Baby Shower Essay

Baby Shower A baby shower is a conventional celebration that emerged in the United States. The practice has now been adopted across the globe, from Europe to Asia. However in the latter, it is mostly attended by women only, whereas in the West men also take part in the festivities. There are various beliefs concerning baby showers; some choose to consider it for just the firstborn, others prefer to conduct the affair after the birth of the baby, and yet others believe that a birth in the family does not require a baby shower to commemorate the occasion.

The shower is generally hosted by a close friend of the expectant mother, who distributes party invitations, plans mementos, and organizes prizes for various games. Commonly received mementos include picture frames and assorted candy, while bath beads and candles are often distributed as prizes. Location and decorations are also important factors that must be taken into account. The baby shower involves bestowing gifts upon the unborn child, baby-themed activities, along with snacks and drinks. Cake is usually a staple in the menu; otherwise, there aren’t any restrictions on what should be served.

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Popular games include Baby Shower Bingo and Baby Trivia – these provide entertainment while keeping the focus on both the parent(s) and their baby. The gifts are intended to be helpful for the new parent(s), as it saves them the expense of having to buy each individual item for their newborn. Specific items are requested through the baby shower registry, and this lessens the chances a parent receiving useless or multiple copies of one item. Additionally, it relieves the guest of the hassle involved in of thinking up a suitable present.

Therefore, the combination of ease and convenience for both the guests and new parents has made baby shower registry a huge success. Baby Shower Registry A baby shower registry is an efficient method of informing those attending a baby shower of which items will be required after the birth of the child. Registry is available in many prominent chains where you have the option of either going to the store itself or completing the list online. The first step is choosing a shop which is dedicated solely to selling baby goods is fine, but large department stores which have a section concentrating on infant care is also a decent choice.

However, there is no restriction on the number of shops one can register at; if multiple locations collectively cater to your needs, you are free to select more than one. However, too many registered lists can be unmanageable, so it is best not to exceed more than three shops. Items that the parent(s) feel they will need for the well-being of their baby can be easily chosen by either visiting the store location, or browsing the available goods in online catalogs. Physically going to a shop has the benefit of receiving informed advice from the salesperson in charge of the infant related products or the registry representative.

They will offer you a checklist of all the items they have available, and once you are done marking the items you are interested in, they will enter that information into the computer for others to access. On the other hand, online registry can be done from the comfort of your home, and in some websites, lists of other customers are viewable which can guide you in your selection. In both cases, certain forms must be filled out, including name and contact information. Baby shower registry is a quick and convenient way of preventing duplicate gifts and receiving items that will help you to care for your newborn.

Baby Shower Gifts It is customary to present gifts to the parent(s) of the unborn child as an attempt to lessen the financial load they face, and as a symbol of their affection for the unborn child. Items that would be helpful for taking care of the infant are generally given, which can conveniently be sorted into 11 categories; nursery, gear, layette, bath, travel & weather, diapers, feeding, activity, books & music, toys, and health & safety. Nursery includes furniture articles such as cribs, changing tables and such, while gear centers on goods like cars seats and strollers.

Layette covers a variety of clothing for the newborn, ranging from absorbent bibs to unisex attire; bath focuses on baby lotions and washcloths. The travel & weather section concentrates on portable feeding seats, rain protection for strollers, and other outdoor-related objects. Diapers are a vital component of baby care, along with baby rash ointment and baby wipes. Feeding fixates on items that assist in the nourishment of the infant, for example, highchairs and bottle sterilizers. Swings and play mats are instances of items that would fall under the activity category, whereas rattles and tuffed animals are part of toy sector. Books & music gives attention to nursery rhyme CDs and parenting guides, which are aid in caring for the child. Lastly, but not least, comes health & safety, focusing on infant protection; instances of goods in this group are baby monitors and safety gates. Toys and layette are the most popular categories from which gifts are given, whereas nursery items (which are generally more costly) are likely to be bought by close friends and relatives.

