin group has a high political power.

In decision all the hurdlings were passed successfully by Virgin Gallactic.

Build executing into scheme

From the get downing Richard Branson declared the vision of this company to do private infinite travel

twelvemonth 2004.


In concluding decision, Virgin Galactic entered a Blue Ocean from the beginning. It decreased the costs and made infinite travel available to everyone by making the universe ‘s first commercial spaceline. Virgin Galactic works towards this clear vision with holding the first commercial flights really likely eight old ages after its foundation in the old touristry in infinite and increased the value of it by leveraging particularly the convenience for the clients. Furthermore, it went beyond known client infinite by offering this service for less than 1 % of the costs so far. It managed the organisational hurdlings and created a strong vision from the start. Although other companies as e.g. Blue Origin seek to make infinite tourisms this ocean is deep blue so far for Virgin Galactic.


Description of Petrobras

Petrobras was established on October 3, 1953 by the president of Brazil, Getulio Vargas, to set about oil sector activities in the state.

In the early 1970 ‘s, the members of the Organization of the Oil Exporting Countries ( OPEC ) rose the international monetary values well, triping the alleged Oil Shock. As a consequence, the market was troubled and marked by uncertainness.

In order to get the better of the troubles, the Brazilian authorities adopted economic steps in order to get the better of the supply of oil. Some illustrations of these steps were the encouragement for usage of ethyl alcohol as automotive fuel and prioritising offshore geographic expedition and production. With the steps, the authorities intended to cut down the dependence on importing a really expensive merchandise and to make an industry to make occupations and exports. These undertakings where given to Petroleo Brasileiro ( Petrobras ) for being executed.[ 46 ]

Producing ethyl alcohol for powering the state

1975 marks the beginning of the production of Ethanol by Petrobras in Brazil taking to drive the large-scale permutation of oil – based vehicular fuels for biofuels. Substituting gasolene for ethyl alcohol ( produced from sugar cane and cassava ) led to 10 million fewer gasolene – fuel autos running in Brazil, cut downing the state ‘s dependance on imported oil.[ 47 ]

Today Brazil is recognized as the universe leader in the production of ethyl alcohol for industrial intents, based on the most advanced agricultural engineering for sugar cane cultivation in the universe and to the sum of cultivable land available in the state. In 2010, the Brazilian ethyl alcohol produced by Petrobras was designated as one of the most advanced biofuels due to the 61 % decrease of green house gas emanations.[ 48 ]

Pioneering in deep Waterss

In 1984 the company discovered one of the biggest modesty in deep H2O of all time registered in the universe. The Albacora field was discovered ; turn outing the being of elephantine Fieldss nestled at great deepness in Brazil. This marked the beginning in deepwater geographic expedition for the company.

By 1986 the company, which until so purchased engineering, was faced with the challenge of bring forthing oil at a deepness of 400 metres. After appraising the market and happening out at that place was no engineering available for this deepness, the company decided to put in developing new engineerings. This was an highly ambitious undertaking, since, at the clip, Petrobras had been researching at deepnesss of 150 metres and had programs for 1000 metres by 1990.

This undertaking turned out to be a great success and the company is presently the planetary leader in this country. By 2005, Petrobras sets the record of boring deepness with a sloped that reached 6915 metres beyond the underside of the sea.[ 49 ]

Petrobras achieves self – sufficiency

In 2006 Brazil became a self-sufficing state in oil and gas production. With an norm of 1.9 million barrels per twenty-four hours, Brazil went on to exporting more oil and oil merchandises than it imported. It was like a dream came true, merely possible because of the technological attempts and dedication of the employees. Since this point, Petrobras is the most profitable company in the Brazilian economic system, being recognized as the 8th biggest oil researching company in the universe.[ 50 ]

In the approaching old ages, Petrobras intends to put in utilizing and developing new renewable energy beginnings. The portfolio of new undertakings includes air current, solar and H2O energy beginnings and fuel H. The purpose is to cut down even more the dependence on oil, presenting the necessary energy beginnings to Brazil in order to prolong the intended growing of the approaching old ages.

Analysis of Petrobas

Petrobras success can be summed up in one word and that word is invention. This company faced the challenge of turning one of the biggest states in the Americas from a large consumer of imported oil to self sufficient in oil and gas production. This scheme was based on concentrating on the large image ( bring forthing its ain oil and go an exporter of crude oil ) instead than happening a impermanent solution for importing oil in the 70 ‘s, when the biggest crisis of oil monetary values occurred.

