Athenian vs. United States Democracy Sample Essay

Athinais is is known as the metropolis where democracy originated from. It was a manner to affect people in the authorities. Democracy shaped virtually everything in Greece. Democracy is a system of authorities ruled by the whole population. The people who have a say are typically elected representatives. The United States Democracy is a representative democracy. We select representatives to talk for the people. In Athens they had a direct democracy where people had direct control. Through Athens and the Unites States Democracy we have gotten the opportunity to see what works and doesn’t work and what makes a democracy efficient. Although our systems were in different clip periods and parts of the state we have many similarities and differences.

Greece’s democratic system is really different from ours here in the United States. In Greece the lone people that could vote were work forces who were citizens and owned belongings piece. In the United States. all who are citizens and over 18 can vote. When you look at the rock alleviation panel about democracy you can see that when democracy was crowned on Athens the Athenians supported democracy so much that they displayed the rock panel so that everyone could see. Athens wanted everyone’s voices to be heard. The rock alleviation was displayed in a public topographic point to demo how supported Greece was of the thought of democracy. In “The Funeral Oration of Pericles” he talks about democracy. Pericles says that democracy allows work forces to progress because of virtue alternatively of wealth or familial category. He besides says that in a democracy. citizens behave legitimately while making what they like without beloved of nosiness and that in a democracy. there is equal justness for all in private differences.

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Athenian vs. United States Democracy Sample Essay
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Merely because the democratic system of early Greece was during a different clip period it doesn’t mean that our systems were different Actually our systems our quite similar. Like our modern vote territories. the Athenian countryside was divided into units. In both these systems citizens had to be registered to vote on Torahs and public policies. Like us. Athenian democracy had a council of representatives and to forestall corruptness. they besides had imposed bounds on the figure of footings leaders could regulate. When reading the extract from the book Politicss by Aristotle you read about Aristotle’s sentiment on instruction. Aristotle’s strong belief in the importance of instruction is apparent. He states the instruction is the best mean of continuing a system of authorities. Aristotle’s accent instruction is embedded in his accent on the end of the metropolis. Aristotle says that instruction is non entirely about intellect but about the instruction of the psyche.

There are so many types of democracy but the rules that they are based on are basically the same. Democracy is a signifier of authorities that derives its power. straight or indirectly from the people. Democracy works merely with the engagement for the citizens. The chief rules is equality for the citizens of the state. answerability of the elected functionaries. transparence of authorities proceedings. a multi-party system. and a measure of rights to protect against the freedom of persons. What makes democracy work so good is the flexibleness of the system. By leting the people to take who makes up the authorities. they are able to choose people that have similar positions and values as themselves. It gives the people the power to alter

the authorities functionaries if the sentiment of the population alterations or if the people in power Begin to make their occupations ill.

In Conclusion. the democratic system has had its ups and downs but the terminal consequence. it has benefitted the United States greatly. The Athenian Democracy and The United States Democracy were really similar yet rather different. Through test and mistake. each civilisation ended with the democratic system of authorities. There are many things to do democracy successful and efficient. Democracy is a really superb system of authorities and has made our state and the Athenian Country rife with felicity. and construction.


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