1 matter: anything that has _____mass___ and occupies___ _space________
2 element: a _substance__________ composed of a single _kind_____ of __atom___ that cannot be __broken___ down into __other_______ substances by __chemical____ or physical means
3 . periodic table: an organized ____table______ of all the known ____elements______
4 atomic number: the number of _____protons______ or ___electrons________ in an element
5 atomic symbol: an __abbreviation______ for the element ___name____
6 atomic mass: the mass of _____protons______ + __neutrons______ (also called atomic weight or mass number)
7 compound: a substance in which ___two___ or more __elements_______ are _____chemically_____ joined in a ___set__ ratio
8 mixture: _two___ or more substances that are ___mixed____ together _but___ _not___ chemically ____combined______
9 atom: the smallest _unit___ of an ___element__________ that
__retains____ (or keeps) the _______properties____ of that
10 . nucleus: the central __core___ of an _atom____ that contains the ____protons____ and ___neutrons________
11 proton: small, positively ___charged____ particle in the ___nucleus_______ of an ___atom___
12 . neutron: ___small__, uncharged _____particle______ in the _____nucleus_____ of an _____atom_____
13 electron: a __tiny__, __negatively________ charged, ___high___ energy particle that ___moves___ in the ___space__ around the _____nucleus____ of an ___atom____
14 electron shells: fixed _orbits_____or ____paths____ that _electrons____ travel in around the _____nucleus____
15 molecule: _two_____ or ___more____ atoms that are ____bonded_________together
16 chemical bond: the __force____ that holds ___two___ or more ___atoms_____ together

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