Value Innovation

They broke off from the competition by retracing market boundaries. For each challenge they faced, they were able to make and develop the necessary engineering that did n’t be in the market, going a leader in deepwater oil boring. They reached beyond their existing demand by holding more oil available than they need for their ain ingestion.

They besides created value to the state by cut downing the sum of CO2 in 61 % emitted by autos and public transit thanks to the debut to ethanol and biodiesel. Brazil became a more efficient state thanks to the usage of their natural resources for powering the state.

By blending ethyl alcohol with oil, Petrobras has managed to increase the value for clients by making a decrease of oil monetary values[ 51 ]and by vouching the oil supply they reduced the dependence on foreign companies.

Strategy canvas

We have decided to explicate the differences between the two largest manufacturers of Ethanol in the universe, Brazil and U.S.A. As we have mentioned before, Petrobras is the lone company responsible for the production and distribution of ethyl alcohol in Brazil.

Image 5: Stragegy Canvas Petrobas[ 52 ]

As we can see in the figure xx, Brazil is the 2nd largest manufacturer of Ethanol in the universe ( 6,500 million gallons in 2009[ 53 ]) behind the United States ( 10,900 million gallons in 2009[ 54 ]) . But, the entire country used by Brazil for cultivating their sugar cane ( 3.6 million hectares[ 55 ]by 2006 ) is far less than the land used by the United States ( 10 million hectares[ 56 ]in 2006 ) . This means that the productiveness per hectare is superior in Brazil than in the United States.

Another of import thing to reference is that thanks to the mixture of Ethanol and oil in Brazil, green house gas decrease has been reduced well ( 89 %[ 57 ]) , increasing the value the company gives to their clients.

Organizational hurdlings

The hurdlings are based on the theory mentioned in the first subdivision of this undertaking.

During the oil crisis of the 70 ‘s, the company faced the challenge of wholly altering the paradigm of production. In the cognitive hurdle, we can state that the employees understood wholly the demand of the company and were able to transform the company. In the 2nd hurdle resources, we can state that the company successfully understood that they needed to put a great sum of resources in R & A ; D in order to increase the efficiency of the production of ethyl alcohol and besides to raise the boring deepness for oil extraction.

Motivating employees on a thirty-year-old undertaking has been an tremendous challenge for the company. They have managed to win by accomplishing little ends each twelvemonth, increasing the degree of satisfaction and trust towards the leading of the company. Finally, the political hurdle was managed right due to the deductions of the transmutation undertaking, affecting the authorities, the direction and employees of the company.

Build executing into scheme

As we mentioned before, the scheme was clear from the beginning: Reduce the dependence of oil and turn the state into a self-sufficing state. The facts speak for themselves, the whole company aligned in order to accomplish the end and it is an illustration on how to implement the Blue Ocean scheme.


So, why can the scheme of Petrobras be considered a Blue Ocean scheme? First of all they focused on making value for the state by cut downing the sum of oil imported and deriving autonomy. As a effect, they were able to cut down well the monetary values of gasolene in Brazil and the dependence of external factors to develop the state. They achieved this end by introducing in ways to cut down ingestion of oil ( alternate fuels like ethyl alcohol and biodiesel ) and exploit the possible the state had in its seashores, irrespective the engineering available at the times.

In the last 20 old ages, Petrobras has become a cardinal participant in the success of Brazil to accomplish development. The approaching old ages for this company look truly bright, thanks to the investing they are making on other alternate agencies to bring forth electricity ( H2O, solar and air current ) , better the efficiency of alternate fuels and by making the necessary engineering for increasing the deepness for deepwater boring for oil.


In the following the grade of freshness of the Blue Ocean scheme and the general unfavorable judgment about this theory will be discussed.

Analyzing the grade of freshness in the Blue Ocean Strategy

The book “ The Blue Ocean Strategy ” was foremost published in 2005 and harmonizing to the two writers based on more than 15 old ages of research in assorted dimensions of this concern subject and 150 successful strategic moves crossing.[ 58 ]

As we read above the Blue Ocean Strategy aims at making new demand in an uncontested market infinite. This is done by cut downing the factors of competition and offering new value to the purchaser and company itself. The inquiry is – is this truly a new thought or does it merely set together constituents existent in theory of direction of radical/disruptive inventions?

