Audit regulatory framework Essay


The regulative environment makes it compulsory that organisations such as limited liability companies must be audited by an independent external hearer qualified under the ordinances of professional organic structures internationally or nationally to guarantee that the company is working in conformity to the company jurisprudence set by several states. An external hearer maps as an independent organic structure appointed by and studies to stockholders to show an sentiment whether the fiscal statements are prepared, in all stuff respects, true and just and in conformity to the applicable fiscal coverage model ( Pflugrath G. , Martinov-Bennie N. and Chen L. , 2007 ) . In describing to the stockholders, the hearer provides sensible confidence whereby they do non vouch fiscal statements are free from material misstatements but instead at an acceptable degree. Professional organic structures worldwide carries a responsibility to put auditing criterions to play a function of helping hearers in executing responsibilities in order to supply high degree of assurance to intended users of the Financial Statements ( Noreen, 1988 ; Siegel et al. , 1995 ; Wotruba et al. , 2001 ) .

Main Report

Development of auditing criterions

There are three regulative environments which govern statutory audits and one of them is scrutinizing criterions. At International degree, the International Federation of Accountants ( IFAC ) is the planetary organisation for the accounting profession. An independent standard-setting board under IFAC is known as the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board ( IAASB ) . The IAASB developed the International Standards on Auditing ( ISAs ) to be carried out on audit battles. As for National degree, ordinances differ as there are assorted standard scene organic structures which choose to follow the ISAs by modifying it or to put their ain criterions to accommodate harmonizing to single states. In Malaysia, the Malaysian Institute of Accountants ( MIA ) , a member of IFAC is responsible in developing the Malaysian Approved Standards on Auditing ( AI ) which adopts the modified ISAs. However, the latest development states the execution of a new board which is the Audit and Assurance Standard Board ( AASB ) ( Cosserat and Rodda, 2009 ) .

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Importance of the auditing criterions.

An scrutinizing criterion is a signifier of the current best pattern applicable in statutory audit battles by sanctioned hearers which sets a minimal degree of proficient proficiency to guarantee work done is of high quality auditing and at the same clip supplying high degree of confidence ( Jubb and Houghton, 2007 ; Simnett, 2007 ) . It is a signifier of benchmarking the strength of accomplishing aims of the professional organic structures in being a function theoretical account in the accounting profession as stated by Watkins et Al. ( 2004 ) , and besides safeguarding the place of hearers whilst scrutinizing fiscal statements.

Through professional and ethical criterions such as independence and unity, Alfredson, K. et Al. ( 2005 ) states that hearers carry out elaborate plants to value a capable affair whether it is of true and just position. Once a decision is made, the sentiment obtained would find the degree of assurance the populace would hold towards the fiscal statements ( Alfredson, K. et al. , 2005 ) .

This adds on to cut downing the hazard factor faced by users of the fiscal statements ( Martinov, 2004 ) as it deters managers of an entity to transport out deceitful activities. At the same clip, it besides indirectly strengthens the audit profession as the populace would hold an increased assurance degree taking to a better feeling towards hearers in general ( Simnett, 2007 ; Dellaportas, Senarath Yapa and Sivanantham, 2008 ) .

As processs of executing a statutory audit is consistent and of principles-based, it becomes less stiff and flexible to be implemented on the audit plants carried out on fiscal statements. Aside from that, as agreed by Noreen, 1988 ; Siegel et al. , 1995 ; Wotruba et Al. ( 2001 ) ; it may be able to cut down clip factor as hearers are able to be after and analyse which country are important to be tested more and frailty versa because they are already well-versed with the audit processs set by the criterions.

However, this may present as a menace because the usage of their ain opinion becomes excessively subjective and therefore, they may be given to be excessively indulgent during audit processs and beltway on of import affairs. Hearers could even deliberately choose non to execute so much elaborate work and merely province fiscal statements as true and just since wittingly for the past history, it has been stated as so ( Jones et al. , 2003 ; Herron and Gilbertson, 2004 ) .

From this affair, it can be of advantage to managers to carry on deceitful activities because hearers can merely see an sentiment on fraud but non able to observe and forestall it. It is the responsibility of the direction and managers to go to to deceitful possibilities in a company. With that said, they may choose to non follow deliberately by declining to unwrap gray countries in its fiscal statements or relevant information needed to execute the audit ( Cosserat and Rodda, 2009 ) .

While saying to be able to accomplish high quality audits worldwide, a smattering of states still implement their ain auditing criterions to accommodate their national statute laws and traditions ( Samuels and Piper, 1985 ; Tarca, 1998 ; cited in Dellaportas, Senarath Yapa and Sivanantham, 2008 ) . This is likely due to the fact that there are still many developing states which do non hold professional organic structures for such a intent as this or even states like in the United States of America whereby they adopt a different criterion which is of rule-based ( Simnett, 2007 ) . All this may reciprocally do a hold and obstructor to harmonisation of criterions across the Earth in concurrence to international convergence ( Weetman, 2006 ) .

Aside from that, consistent updating and alteration of criterions poses a demand to maintain oneself updated taking to a deficiency of assurance while executing responsibilities due to inaccurate executing of criterions implied on audit work as there are restrictions to how much one can make at a period of clip. Being excessively proficient with ordinances may do hearers to be ‘stiff ‘ in their public presentation and therefore, lack grasp on findings of samples, trial objects and the appraisal of analytical processs.

Aims and Activities of IAASB and AASB

Work done by the IAASB is monitored by the inadvertence organic structure known as the Public Interest Oversight Board ( PIOB ) whereby the populace ‘s involvement is involved sing proper revelations and transparence of issues that concerns to bettering the overall mission and to accomplish aims of the professional organic structure ( Dellaportas, Senarath Yapa and Sivanantham, 2008 ) .