Gifts can be easily purchased via baby gift registry, a service available in most major stores which allows customers to view a list of objects personally requested by the parent(s)-to-be. Baby Store Registry Registering items to fulfill the needs of an unborn child has never been easier. There is a wide variety of goods to choose from, available in many different stores. Whether the one chooses to proceed with the registry at a store location or through a store’s website, the first step is to ensure that the shop provides the products one has in mind.

After that, one needs to go through the registry application procedure. This entails filling out a form involving information concerning one’s name, address, email address, and phone number among other things. After completing this, one may browse through the catalogue, selecting items that one feels is necessary for the well-being of their child. There are generally several shipment options, the prices of which vary depending upon the speed of the delivery; a 24 hour delivery will generally cost more than a parcel that takes a week to arrive.

Items may have to be collected from the store itself, while other shops and all online retailers mail the package directly to one’s home. Alternative means of payment are available, mainly cash, debit card and credit card, if an item is purchased at a store location. For online shopping, credit cards are required to order any product. Stores that provide registry automatically remove items that have been purchased, off the registry list; effectively cancelling out the problem of receiving the same item twice.

Additionally, it keeps one updated on which goods have been bought. Therefore the parent(s) will know which items they will have to procure themselves. Baby store registry provides a simple solution to the parent(s), along with their friends and relatives, as it is uncomplicated way to ensure that gifts that will benefit the newborn are obtained, in an attempt to make parenting feel like child’s play. Amazon Baby Registry Amazon. com is the premiere online Baby Store and Baby Registry, designed to satisfy almost all baby-related needs.

Amazon is a reliable shopping source that boasts an immense range of baby products that can be delivered right to your doorstep – the marksmanship of great customer service. There are many advantages to creating an Amazon Baby Registry. Firstly, anything for sale on the site can be added to the registry, including items such as toys, strollers, books, diapers, DVDs, clothing, music, along with a variety of other useful things for both the parent(s) and the newborn. Most items are reviewed by previous buyers, allowing the parent to distinguish the best-rated items for their newborn, and avoid disappointment.

The best part about the Amazon registry is that it is a universal registry. That is, you can add products that are being offered on other websites, and are not currently available on Amazon. This perk significantly expands your selection choices and helps you choose one-of-a-kind baby products from all over the online shopping world. Plus, the Amazon registry keeps all your baby product purchases, wish lists, and general information in one convenient location. This ensures that you can keep track of your itemized list with ease, and not have to register at several different websites.

It enables you to register for practical, desirable and thoughtful gifts all in one place! To help create and organize your registry, you can use the tools and tips feature that has been added to help you along the way. Amazon Baby Registry also allows you to email friends and family with news, list updates and thank you features. You can always track which person has purchased which gift for you, and make returns easily through the Online Returns Center. Amazon Gift Registry makes shopping easy, fast, and cheap. Toys R Us Baby Registry Buying a gift for a pregnant mother and her baby is easier than ever!

The Toys “R” Us Baby Registry allows a customer to create a list that is viewable by friends and family anywhere in the world. It can be created online, or at one of the store locations and be viewed in all Toys “R” Us locations in Canada and online at www. toysrus. ca. Complete registry lists can also be viewed and edited online or in the store. Purchases made from the registry are documented both to the store and online registry, preventing the customer from receiving duplicate gifts. The Baby Registry is active for exactly 12 months from the registration date. Registries can be found on the Toys “R: Us website.

Once the customer finds the registry they are searching for, they can view the registrant’s complete product list. To determine what to buy, the products online are sorted into helpful themes to make it easier to find particular items. The registry is further divided into three more sections. The first section is about the products that are available online. This section cites the products in-stores that can be purchased online, organized by category. Some products in this section are sold exclusively online and are thus marked ‘online only’. The second category focuses on products that are only available in-store.

As the name suggests, these products can only be purchased in a retail store. It is recommended that one call in to check product availability before visiting the location. The third category shows products that have already been purchased. This allows one to see which products on their registry have been bought, and also by whom. If the customer wishes the gifts to be a surprise at the baby shower, they should not glance at the last category! Gender Neutral Gifts For Baby Showers In order to create an element of surprise, many parents opt to wait until the birth to find out the sex of their child.

