Assessment Skills Activity Essay

Intro To Psychology 210| Skills Assessment Activity | Checkpoint: Week 2| Heidi Nehls/ Nancy Harrell 5/10/2010 | Self-Assessment In The Future I Expect That I Will: Answers: 1. ) 3 Equally improbable and probable, not sure 2. ) 2 Improbable 3. ) 3 Equally improbable and probable, not sure 4. ) 1 Highly improbable 5. ) 1 Highly improbable 6. ) 2 Improbable 7. ) 2 Improbable 8. ) 2 Improbable 9. ) 5 Highly probable 10. ) 4 Probable 11. ) 4 Probable 12. ) 4 Probable 13. ) 1 Highly improbable 14. 3 Equally improbable and probable, not sure 15. ) 3 Equally improbable and probable, not sure 16. ) 3 Equally improbable and probable, not sure 17. ) 2 Improbable 18. ) 4 Probable 19. ) 5 Highly probable 20. ) 4 Probable 21. ) 4 Probable 22. ) 5 Highly probable 23. ) 5 Highly probable 24. ) 5 Highly probable 25. ) 5 Highly probable (Sorry about the above format, I didn’t have a word program that would open, once turned in so I downloaded Microsoft 2010 and I have not worked all of the quirks out yet. )

Write a 200- to 300-word response, considering how employers and fellow team members might use this instrument at work. Is this test reliable? Is it valid? What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of a test that attempts to measure skills, abilities, or traits? Employers and fellow team members may use this instrument at work to ensure they use The most beneficial forms of operant conditioning. This would assist both coworkers and Employers by helping them decipher what the best forms of positive and negative reinforcers to Use, in order to achieve the most effectiveness.

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Assessment Skills Activity Essay
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I have conflicted feelings about this test being reliable and valid. On one hand, I believe If the person answering the Self-Assessment questions with complete honesty, then it could be Reliable and valid. However, on the other hand if the people answering the questions are not Completely honest then it would not be. Also, due to some of the drawbacks listed in the chapter, The validity may not be accurate. For example, we do not always have an accurate overview of Ourselves. We may say we would do something but in all actuality we do not.

Sometimes, we Know we should do certain things so we say we will but in turn, we do not. There are a few benefits of this type of test. It may guide us in determining our self Expectations and help us set the set the most appropriate goals and standards for ourselves. The down falls are these types of tests fail to account for our unconscious and hereditary Influences. They may also lack the ability to provide a meaningful account of self-awareness, as Mentioned in the above paragraph.


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