At My Aunt's House in Holyweek Essay

Descriptive paragraph essay. At my aunt’s house in holy week. The sound of trees moved by the wind, the rushing river surrounding the house and the summer warmth, all that peace is perceivable on a breezy shining morning on April at my aunt’s house in holy week on a countryside farm in Guanacaste. The bright orange flames on the wood pieces in the wood stove and the sparks sound when the wood is burning, as well as the smell of wild walnut wood makes you feel the taste of the countryside.

There’s also something pretty cute, the howler monkeys hanging with their tails from the branches to reach the sprouts from the edges of the branches and carrying their babies under their bellies, it’s something really amazing besides that, to hear the males emitting their characteristic howl which scares you, that’s more than a simple day in the countryside, It’s a paradise for free and respectful enjoyment.

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At My Aunt's House in Holyweek Essay
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The kitchen is half concrete and half mesh so the air runs into the kitchen naturally, carrying smells from one place to another, the water in the pans and coffee pot is boiling and it can be heard the bubbles of boiling beans that my aunt knows I love them a lot, My aunt hangs the frying pan, the big cooking spoons and some other silverwares from a nail on the wall. The green plantains get ripen slowly with the gentle heat from the hearth, hung from a ceiling stud also a bunch of onions can be seen right aside the wood stove too.

She starts serving my dad, my mother and me at last. The table has no tablecloth which is all wood and it seems has been painted long time ago because its scratches, so regardless is very clean as well as the floor which is painted red ocher and sanded when cleaning it so many times that it shines even more after waxing it with the red genius wax smell I remember since I was a child and I used to turn somersaults on the floor. The hot tortillas, the black beans in a big white bowl, and the steam of tortillas made by hand make you want to eat them before they become cold.

The whistle of the brewer warned that the water is ready to make the coffee in the cloth strainer. Everything has a special flavor in that kitchen. My aunt, a short and chubby woman with thin, grey hair which comes out from among her black hair finding their way to the top, among grey hair and black hair for being the highest number on the surface. She is over fifty- five; she likes to dress flowered blouses and to use nice perfumes. Despite being the first time you know her when she smiles does not ide favoritism, making you feel as part of the family, but she is so energetic, and she strives to make you feel comfortable, and let me tell you she does. We all help her in the house chores and it’s so much fun because the river that passes near the house is so crystalline and fresh that you can go swimming and fishing and not being afraid of the depths. When I think where to spend my Easter week in a peaceful place, I think about that small house in the countryside where I enjoy peace and nature and above all, love from my dear Aunt.


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