Assistive Technology in Special Education Essay

Services currently available including service delivery models, universal design, the effects of AT. D the difficulties in providing AT services for students with disabilities. In this article, a preliminary study on how AT service is delivered showed several issues including funding, lack of participation from family members, device availability, and a need for AT qualified professionals This article is considered scholarly because it is peer reviewed. Carnage, C. R.. Williamson, P. S. , Hollingsworth, A, & Israel, M. (2012). Using

Technology to Support Balanced Literacy for Students With Significant Disabilities. Teaching Exceptional Children, 45(1120-29. The needs of students with disabilities are often overlooked with regard to literacy instruction. This article lists a variety of tools and resources in literacy instruction for significantly disabled students in alignment with their needs. This article has been peer reviewed therefore It Is considered to be scholarly.

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Assistive Technology in Special Education Essay
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