B2B Business Communication Comm/470 Essay

B2B Jane Doe University of Phoenix COMM/470 April 19, 2010 Business Communication Today digital or electronic communication makes up a great deal of the worlds communication. The reason behind that change from written or formal types of communication has to do with technological advances and the speed in which individuals and businesses can now communicate accurately.

The electronic media that surrounds the average consumer consists of television commercials, email advertisements, internet stores, paying bills and banking online, blogs, social sites, business ventures, and many other forms of electronic communication are taking over the way the world communicates. This is why EC (electronic commerce) has become regular practice in daily life. EC is the process of buying, selling, transferring, or exchanging products, services, and information through electronic means like the internet and electronic networks.

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B2B Business Communication Comm/470 Essay
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Doing business electronically and using mediums like E-tailing or electronic retailing is which is “the practice of selling goods and services over an electronic medium like the Internet (ECommerce. info, 2010). ” Enables today’s businesses to save time and money in conducting business electronically on a global scale. Business to Business Message In today’s digital economy many financial firms represent a variety of services to large and small businesses alike. Financial firms that only used to focus on large corporations now have the time and resources to cater to different levels of businesses.

Wells Fargo advertises to large corporations to gain business. They often perform account reviews on customers to see if there is a business need and then those selected customers receive information on Wells Fargo’s business products. Wells Fargo has marketed to businesses by capturing the necessities for any business. They offer business loans, investment services, checking accounts, payroll services, 24 hour support for those services; they can set up a merchant to accept credit cards and much more.

These advertisements are seen on television, in newspapers, radio spots, signs, billboards, sponsoring community events, ads on the Wells Fargo website, customers are also verbally notified by bankers, handed and mailed literature on the various options and account types. Wells Fargo targets customers who go online daily with ads on their website. At the very top of their main website, https://www. wellsfargo. com/, the options provided are personal, small business and commercial. If you click on the small business tab you will immediately see the business to business message “Customize your business solutions (Wells Fargo, 2010). The message is sent by the corporation wells Fargo to the small business owner who may already have personal accounts and may not want to go corporate. Analyze The message is very clear, “Find out which financial services cater to businesses, like yours. ” The messages purpose is to make a business to business connection on a personal level, to pull in the small business owners and cater to their needs. The environment and technology of this message that it is a website that an individual would be looking at if they already had some kind of service with wells Fargo.

It is often easier to get customer who is already using some of an organizations products or services to add new products and services based on the existing relationship, than it is to attract new customers all together. Some feedback about this message from Wells Fargo to small businesses would have to be that not all business owners will click on that tab at the top of the screen to actually see the very well presented message. There should be and ad on the personal area that relays the same message.

Having to click on a different tab would be considered noise as the information is not right there for the business owner to see. The message is appropriate for the existing Wells Fargo customer or for someone actively seeking to become a business customer. The purpose is clear and it provides useful information to those receiving the message. Business Message 2 “Trust HP to help you get your website up & running — here’s a special offer! ” This is from the business Hewlett Packard and it is directed towards businesses who want to shift into the virtual world, the click and mortar group.

Analyze This message is very direct, too direct. This message is a business trying to sell to another business. The special offer makes the message seem untrustworthy as the message itself did not explain any offer. Feedback on this message would include many questions about the offer and that this may be overlooked as a trap or trick to get a sale. This was advertised on a website, and then it would appear obvious that the business looking for this service has access to the internet and is familiar with E-Tailing.

This message should be reworded, free office software from HP; we are here to get your business get going. Short, direct, confident, memorable and simple. Merger Message We here at ABC Company have been following your business closely. We have noticed that our customer base is intertwined with yours and your company is using some new and innovative programs to modernize the organization and stay competitive in the market. We feel ABC Company will contribute to your forward momentum in the industry with excellent quality, outstanding service records, and brand recognition.

The potential partnership of ABC and XYZ Companies, through merging our skills and yours is tremendous. We hope that this offer will be considered heavily and any questions you may have can be answered by Name Johnson at 555-555-5555. Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon. Business Reply We have considered your offer to merge XYZ and ABC. At this time ABC Company is not a good fit for XYZ Company as the cost to combine the organizations would be too great. We appreciate the offer, however at this time we XYZ Company must decline this merger.

The cost of your labor, products and what it would take to upgrade your plants is too big a risk for XYZ Corporation at this time. Your offer was weighed heavily; unfortunately we cannot consider your offer as it does not meet business needs. Conclusion In business to business messages there can be some communication breakdown. The message from Wells Fargo to the small business owner was very appropriate and positioned well. Simple, short and easy for everyone to understand no matter the business or the need. People within organizations become very focused and familiar with internal process and procedure.

When communicating to businesses outside the ones represented, it can become more difficult to communicate purposeful clear messages to those outside the organization. Forgetting that the receiver is outside the organization can lead to bad marketing and failed messages. Be professional, maintain direction, keep it short, keep it simple, keep it human, and keep it real. References ECommerce. info. (2010). E-Tailing. Retrieved April 19, 2010, from Net Industries: E-Tailing Wells Fargo. (2010). Business. Retrieved April 6, 2010, from wellsfargo. com: https://www. wellsfargo. com/biz/


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