To be able to reply this inquiry we foremost have to look at the existent theory. The beginning of the riotous invention theoretical account is found in Christensen ‘s research and surveies at Harvard which he published for the first clip in 1997.[ 59 ]He defines riotous invention as follows: “ An invention that creates a new ( and unexpected ) market by using a different set of values “ .[ 60 ]

He distinguishes between two types of riotous inventions:

Low-end break: Targets clients who do non necessitate the full public presentation valued at the high-end of the market.

New-market break: Targets clients who have demands that were antecedently unserved by bing officeholders.[ 61 ]

The public presentation betterment provided in the market has a different flight than the flight of public presentation betterment that the client truly wants. Pioneers can make those clients by offering a new set of public presentation value attributes that are more relevant to the mark client.[ 62 ]

Christensen originally used the word riotous engineering but changed it to disruptive invention to put the focal point of the scheme to the concern theoretical account instead than on the engineering.[ 63 ]This means that the riotous impact a engineering has gets enabled by an advanced concern theoretical account. Disruptive invention requires a separate scheme procedure than regular incremental invention.[ 64 ]

Comparing Christensen ‘s definition of riotous invention and the chief ends of the Blue Ocean Strategy it becomes clear that there is no extremist grade of freshness existent. Blue Ocean Strategy aims at making new demand in an uncontested market infinite[ 65 ], whereas Christensen defines it by making a new and unexpected market[ 66 ]. One can state that those two definitions have the same significance. Blue Ocean Strategy wants to offer new value to the purchaser[ 67 ], whereas Christensen negotiations about offering a new set of public presentation value that is more relevant to the mark client[ 68 ]. Again, the significance of the two definitions is precisely the same. Another similarity can be seen in both schemes taking to concentrate on the concern theoretical account and the scheme procedure: The challenge to construct a sustainable concern theoretical account[ 69 ], and Value Innovation is a scheme that embraces the full system[ 70 ]( Blue Ocean Strategy ) versus Disruptive invention requires a separate scheme procedure than regular incremental invention[ 71 ]( Christensen ) .

As one can see above, the metaphor of Blue Oceans is new, but the construct is non. Christensen ‘s theoretical account of riotous invention was good established before the writers of Blue Ocean Strategy published their findings. But Kim and Mauborgne tried to take a different attack in their tools and models they use for put to deathing the scheme. So accordingly one can state that Blue Ocean Strategy might be a good extra penetration to schemes for riotous invention direction. But it should ever be kept in head that the basic idea of the theory was existing already.

General unfavorable judgment

On a general bases, it is hard to happen companies that have successfully accomplished to utilize the Blue Ocean scheme[ 72 ]. It is non a proved methodological analysis to guarantee success and some companies merely use parts of the theory to complement their general scheme[ 73 ]. Although, the Blue Ocean scheme gives a basic construction in order to develop a more advanced company.

The authors of the book highlight some instances of success, but they do n’t explicate instances in which their theory failed in order to larn from the errors made by the company during the executing of the scheme. This will decidedly assist some companies and enterprisers to avoid some common errors, bettering the hypothesis that the writers are advancing. Second, the writers try to model the achievement of some companies to their theory, making a fuzz scenario in which readers can fall to believe that the Blue Ocean scheme is the key to success in a market filled with similar companies.

It is besides argued that the writers have non discovered some new extremist scheme to increase invention in companies[ 74 ]. We tend to believe that the writers merely joined different thoughts in one book, making a collection of narratives and hypothesis to explicate the success of some companies that did things in a different manner.


The theory of the Blue Ocean scheme shows that it is of import to make Value Innovation in order to accomplish a Blue Ocean. This should be chiefly done by making value for the client every bit good as for the company itself. The two case-studies of advanced companies illustrated the use of this Value Innovation and how these companies successfully entered a Blue Ocean. Nevertheless, the treatment demonstrated that this is non a wholly new construct but more a renaming and reframing of the “ riotous invention construct ” . Furthermore, the Blue Ocean scheme might non work for every concern, as it was chiefly developed utilizing the illustrations of successful companies and accommodating this scheme towards them.


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