Assignment: Accounting For Managers Essay

Assignment No. 01 Accounting For Managers ANALYZE THE BALANCE SHEETH, P& L STATEMENT AND CASH FLOW STATEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES. FIND OUT ANY RELEVANT, DERIVED AND CONCEALED INFORMATION FOR THEM. KINDLY HIGHLIGHT THE FINANCIAL IMPLICATION FOR THE SAME. HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED ITC COLGATE PALMOLIVE PROCTER AND GAMBLE HYGIENE AND HEALTH CARE MARICO INDUSTRIES Managerial Economics Please limit your comments to eight pages. Your paper should not summarize the material in the assigned readings; rather, it should use the information in the readings to answer the questions posed below. Do you agree that the ‘poor states are no longer clustered at the bottom of the growth’. Trace the growth of these states/ miracle economies for the period 2004-05 to 2009-10 and also make a comparative assessment of their growth with respect to the traditionally dominant, leading states and All-India averages as well, for the same period. * ‘Wide-spread growth can take place only when it is all inclusive’. Please comment. * Discuss the performance of Indian Economy for the past five years with reference to key development indicators.

Digging deeper: India’s growth has experienced a significant change in the past five years. India’s record GDP growth of 8. 49 percent per year during the past five years is considered as an outcome of increased productivity and growth in states, which contributed to rapid growth at the national level. The acceleration did not originate in the metros but in poor states We have long viewed some states like Gujarat and Maharashtra as naturally fast growing, while others like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh as absolute failures.

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Assignment: Accounting For Managers Essay
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These old notions have been established as wrong in India’s five years of miracle growth, from 2004-05 to 2008-09. Such growth is possible only when only when there is productivity improvement across all regions of the nation, all sectors of the economy and all strata of the society. This assignment provides an opportunity to the students to develop thorough understanding of the process of growth and development, especially in the context of Indian Economy. Statistics & Research Methodology Download the data of closing daily stock market prices of any company from 1st June to 30th June 2010.

I) Describe this sample of 30 data points. II) The closing market price of any day is considered as a) Going up if it is greater than the mean + 0. 5 SD. b) Going down if it is less than mean – 0. 5 SD. c) Remaining steady if it is between mean + 0. 5 Sd. Classify the collected sample of the prices according t0 i) ‘going up’, ii) ‘going down’ or iii) ‘remaining steady’. III) Calculate the probability of price i) going up ii) going down and iii) remaining steady.

IV) It is observed that the status of closing market price of any day depends on the status of the previous day. If yesterday’s status of the price is ‘up’ then using this sample what is the probability that a) Today the price goes up. b) Today the price goes down. c) Today the price remains steady. If yesterday’s status of the price is ‘down’ then what is the probability that a) Today the price goes up. b) Today the price goes down. c) Today the price remains steady. V) After 15 days if you find that the closing market price is between mean + 0. SD. What is the probability that a) Previous day closing price was also between mean + 0. 5 SD. (steady) b) Previous day the closing price was less than mean – 0. 5 SD. (down) c) Previous day the closing price was more than mean + 0. 5 SD. (up) Human Dynamics Mention any three situations, faced by you or by an employee of any organization, in which attitude, personality and motivation played a major role. Explain each of the situations in detail and provide solutions to handle such situations. Marketing Management

Prepare report on consumer behavior for any one of the following products * Toilet soap * Soft drink * Consumer electronics/durables * Soft luggage * Office stationary * Readymade garments * Paints * Hair care * Beauty care * Two wheelers * Mobile service * Beauty parlour * Magazines/ News papers Answer expected on following points, 1) Why specific product / service is purchased? ( Buyer attitude, preferences, performance etc. ) 2) Why buying from particular outlet? 3) Brand switching / Loyalty etc


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