Assignment 5 Essay

Dominique November 1 1, 2013 cg 2000 Hate crimes is a category used to describe bias motivation and it occurs when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her racial group, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and gender identity. Hate crime can be categorized by assault, injury, and murder. Criminal acts can include aggravated assault, assault, battery, vandalism, rape, threats, arson, and trespassing and stalking. Hate crimes usually involve convenient vulnerable targets who are incapable of fghting back.

Factors that produce hate crimes are poor or uncertain economic conditions, racial stereotypes in films and on tv, scapegoating, and hate filled talk shows. The nature and extent of hate crimes according to FBI about 7,000 hate crimes incidents involving 8,000 victims occur each year. Although 7,000 hate related incidents seem like it’s a lot many hate crimes go unreported. Because of the extent and seriousness a number of legal jurisdictions have made a special effort to control the spread of hate crimes.

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Specific ate crimes laws originated after the Civil War that were designated to protect the rights of freed slaves. It is unfair to punish criminals motivated by hate more than those who commit similar crimes motivated by revenge. Recent research by McDevitt and his associates that made use of bias crime records collected by the Boston police supports Lawrence position. Mcdevitt found that the victims of bias crime experience more severe post-crime psychological trauma, for a longer period of time than do victims of similar crimes that are motivated by hate or bias.

Hate crime victims are ore than likely to suffer intrusive thoughts, feelings of danger, nervousness and depression of a higher level than other crime victims. People who are constantly exposed to violence in the environment may adopt violent methods themselves. Children living in areas marked by extreme violence may eventually become desensitized to persistent brutality. Basically kids that were brought up in rough neighborhoods are more than likely to not become victims of violence. Children living in these conditions become crusted over they do not let people inside neither do they xpress their feelings.

They exploit others and in turn are exploited by those older an stronger as a result they develop a sense of hopelessness. They find that parents and teachers focus on their failures and problems and not their capability to be successful in life. Their also more than likely to Join a delinquent group or gang. Violence seem to be concentrated in certain areas of the city and they are considered hot spots. Neighborhoods that have collective efficacy where the residents look like they are willing to intervene when problems occur have low crime rates.

Because criminals know it’s a good chance they will defend their property by any means. In other neighborhoods that are disorganized and where poverty is high are less likely to be victims. Defensive Hate Crimes, Ethno-violence, Mission hate crimes, Modern Racism, Thrill hate crimes are all types of crimes. No matter where people go they may come in contact with violent acts. You can be at the store, in your backyard or anynunere out In puDllc ana you can Decome a vlctlm year. Some are expressive violence which only mean that they act that vent rage, nger or frustration.

And some are instrumental violence are simply designed to improve the financial or social position of the criminal. For instance an armed robbery at a bank and the criminal get away with a large lump sum of money. It causes people to live in fear and cause people to avoid dangerous areas especially at night. It can also bring disorder in communities and disrupting services and driving down real estate values and destabilizing other areas. Robbery is the more common hate crime in my city. People commit robberies for a lot of different reasons.

And u also have different types of robberies. Attempts have been made to classify and explain the dynamics of robbery. People often rob in open area which include purse snatching, mugging and other attacks. Street robberies consist of grabbing victims and holding them up at gunpoint. Street muggers often target unsavory characters like drug dealers or people who always carry a lot of cash on them. Commercial robberies occur in banks and liquor stores and such but their less likely to get rob because of the level of security that they have.

Robberies on personal premises happen often when people are home. Carjacking is another type of robbery and this basically consist of using force and threat to motor vehicles. You also have different type of robbers you have professional robbers, opportunist robbers, addict robbers, alcoholic robbers. Robbers seem to diverted by modest defensive measures. Violence has become a common aspect of everyday life. Sources of violent crimes are exposure to violence personal trait and and makeup. Also factors and human instinct has a lot to do with your upbringing.


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