Audience Analysis Paper Essay

Audience Analysis Paper Audience Analysis In this audience analyis, given to sales repersentives, management, and consumers, key questions are answered. These key questions are: What charcteristics of the audience are considered? What communication channels are appropriate? What considerations should be kept in mind when dealing with the diverness of the audience? What is the ensurace that the message is displayed effectivly? Characteristics During an audience analysis, charactierzation of the the audience is very important.

The first being who will the message be given to. In this senerio, the message being delivered is to managers of the compnay, sales personal, and consumers. Each audience also has different levels of the audience, in this situation there is the primary audience and the secondary audience. The primary audience is the group of indivauls who will decide rather or not to accpet the recommenations of the message, and the secondary audience is the group on individuals whom may be asked to comment on the messgae at a later time. Page 42) The primary audience in this case are the managers and the sales personel, and the secondary audience are the consumers who may later be asked to comment or provide feedback on the information that was given. The characteristics of the audience is very important because it determines how the message will be displayed. Communication Channels The way in which the message is displayed or channeled to listener is also very important. In this case, the message would be displayed in a formal manar.

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