Aztec (350 words) Essay

The difference between primary and secondary sourcing is very simple. A primary source is someone who personally witnessed the action or event that?s being reported. Secondary sourcing can be a number of things but a good example in the story would be the King?s interpretation of the Aztec people/land from Cortez?s letter. Or further than that, any letters or reports the King wrote about the Aztecs based on the Cortez letters.The letter written by Cortez is a primary document and I think it coild br be both primary and secondary. For example if Cortez would have sailed back home and had his account written by another in their words but from his experiences.

The diet of the Aztec was diverse and plentiful. Cortez wrote that The meals were served by three or four hundred youths, who brought on an infinite variety of dishes; indeed, whenever he dined or supped, the table was loaded with every kind of flesh, fish, fruits, and vegetables that the country produced?. The only thing that may be said about the Aztec not having a ?balanced diet? by today?s standard would be the lack of grains. Cortez mentions in the second letter that seeds and grains are gathered for some of the bird species that Montezuma kept, but no mention of them for humans. However, this could have been simply left out and thought that grains and breads were understood to be eaten but I would characterize the Aztec nation as being wealthy. Probably more so than Europe at the time. Cortez said ?the gold and silver being wrought so naturally as not to be surpassed by any smith in the world; the stone work executed with such perfection that it is difficult to conceive what instruments could have been used; and the feather work superior to the finest productions in wax or embroidery.?. Also the Aztec people were not surrounded by other nations whom also had commerce set up. Meaning they would not have traded as many of their precious materials to others for services or to make allies.

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Aztec (350 words) Essay
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