Ayotzinapa Essay

Mexico faces its worst political crisis of Unripe Penn Unite government; the issue of missing and presumed executed students has unleashed a tsunami of emotion that has reached around the world, who has his eyes on a country plunged into chaos and uncertainty. On Friday, September 26th, 2014, at least four violent events related to each other, in the city of Caligula, state of Guerdon were killed 6 students of the Rural School Raјl Sister Burros of Additional, 16 others were injured, and 43 students remains unknown whereabouts.

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Ayotzinapa Essay
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In such acts, municipal police of Caligula participated in ordination with people dressed as civilians, in the total “absence, passivity and tolerance” of the armed forces, whose presence is evident in the state of Guerdon to the effect of the “Operation Safe Guerdon”. According to the version of the students, when they retired from the place, the local police shot at the vehicles they were traveling. Hours later, after giving a press conference, they were attacked in new account. There, the police arrest 43 students, whom transferred in vans and patrols.

The Mayor of Aqua, Jose Luis Baric, was at a arty during the attack on the school, hence he said he never heard any shots. Under pressure and criticism, the Governor Angel Acquire said he would leave his charge only if the citizens of Guerdon choose it, through a referendum. During the events, they were arrested 22 municipal elements, and based on the statements of some police involved, operating around noon on October 4th, was founded five clandestine graves near a hill of Pueblo Viejo, near the point where community were attacked.

There is a great responsibility that the bodies found there respond to the missing ones. However, the 28 bodies found did not correspond to any of the 43 missing students, reported the Attorney General of Justice. The incident occurred almost one month and a half ago, rocked an anesthetized by daily violence country. The slaughter condenses the dark power, explains the relationship between the state and organized crime, and naked arrogance of a national government that was believed capable of managing the horror without splashing. Additional Essay By Artfulness Additional: In the Name of Massacre By: Luis Espanola


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