However, this can create quite the dilemma as to what to buy as a gift at the baby shower. Many people have trouble trying to choosing unisex colours for clothes or even choices of gift. When choosing unisex baby clothes, the first thing to concentrate on is the colour. Traditionally, baby boys have been gifted with all shades of blue, while baby girls are endowed with pretty pinks, and purples. The most popular gender-neutral colour is yellow, followed by green. However, there is a rainbow of colours to choose from especially in today’s baby-clothes market.

Other colours range from white, orange, yellow, green, brown and even dove-gray, making them a great way to brighten up any smiling baby’s wardrobe. A simple way to escape from the gender-neutral colour dilemma is to go with layette designs that don’t focus on colours, but rather, on prints. There are copious amounts of unisex prints available today, whether in stores or online. These outfits include animal prints, balloon prints, geometric shape prints, striped or polka-dotted prints, character prints, nature prints, alphabet prints, and abstract prints!

Some people simplify their shopping problems by sticking to the basic essentials. This is a great way to buy the perfect gift, regardless of whether it’s a boy or girl. Such basic essentials include baby hats, baby bodysuits, baby socks, baby, baby bibs, baby mittens, and baby blankets. These can be gifted in any of the unisex colour preferences mentioned above. Gender-neutral toys range from spinning tops to educational items. Children’s musical tapes are always a good idea, and every new born, whether boy or girl, is sure to a love a cuddly stuffed animal! Baby Shower Games

Baby showers began with the intention of focusing on the mother and unborn child for the duration of the event. To promote this, baby shower games were created. There are now hundreds of baby shower themed games in existence, many of which are available for sale. However, even without purchasing a game, you can still have a load of fun playing the same games by simply preparing the materials beforehand. The most popular game seems to be Baby Bingo, which is an activity that conveniently helps reduce any embarrassment felt at gift-opening time, on the part of guests who bought a duplicate present or a gift for the wrong gender.

To play, right before the presents are opened, a blank bingo card is handed to every guest, who attempt to fill in the boxes with items that they predict the expectant mother will receive. For every correct guess, the box with that object written in it is cancelled out, and whoever crosses out all their boxes is pronounced the winner. Another well-liked activity is the Toilet Paper Belly game, where each guest tears off a strip of toilet paper of any length. The mother’s stomach is then measured with the roll of toilet paper, and the guest whose strip is closest in length to the size of the mother’s tummy, wins.

The Diaper Changing Race is a game that is also greatly entertaining, in which blindfolded guests compete to see who can properly diaper a baby doll the quickest. An unexpectedly tricky activity is the Baby Bottle game; each individual has a baby bottle filled with a drinkable liquid, and whoever sucks it dry the fastest is proclaimed to be the winner. Baby shower games are sure to provide entertainment and produce laughs, generating memories that will last a lifetime. BABY  SHOWER RETAILER When throwing a baby shower, the parent should have plenty of time to plan beforehand.

Showers usually take place in the last trimester of pregnancy. To locate items for your baby shower, visit a children’s store (such as Babies “R” Us) and ask for assistance in setting up the shower. The parent should be sure that as hosts, they provide registry cards for the invitations. Since baby showers typically include a lunch, a parent can make the food double as decorations. They can also scour thrift shops and yard sales for good-quality baby things that would typically hang on a clothesline, and can be used as decorations Small items such as bibs, hats and booties are available at cheap prices at local stores.

Balloons can create a big visual impact, and be hung around the room. They can also be taped in alternating colors around doorways and windows to dive a colorful effect. A baby shower mobile is a great addition to any baby shower. Parents can shop at the local discount party store for pastel crepe-paper, streamers and banners. Baby store associates can help the young parents by providing a baby gift basket. Thoughtful items that are included are newborn clothing, blankets, rattles, pacifiers, bibs, diapers, teething rings, plush toys, soft fluffy socks, hair bows, and hats.

