Term Definition
latitude tells us how far north or south of the equator a place is
longitude tells us how far east or west of the prime meridian
orbit to rotate around its axis
rotation the rotation of the earth around its own axis; earth rotates from west towards the east as viewed from space the earth turns counter-clockwise
terminator is the line where the light and dark halves meet it does not move
axis an imaginary line running through the middle of the planet
time zone moving east: +1
moving west: -1
revolution happens every year
winter solstice December 21/22 first day of winter in N. hemisphere First day of summer in S. hemisphere
summer solstice June 20/21 first day of summer N. hemisphere first day of winter S. hemisphere
vernal equinox March 19/20 first day of spring in N. hemisphere first day of fall S. hemisphere
autumnal equinox September 22/23 first day of fall in N. hemisphere first day of spring in S. hemisphere
ellipse oval shape earths orbit is on an ellipse

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