IAASB came up with a development of a plan in the twelvemonth 2004, which functions to redraft the full ISAs either partly to change countries in the ISAs or to to the full bring down new lucidity conventions where applicable. The Clarity Project reached a degree of completion upon confirmation by the PIOB and now contributes 36 freshly clarified criterions as guidelines in confidence battle by qualified hearers worldwide ( Accountants Today, June 2009 ) .

Judging from the fact that the criterions now clearly identifies the aims and duties an hearer faces, a better apprehension of the full construct and public consciousness are gained ( Buchanan, F.R. , 2003 ) . The freshly improved criterions are by-far less proficient and therefore, easy to be adopted by practicians to be implemented on processs carried out for confidence battle.

The whole intent of carry oning the lucidity undertaking is to do the criterions more appropriate and updated with the recent environment and at the same clip to help and update users of relevant information and a clearer position of using each criterion for the benefit of the populace ( Dellaportas, Senarath Yapa and Sivanantham, 2008 ) . The assurance of the populace in fiscal coverage activities would finally be increased ( Alfredson, K. , Leo, K. , Picker, R. , Pacter, P. and Radford, J. , 2005 ) .

It is in a manner a good thing to invariably upgrade and redraft the criterions to accommodate the current coverage environment ( Humphrey, C. and Turley, S. , 2006 ) . However, there may be a little disadvantage in the sense of doing the revised criterions known to its users. The professional organic structures would necessitate to carry on seminars or station notices to all members of the professional organic structures to inform them of such amendments that has taken topographic point. This finally takes clip and attempts and may even incur a little cost to be carried out.

Similarly the IAASB, the AASB plays a similar function in continuing an acceptable degree of quality professional services and high ethical behavior amongst practicians. The MIA further justified the desire of standing-out in the standard-setting procedure trusting that Malayan market can be integrated internationally so that point of views can be mentioned earlier alternatively of acquiring secondhand attending in order to germinate criterions that are more suited to the nature of the Malayan market ( Izma N. , 2009 ) .

Implementing the ISAs by the AASB is a signifier of doing attempts to heighten the fiscal markets of Malaysia in going more competitory and stable. At the same clip, it besides improves professional unity and quality of audit plants by hearers. Under the backing of the MIA, AASB will go on to run into rigorous outlooks of stakeholders every bit good as traveling towards a holistic international convergence of criterions and enhance assurance of users through proper counsel in audit and confidence services.

This may turn out to be a good measure in front in concurrence to be inline with the harmonisation of criterions in the universe today and besides to prepare the fiscal place of the state in order to hike assurance of the public one time once more ( Chan and Leung, 2006 ) . Therefore, conformity with scrutinizing criterions such as the ISAs and implementing it into aims and duties stated by the professional organic structures need to be acted out rapidly so as to non fall behind in clip because it can be rather a drawn-out procedure which is non accomplishable overnight ( Izma N. , 2009 ) .

Further Regulations

Codes of Corporate Governance

Corporate administration is the system whereby companies are directed and controlled. Cosserat and Rodda, 2009 mentioned that it is utile in avoiding affairs such as struggles of involvement seen in the bureau theory between the directors ( agents ) and the stockholders ( principal ) . In conformity to the UK Combined Codes of best patterns, the board of an entity is encouraged to organize an audit commission to guard the independency and objectiveness of hearers.

An audit commission plays a function as an independent point of mention to turn to sing issues of struggle between the board of managers and the external hearers. Aside from that, in order to better external audit processs, they have a responsibility to supervise the unity of managers in fixing fiscal statements.

Codes of Ethical motives

The burden is ever on the hearer non merely to be ethical but besides to be seen as ethical. The International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants ( IESBA ) establishes a conceptual model for all practicians to adhere to five regulations: unity, objectiveness, professional competency and due attention, confidentiality and professional behavior. Menaces to these rules are to be identified and applied with several precautions to extenuate it.

Hearers are subjected to ethical demands by professional organic structures because the public relies on hearers to bring forth an independent sentiment during confidence battles ( Pflugrath G. , Martinov-Bennie N. and Chen L. , 2007 ) . They farther elaborated that a high quality audit, consisting of professional competency and due attention features need to be conducted as hearers have entree to confidential information of the entity.

Company Law

An hearer is required to execute an one-year audit abiding by statutory responsibilities to describe to stockholders on whether fiscal statements are of a true and just position and in conformity to approved criterions. They need to be independent and persevering and province if sufficient information has been obtained and that the company has kept proper records harmonizing to the jurisprudence. The hearer must besides name out lacks of their findings in the hearer ‘s study. The company jurisprudence besides determines the rights, assignment, remotion and surrender of hearers and the liability of hearers to stockholders and 3rd parties ( Cosserat and Rodda, 2009 ) .


The result of these findings discussed has added cognition to a better apprehension of the full audit and confidence rhythm. The responsibilities of an external hearer must be based on appropriate conceptual models developed either internationally or nationally harmonizing to the suitableness of several states. They need to execute a statutory battle required by the company jurisprudence, which is of high but non absolute confidence that the fiscal statements are free from material misstatements. An overview of the constitution of scrutinizing criterions, its aims and importance to benchmark the quality of hearers in executing responsibilities and corporate administration, company jurisprudence and ethical codifications as extra ordinances in heightening the function of hearers were identified. Furthermore, the chief thought of separating IAASB and AASB on its maps and activities in the universe today has added cognition to the deepnesss of 1s ‘ head. Therefore, the several standards-setting boards need to foster enhance and beef up its actions and processs in order to accomplish international convergence and quality criterions to function the public better and increase in its objectiveness effectivity.


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