Assessment of the Role of Leadership in Promoting Innovation and Creativity Essay

The intent of this essay is to measure the function of leading in making an organisational civilization that will advance invention and creativeness in the workplace. Organizational civilization is a really of import factor that affects the invention and the creativeness of an organisation. Google wouldni??t be so successful in technological invention without its first-class organisational civilization that gives the chance to its employees to work hard and introduce. Leadership has besides a strong consequence on the organisational civilization of a company. A good leader must promote, motivate and animate his employees to be more originative and advanced. When Steve Jobs left from Apple, the organisational civilization of the company was no longer the same and Apple failed to keep its great success.

Leadership & A ; The Example of Apple

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Assessment of the Role of Leadership in Promoting Innovation and Creativity Essay
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Leadership is defined as a person’s ability to expect, envision, maintain flexibleness, think strategically and work with others to originate alterations that will make a feasible hereafter for the organisation ( Ireland and Hitt, 2005 ) . The function of an organisational leader is to specify the organisational ends, formulate programs and form people to accomplish the ends through the executing of programs. Another of import function of a leader is to promote the invention and creativeness within his company. Many people believe that leaders are born and non made such as Steve Jobs who is one of the best illustrations of good leading in action. He is a really relentless leader because after he was kicked out from his ain company Apple, he didn’t give up but he started a new company called Next Computers which finally was acquired by Apple Computers Inc and Jobs became for one time more the leader of Apple. If Steve Jobs was non a leader but an ordinary individual he would hold given up and pass the remainder of his life being sad about his loss. The best feature of a good leader is invention.

Steve Jobs saw the power of invention when he started his company and he created some of the most celebrated advanced technological merchandises such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad. He wouldn’t be able to construct all those advanced merchandises by himself so he created an organisational civilization that would be able to advance invention and creativeness within his company. The organisational civilization of Apple is rather simple. Steve Jobs is puting a end for his employees as for illustration the creative activity of the iPhone and he gives them the chance and the freedom to experiment and do errors in order to accomplish invention.

The most successful and good known leaders are characterized by being invariably up with new thoughts and have changeless invention in alliance with their mission in whatever industry they are. Leadership is really of import to organisations because it is indispensable for edifice, promoting and advancing a strong organisational civilization. The illustration of Steve Jobs proved that leading has a really of import function in making an organisational civilization that will advance invention and creativeness in the workplace. Apple would hold failed without its chief leader Steve Jobs because he created the organisational civilization of Apple which led to the creative activity of so many advanced merchandises.

Organizational Culture & A ; The Example of Google

Organizational civilization has been defined as the specific aggregation of values and norms that are shared by people and groups in an organisation and that control the manner they interact with each other and with stakeholders outside the organizationi ( Strategic Management, 2001 ) . Organizational civilization is really of import for the concern and its employees. These yearss we spend more than 40 hours per hebdomad in our work and many people spend more clip with those they work with than their household. In order to be happy and productive we don’t necessitate money merely but a nice working environment with a good organisational civilization. We are all looking for a work that is gratifying, meaningful and prosecuting. We don’t want to travel to work and look our clock waiting for the clip to go forth and travel place. When we are interested in our work we are more productive and more willing and able to fulfill our clients. Concentrating on constructing a good organisational civilization is the best manner to demo that people are the organizationis most valuable plus.

Organizational civilization is non of import for people merely but for the concern itself. One of the most of import standards that employees look at when measuring an organisation is the organisational civilization because employees donit want merely a good wage and benefits they besides want an environment where they can bask, better their accomplishments and win in. The benefits of a concern with good organisational civilization is non merely that it can pull experient and gifted employees but besides it can assist them better themselves by giving them the appropriate attending and the right chances to develop their accomplishments. The best illustration of a successful company with an first-class organisational civilization is Google. Google is one of the few companies that successfully blended technological invention with strong organisational civilization and this is the ground that it is one of the top 100 companies to work for harmonizing to Fortune magazine ( 2007 ) .

Googlei’s civilization is ethical, customer-responsive, and religious. It encourages its employees to be originative in job work outing which can be considered as a hazard. Google employees have a sense of squad alternatively of ego which encourages them to work together to accomplish ends instead than vie against each other which would hold led them to unethical behaviour. Googlei’s employees are allowed the freedom to do determinations that benefit Google users. Google is known for thinking exterior of the boxi . It encourages its employees to hold merriment with their occupation by making a working environment which looks like a resort area for kids. Google increases its employeesimotive for work and it establishes a civilization that creates persons that have the desire and the motive to remain and work with the company. The secret behind its success is that it gives adequate freedom to its employees to promote them work harder and be more advanced and productive. Innovation involves a batch of hazard taking determinations and it is really of import that the leader and the organisational civilization of the company will back up those determinations.

Leadership and Organizational Culture

Organizational civilization is really of import to a companyi’s invention and creativeness. It is clearly adequate that both Apple and Google wouldn’t be so successful and advanced without their strong and effectual organisational civilization. What we have learned from the illustration of Apple is that organisational civilization on itself it can’t promote invention and creativeness. A good leader is needed in order to animate and steer his employees towards invention and creativeness. This is something that Steve Jobs has proved all these old ages. From 1985 to 1996 when Jobs left and became once more the leader of his company, Apple suffered from a great loss because it stopped being advanced. From 1996 to show Apple is considered one of the most advanced companies in the universe because of Steve Jobs.

The Numberss speak for themselves in 1996 Apple had -816 million dollars net net incomes and in 2009 it had 5.704 million dollars net net incomes ( hypertext transfer protocol: // # cite_note-34 ) . It is clearly plenty that the leader is one with the organisational civilization of his company. A good leader has non merely to put the ends for his company but he must besides do certain that these ends will be achieved. The employees of a company follow the stairss of their leader if their leader is advanced and originative so they will seek to be besides advanced and originative and if their leader is merely lazy so they will besides be lazy. The leader is responsible for the ambiance and the working environment of the company. A company is like a mirror of its leader if the leader is originative and advanced so his company and its organisational civilization will besides be originative and advanced.


The decision is that organisational civilization and leading are interdepended. It is impossible for a company to hold first-class leading and bad organisational civilization or to hold first-class organisational civilization and bad leading in the same clip. Therefore the function of leading in making an organisational civilization that will advance invention and creativeness in the workplace is really critical.


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