Atoms and Matter

Question Answer
Protons and neutrons are the ______________of an atom nucleus
you can identify an element if you know its atomic number or_____________ protons
in the periodic table , the number of an element is the___________ above its symbol whole number
The nucleus of an atom contains______________ and neutrons protons
the nucleus has a ______________and the _____________ of the atom Positive charge, most mass
an electron is a _____________particle located outside the nucleus negatively charged
The modern model of an atom is called the___________ model electron-cloud
Electrons that close to nucleus have_________ than electrons that are farther from the nucleus less energy
The atomic number of ____________ in the nucleus of an atom of an element protons
Isotopes have the same number of protons but different numbers of ______________ neutrons
An ion has a charge because it has gained or lost____________ electrons
A _____________ ion has more protons than electrons positive
Adding a ____________ to a neutral atom produces a new element proton
___________ is positively charged particle in the nucleus of an atom proton
___________ is a region surrounding an atom's nucleus where one or more electrons are often found electron cloud

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