The parent can arrange possible shower themes, such as teddy bears, bottles or balloons. They can also create table centerpieces with flowers, baskets and candles, or buy one at the baby shower store. The centerpiece and decorations should coordinate with the chosen theme. Lastly, the parent should decide whether the shower is for women only. Traditionally, a baby shower is thrown for the expecting mother-to-be, with only female friends and relatives as guests. But today, showers including men have become increasingly popular. BABY GIFT REGISTRY

The first thing to keep in mind when you use a baby gift registry is what the baby will need. If this is a first child, the parent will require almost everything. Some  important items that would be welcome at a shower would be a crib, a changing table, baby lotion, a car seat, a stroller and a grooming kit. Another thing an individual should do before making their baby registry is to research items that they have added to their list. For example, it is recommended that one should check out consumer reports for cribs or car seats for the safest option.

Another way to find the items is to check out websites like amazon. com and babiesrus. com and view the ratings and reviews. Parents are usually honest when they write reviews, which prevent the person from choosing troublesome products. Once the final list is decided, they can create a baby gift registry at places that are easy for family and friends to shop. Many stores offer an online option so people can shop from the convenience of their own home. The option to ship it directly to the new parent’s home is great for loved ones living far away who wants to bestow a baby gift, but cannot attend the shower.

If someone feels a little guilty about asking their guests to spend extravagant amounts of money on the gift, they should include an assortment of gift options to lessen the burden. Excluding huge items such as cribs and car-seats, the baby gift registry can include items such as baby wash, towels, bibs, bottles, clothing, diapers, baby proofing items, and toys. Overall, baby gift registries tend to be a success when the baby receives gifts it will enjoy if the parent receives gifts that will make their life easier! BABY SHOWER STORE

Deciding which store to make a gift registry at for the baby shower is difficult. If the person intends to use several stores, it will mean a variety of gifts but more work and organization. For practicality’s sake, it is better to use a universal baby registry, for example at amazon. com, to avoid mixing up stores. The parent should ideally use catalogs to collect items they feel would be beneficial for their new family. It is a good idea to note brands, design names, model names, clothing patterns, colors and product numbers.

If the selected store offers assistance in planning baby showers and baby gifts, the parent should phone for an appointment and allow themselves time to get familiar with the details . It is a good idea to bring the binder of brand and item information, photos and ideas that they believe may be helpful to the store associates. In fact, it is recommended to enlist a store registry consultant’s assistance to help you hone your baby shower and gift ideas as they have experience in the matter. Another issue is price. Parents should be sensitive about prices when choosing items for the baby shower registry.

They should take into consideration the people who are attending and the guests’ financial status. A wide price range is recommended so that so no one feels burdened. The parent should check the computerized lists periodically to make sure they are being updated regularly. Well-known stores such as Amazon, BabiesRUs, and Target provide both online registry and in-store registry. The parent should choose whichever option is most convenient to them in planning the shower. On a side note, it is practical to keep mailing labels from baby shower gifts as proof of purchase in case they need to be returned to the store.

Wal-Mart Baby Gift Registry Wal-Mart is one of the stores that carry baby items and offer a registry option. The Wal-Mart baby registry is a helpful device for those who need assistance deciding what to buy for a new baby. The Wal-Mart registry allow shoppers to know what the baby needs and it saves the parents the time and effort of returning duplicate items to the store. The registry can be printed and brought to the store or accessed online. A Gift Registry can be created online or in-store by clicking on Registry at the top of any Walmart. com page.

The person must then enter their personal and event information, and select a four-digit PIN which serves as a password for future access to your registry information. After completing the registration form, a person can begin adding items. Once they come across an item that they wish to receive, a simple click on the “Add to Registry button” ensures that the item will automatically be added to their registry. The same procedure can be repeated in-store, on the Gift Registry kiosk which is located in the Jewelry department of Wal-Mart. The only difference s that an information sheet will be printed on the printer below the store’s touch screen. This information sheet should be shown to a Wal-Mart associate who will provide the customer with a handheld scanner and directions on how to add items to the registry using the Barcode on the sheet. Additionally, an individual can find a particular Baby Registry, by clicking on “Baby Registry” on the Wal-Mart site and entering the full name of the registered individual Due-dates and locations are provided to help identify multiple registrants with the same name.

After they choose the right individual, they can browse through the registry and begin shopping for a gift online. How To Organize A Baby Shower Ideally, a baby shower should be hosted by a close friend or relative of the mother-to-be, to save the expectant mom the stress of organizing the event. Additionally, this way, a surprise shower can be held, which would be an unexpected treat for the mother-to-be. Timing is very important, and the third trimester is said to be a perfect time for the baby shower.

