Audit Of Internal Control And Financial Reporting Accounting Essay

Public Company Accounting Oversight Board ( PCAOB ) Auditing Standard No. 5 ( AS5 ) , “ An Audit of Internal Control Over Financial Reporting That Is Integrated with An Audited account of Fiscal Statements ” , was issued in order to increase the likeliness that stuff misstatements would be discovered by hearers. The top-down attack focuses on the auditing of the internal controls of a publically traded company. Get downing at the largest, the fiscal statement degree of a company, an hearer must utilize certain processs to contract the focal point of the audit in order to detect the histories, revelations, and averments that would take to material misstatements located in the fiscal statements and footers.

Top-down Approach

Initially the hearer must look at the full company as a whole. In this part the controls are known as entity-level controls. By deriving an apprehension of these controls, the hearer may chiefly get down to find whether he or she will necessitate to use more or less steps to prove the effectivity of the entities internal controls, and hence the possibility of material misstatement. Most entity degree controls trade with the larger range of the company ‘s internal controls.

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Audit Of Internal Control And Financial Reporting Accounting Essay
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Another of import portion of the top-down attack trades with the board of managers, audit commission, and direction ‘s function with regard to the internal controls and environment of a company. The internal environment of the company relies to a great extent on these subscribers. These subscribers determine the philosophical manner and operations of a company. Without an effectual philosophical manner of operation, the internal controls of a company will non be as effectual, and hence let for the increased likeliness of material misstatement.

Once an overall apprehension of the entity-level controls and the control environment are understood the hearer must get down to look more closely at the fiscal studies, specifically the processs and minutess related to these studies. The internal controls related to the minutess and mode in which they are recorded are of specific involvement to hearers. AS5 lists the processs that must be analyzed by an hearer in order to guarantee that the internal controls of the company are working decently. Aspects that the hearer must besides concentrate on include direction ‘s function in the processs related to the fiscal statements, information engineerings function in the procedure, assorted journal entries, every bit good as direction, the board of managers, and audit commission ‘s function in the inadvertence of these procedures.

Most specifically the hearer will utilize all the information antecedently gained to place certain histories and revelations, and their related averments, in order to measure the possibility of the being of a material misstatement. The PCAOB lists the averments with which an hearer would be working. Besides the hearer must analyse the hazard factors related to the fiscal statements that are tied to the important histories and revelations. An of import country, which PCAOB focuses on in AS5, trades with understanding the likely beginnings of misstatement.

AS5 provides four aims for hearers to concentrate on in their rating of internal controls. The hearer must understand the minutess related to important histories and revelations. An apprehension of the company ‘s procedures where a stuff misstatement could happen must besides be attained. The internal controls that direction has implemented to extenuate possible stuff misstatements must be understood. Finally the hearer must understand all controls that deal with the company ‘s assets and any action in which these assets are involved. In measuring internal controls the PCAOB recommends that the hearer walk through the company and inquiry forces to assist farther understand and place possible jobs.

The chief focal point of the top-down attack starts at an entity degree apprehension of the company. Once a wide overview of the company has been established, the hearer can get down to concentrate on certain countries of the company ‘s internal controls that are most venerable to material misstatement because of stuff failings. This begins with an rating of the internal environment set by the board of managers, audit commission, and direction. Overall the top-down attack looks to take the focal point of an hearer from a large-scale position of the internal controls of a company, and contract them to specific histories, revelations, and relevant averments.

Significant Deficiency and Material Weakness

A important lack relates to a job within the internal controls of the fiscal coverage. Although the important lack must be brought to the attending of those responsible for the inadvertence of the company ‘s fiscal coverage, it will non take to a material misstatement within the fiscal statements. A material failing on the other manus has a sensible possibility of ensuing in a material misstatement within the fiscal statements. A material failing is a individual or multiple lacks in the internal controls of fiscal coverage that would take to this material misstatement. A important lack is a job within the fiscal statements, which could finally germinate into a material misstatement in the hereafter, while a material failing is a job that will most likely lead to a material misstatement of the fiscal statements.

In AS5 the PCAOB lists the indexs of some major indexs of stuff failings in the internal controls of fiscal coverage. The first index provinces that any fraud at the direction degree is a strong index that there are material failings present. Besides when a stuff misstatement occurs within the fiscal statements, a restatement of those statements must be issued, and would be a consequence of stuff failings within the restated subdivisions. Another index would be when an hearer finds a material misstatement within the current period that otherwise would non hold been detected, in a timely mode by the company ‘s internal controls. When the audit commission does non exert the proper inadvertence of the internal controls associating to fiscal coverage, this becomes another index that a material failing may be present. While sing the being of stuff failings, an hearer must look at the whether the lack would impact the actions or determinations of prudent functionaries, based on their sensible confidence that the fiscal statements are free of material misstatement.

Communication with Audit Committee

When an hearer discovers a stuff failing, he or she must pass on this information, in authorship, to the audit commission and direction prior to the issue of the audit study. Similarly, with the find of a important lack the hearer must besides pass on this to direction and the audit commission. In both instances this information would be communicated throughout the procedure of the audit. The audit study on the other manus includes a statement that includes an apprehension of the internal controls of fiscal coverage within the company, every bit good as measuring the hazard that there failings exist. Throughout the procedure the hearer must pass on with direction and the audit commission refering stuff failings and important lacks, while an audit study includes a summarisation of the internal controls of fiscal coverage.


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