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Meet the Manager Personal information: Mescal Elsevier Sales section manger/ handling al-Natal pharmacy beauty section within a pharmacy channel. Judged, Saudi Arabia. 1- What Is your Job? Sales section manger Is mainly responsible about selling and creating a good relationship between the costumers and distributor to achieve product slate sales and sales fundamentals. Sign In store merchandising agreements with the costumer according to the principle guide lines to achieve the best presents In order to have the best sale over and sale more product and replenishment.

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Continue and recommend the reaction plan. 2- What is the best part of your job? Not necessary selling products but selling ideas as well. Achieving the sales target and annual growth (30%). Selling managing. 3- What is the worst part of your Job? Handling 800 al-Naiad pharmacy national wise (ASK). Facing strict decline (monthly sales target). In store merchandising. 4-What is the best management advice you have received? ” Never lose hope in your team” “Priority your work” ” Learn to control the things you could and deal with those you couldn’t”.


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