Generally, asking the father-to-be to assist is a good idea, and he can help to get information on what the expectant mother wants for her baby, who she would want present at the occasion, along with how to contact potential guests. Location is vital, as that affects the number of invites that can be sent. It is best not to host the event at the expectant mom’s home so that she won’t feel compelled to clean the house beforehand, or strain herself clearing up afterwards. Instead, the part should take place at a friend’s house, which saves the expense of having to rent a place.

In the budget, several items should be kept in mind, including prizes for games, decorations, invites, mementos, cake, food, paper plates, cups, as well as plastic knives and forks. Finger food and snacks are ideal, as a catered meal may be too formal, considering the mood of the occasion. Examples of what to serve are mini sausage rolls, crisps, sandwiches, quiche, and soft drinks; basically things that can be eaten standing up. Games should be prepared and set up for entertainment, and the seating should be arranged in a way that the mother-to-be is the centre of attention.

This will be particularly important at gift-opening time. Lastly, lots of pictures should be taken and the mementos (such as scented candles and chocolates) given out so this happy occasion is always remembered Baby Shower Game Prizes Playing games is an essential part of a baby shower, adding to the festivities and building up an atmosphere of fun. The obvious incentive for winning a game is receiving the prize; that is what spurs people into competing and making the activities more enjoyable. Therefore choosing the prizes is an issue which must be dealt with. The most important factor to take into account is the budget.

Expensive prizes are not practical, and the item must be something that most people would like to receive. Popular ideas for prizes are small boxes of fancy chocolates, boxes of note cards, small scented candles, funny refrigerator magnets, packets of potpourri or herbs, pretty picture frames, tiny baskets, bath treats, soaps and lotions. Other ideas for gifts include miniscule figurines and fancy wrapped desserts. An economical method of making many gifts is to buy bulk quantities of different products, such as bath beads and bath salts and putting them into a stylish goodie bag.

Prizes can also be based on the theme. For instance, if there is a teddy bear theme, then small stuffed bears could be handed out. Prizes may even be handmade coupons, as in a baby shower, most people already know each other, so they could win something akin to a slip of paper offering to baby-sit one day. Home-baked foodstuffs such as cookies and brownies are always a good idea. However, it is unwise to stress too much on the prizes, as the point of the baby shower is to have fun and celebrate the impending motherhood of the expectant mom.

Baby shower game prizes can also be centered on the mother and infant by giving baby-themed lollipops. Gift Certificates from a boutique, book store or coffee shop are great ideas that winner will be sure to love. Amazon Baby Shower Amazon is one of the biggest shopping website on the Internet at present. People from all over the world they go to that Website and they buy things of their need and interest, So to keep the level of popularity Amazon always try to provide or offer things that are useful to them and that are never been offered before, In other words they try to take care of their consumers or users to keep that Loyalty.

As we all know about Baby Shower that it is a ritual that the pregnant mother practice before or after the birth of the child and it is mandatory in most of the religion and after the baby shower all the relatives and the family members give gifts to the child or to the mother of the child, So keeping in mind the importance of Baby Shower, Amazon decided to facilitate this ritual by offering some products that can be useful during the baby shower, It includes Baby Care Basket, Bath Baby basket and Book basket. There are many more but these are the main stream things that are being offered by the ever reliable Amazon.

They also offer many other things that can be useful to facilitate the mother during the shower. It is indeed a very nice offer put forward by Amazon because these products are very rare on the Internet and people some time face many difficulties to get access to these products which are designed for events like these. The Amazon are taking double benefits out of it, Their sales are increasing and their image is also getting better and with the increased popularity of this ritual or practice called Baby Shower these things are now getting available on the Internet and in the Local market as well.

Wall-mart Baby Shower Wall-mart as we all know is one of the most popular and well known American organization that is controlling the chain of many discount stores in the US. Wall-mart operates in many states of US and apart from US they are also running in Japan and different part of the world. They actually provides various items of different categories on discounted rates and their products are very popular among their consumers or their users.

