Australian Education VS Chinese Essay

Education Compare between China and Australia Huh Ghent (Tina) 10/12/2012 Australia and China all are big country on the world, but cause of geographical factor and the economics, these many differences and similarities. Especially in education, there are express in teaching content, education method and learning atmosphere. Firstly, there are many factors of teaching content in the two countries. The subjects of study in the school are very similar.

For example, the high school students need to duty biology, history, chemistry and so on courses in the both of the two countries. The subjects of Chinese school is very similar that of Australian. However, the teaching idea in the content Is very different. Chinese education Is to solve some interesting knowledge in details, but Australian education Is pay attention to widely of knowledge and ability training. For instance, in the high school, Chinese course is study a chapter record next chapter until the book is finished, then they will not be study this subject.

And the subject is too hard to explain for the high school students. While as Australian education has each procession that from easy to difficult, it can be make the students are more Interested In the subject. Then, education method Is also a factor, the culture Is different between Australia and China, In primary school Chinese teachers are not Interesting and boring, students cannot play to their Imagination and thinking ability. They are according to the teacher’s knowledge to do the homework. Chinese students are famous as exam”, they are called “exam machine”.

However, Australian students are learning In the play, there Is often some hands-on chance to experiment. These activities cultivate the students’ practical ability, but also to enhance the communication between students, make students In Imperceptible In accept the knowledge. In term of friendship, Chinese students have little Intimates, they willing to offer the help In any situation, but, Australian students have lots of friends and Intimates, they will become with the time goes by. Finally, on the learning atmosphere they also have some saltcellars and differences.

The two countries both take different age students In different grade method. Because of the different learning level Into different classes, It could help the students better learning knowledge that In each grade. The two countries all take the placement system to understand the students to condition of mastering the knowledge. There Is a big difference between the class atmospheres In the two countries. The Chinese students do not correctly people In public situation, In order to save their face ND avoid conflicting.

Australian students always correctly people or give suggestion In class Ana In tenet race. Although China and Australia’s education have many different places, but also have the same aspects. Much education’s differences that because of the different cultural background. The two countries are based on the most suitable education system of their country to build up. If the two countries’ education can influence each other and have same change, it will be more conducive to student learning.

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Australian Education VS Chinese Essay
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