Attract Tourists to Visit Siem Reap, Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder.....I'M Proud to Be Khmer !! Essay

Topic : “The Significant point that attract foreign tourists to visit Siem Reap Province” Description Since tourism had come to be regarded as one of the biggest non smoke industry in the word, Cambodia is working wholeheartedly towards reconstruction and economic development through its tourism sector.

As Siem Reap province endowed with vast tourism assets including historical, natural and artificial resorts such as Angkor Wat temple, Kulen mounts, Bonteay Srey temple, Bayon temple and so on, Cambodia has a great opportunity to attract more and more tourists both domestic and international because tourists bring a lot of advantages to a place or country in which they have been to. How’s to attract them? In my opinion, there are four significant points in order to attract foreign tourists to visit Siem Reap province.

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Attract Tourists to Visit Siem Reap, Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder…..I'M Proud to Be Khmer !! Essay
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The first point that attracts tourists to visit Siem Reap province is the development in infrastructures, roads, accommodations and so on. The reason that I prove like this is that when tourists come to visit Siem Reap, the first purpose that they want the most is to visit Angkor Wat temple which is the most wonderful temple among the marvelous things in the world, so they need smooth road to travel because it can make them feel comfortable when they’re traveling and visiting our temple.

Unlike, in the last five years, tourists felt very difficulty in traveling and living because of the rough road, poor accommodations and infrastructures, so tourists aren’t willing to visit Siem Reap. Furthermore, there are many hotels, souvenir’s shops, restaurants, night-clubs and so on that can make tourists easy to stay, to live or buy the souvenirs for their relatives or friends. As a result, in order to attract more and more tourists come to visit, our government tries all of their ability to repair the roads, infrastructure become more smoothly almost every parts of the province.

Moreover, the accommodations are also modernized. That’s why Siem Reap is developing rapidly, and the demand for some services is exceeding the ability to provide them. The second significant is a UNESCO World Heritage Site officially designated as the Angkor Wat temple which is the world’s largest religious structure and the only man-made structure in the world that has the honor of adorning its nation’s flag. Moreover, there are numerous smaller buildings that make up the Angkor Wat, and there is also elaborate sculpture and carving on every surface.

While the Angkor Wat temple is the main attraction, like any major tourist destination, there are other things to see and do here like to sightseeing around the temple, to bless for the sacred sites, to watch the celestial carving Apsara dancers, and so on. Beside Angkor Wat temple, Siem Reap still has the other architectural achievement like the famous South Gate of Angkor Thom which has some interesting terraces and massive temple such as Baphoun temple, Phimeanakas temple, the giant faces of Bayon Temple, the giant tree at Ta Prom temple, Pre-Rup temple, Preah Khan temple, Neak Pean temple and so forth.

Moreover, Phnom Bakhen which is built on the highest hill in the area is offering spectacular views, especially at dawn and sunset. All of these amazing structures can make the tourists feel excited and appreciated our Khmer ancestor which had ability to build these marvelous temples. As a result, Angkor Wat temple and Angkor Thom are the best place for the tourists to visit and analyze. The third significant is the Cambodia Cultural Village which first opened to public in late 2003.

This theme park shows the tourists about the traditional Cambodian way of life, and local customs and practices of the various ethnic groups in our country. Moreover, there are more than 10 villages which showing off the different cultures and characteristics of 19 Cambodian races. And, it also provides some entertainment shows like Apsara dancing, traditional wedding ceremonies, circus act and an elephant show and others performances.

That’s why Cambodia Cultural Village is also an interesting place which can attract many tourist and local people to visit there. The final significant is to cooperate between countries in order to have an air stopover which can make the tourists or passengers easy to flights across one country to another country. Furthermore, when flights land in our airport, many tourists or passengers will come down to relax and enjoys drinking or buying anything in our restaurant’s airport.

In addition, we can show our development to the tourists who used to think that Cambodia has nothing special or modern like their country. As a result, we not only get the profit from tourist, but we also can make convenient in traveling. In conclusion, because of the development of infrastructure, Angkor Wat temple and Angkor Thom, Cambodia Cultural Village and air stopover, Siem Reap province becomes the most interesting in Southeast Asia for tourists to visit and enjoys sightseeing.


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