Aunt Jennifers Tiger Essay

Aunt Jennifer’s Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams is a verse form by Adrienne Rich exemplifying her feminist concerns. In the male dominant universe. a adult females of her clip was merely supposed to be a duteous housewife. This verse form through the universe of Aunty Jennifer. tells us about her interior desire to liberate herself from the clasps of opprobrious matrimony and patriarchal society. Poem Summary The first stanza opens with Aunt Jennifer’s ocular tapestry of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams who are fearless of their environment. “Bright topaz [ 1 ] inhabitants [ 2 ] of a universe of green” – evoke an image that these imperial Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams are fearless of other existences in the jungle.

Bright here signifies their powerful and beaming character. There is a sense of certainty and assurance in the manner these Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams move as can be seen in the line – “They gait in sleek chivalric [ 3 ] certainty” . In the 2nd stanza. the world of Aunt Jennifer is revealed as she is lame. weak and enslaved. really much the antonym of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams she was knitting. Her physical and mental injury is depicted in the line – “find even the tusk needle difficult to pull” .

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Aunt Jennifers Tiger Essay
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Even though a nuptials ring doesn’t weigh much. “the monolithic weight of uncle’s nuptials set. sits to a great extent upon Aunt Jennifer’s hand” signifies the sum of laterality her hubby exercised over her. This besides means that her interior free spirit has been jailed by the patriarchal society [ 4 ] . The last stanza starts on a creepy note about Aunt Jennifer’s decease. Even her decease couldn’t free her from the ordeals she went through which can be seen in “When Aunt is dead. her panicky custodies will lie still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by” .

While driving from her parent’s place to Cochin. she notices her female parent sitting beside her dozing. her face picket like a dead organic structure and her ideas far off. This reminds her painfully that her female parent is old and could go through away go forthing her alone.

Puting that thought aside she looked out at the immature trees rushing by and kids running out of their places merrily to play. These remind her likely of young person and life. her ain younger yearss and her female parent when she was immature.

But after the security cheque at the airdrome. looking back at her female parent standing a few paces off. she finds her looking pale like the winter Moon. She feels that familiar hurting and childhood fright of the idea of losing her female parent and of being lonely merely as she had been when she was immature because she was different from other kids. She could merely maintain smile and state her ‘see you soon’ cognizing full well that she might non see her.


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