atoms and electricity

Term Definition
open circuit when there is a gap in the circuit and electricity can not flow
closed circuit when there is not gap and electricity can flow
conductor material that electricity can flow through
insulator material that electricity can not flow through
atom all matter is made up of atoms
proton have a positive charge and live in the nucleus. They do not move. Symbol is a plus sign +
electrons have a negative charge and are in shells outside of the nucleus. They move from atom to atom. Symbol is a minus sign –
neutrons They have a neutral or no charge. They are found in the nucleus and do not move.
positive charged atom When an atom has more protons than electrons it is positively charged.
negative charged atom When an atom has more electrons than protons it is negatively charged.
Balanced atom This is the goal of all atoms. When there are the same number of protons and electrons it is balanced or has a neutral charge.

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