They are also listed in the New York Stock Exchange, Now talking about how Wall-Mart is contributing to this very rapidly growing or adopted practice called ‘ Baby Shower’, Initially they gave very less attention to this event but now they are very active and providing different varieties of products that are being used on this event like different tools of Baby shower and toddler’s products like Baby Tubs, Baskets, different kinds of lotions, soaps, cleaning equipments, towels and different toys.

Their main aim is to facilitate the pregnant mothers and the child during the baby shower so that they can carry out or perform this practice in a much easier and convenient way. It is important that now they are really into it and providing ample choices and multiple products for this event.

As this area was neglected by many organizations, So they decided to cater this market, They are also providing liberties to their consumer by giving these products on discounted rates, So that they can have access to these products in a cheap and a convenient way which is indeed a very nice approach because after all these all are the needs of mankind and they decided to address those needs for their profitability and for their positive image among the households which counts a lot. Toys”r”us Baby Shower Toys r us is a very popular brand.

They are one of the most popular seller of Toys in the US and in the International market. They are operating in different parts of the world including England, Canada and in some parts of Asia as well. They have around 800 stores in different parts of the world which speaks loud and clear about the popularity of Toys r us. They are providing absolutely unique and amazing Toys that are never been offered and they are dominating the world of toys with their amazing creations and ideas. The kids of all over the world like their ever interesting Toys and other products.

As far as Baby Shower is concerned they have developed a special page for baby’s products which includes different products including those products that are used in the baby shower as well. It includes various items like unique gifts for the child, different showers, body lotions and many other equipments that can facilitate the Baby Shower. They are definitely targeting this area as well that is why they have specially developed a page for the products of Babies which is called Babies-“R”-Us.

Any pregnant mother can go to their store or their website to buy these products easily so that they can perform various steps of Baby showers easily and effectively and with the increased demand of Baby Shower products they are also bringing new innovations to it and they are making sure that are accessible to each and every individual who is interested in these products. Their target is of course profitability but they are doing it in such a way that with profitability they are also popularizing their brand in different sectors as well. Baby Shower Theme Baby showers usually need to have a baby theme to get everyone in the mood.

One can either buy ready made decorations or make their own baby theme. Popular themes include a stuffed animal party, where each guest is required to bring a stuffed toy that the baby would enjoy. To make it more festive, the cake can be in the shape of a stuffed animal. Another good idea is a nursery rhyme themed shower where guests can share their favorite nursery rhymes and with each other and relive some of their own childhood memories. A variation on this theme is the fairytale theme baby shower, which is certainly a great educational theme. Guests can bring their favorite fairytales and help add to the baby’s first library.

Like the stuffed animal shower, the cake in this case can be in the shape of a fairytale book or character! It is also really nice to ask guests to write a poem, or limerick about the expectant mother. She can look back fondly upon these poems and collect them in a keepsake album. A keepsake album can also be used for the guests to sign their names in, write some serious advice or even fun tips to pass on the mum-to-be and her baby. Guests can bring one dish to the party, which would relieve the host of spending too much money on the shower, especially when they are short on time and energy.

Home-made snacks are ideal, but busy guests/ guests with young children can bring shop-bought snacks, such as mini sausage rolls, ready-made sandwiches, crisps, quiche, and juice. The host has the option of engaging the group in casual conversation or playing some fun party games to pass the time. Either way, it is bound to be fun for all! Throwing Baby Showers Only For The First Child Traditionally baby showers are held for only the first child. This is because the couple is new to parenthood; usually have nothing to provide the child with.

The gifts are a chance to relieve them of the burden of buying all the required baby items. There is nothing to hand down to the child, as there were none before it. The parents are grateful for any help they receive in the form of much needed baby products, such as a crib, clothes and strollers. Therefore, the concept of a baby shower is not only to celebrate the couple’s first child, and the beginning of their family, but also a practical way of making sure they get through this new phase without financial stress adding to the huge adjustment in their lifestyle.

The excitement of entering new stage in their life is a great cause for celebration. It is obvious why parents are anxious to share their joy with their family and family. In return, the friends and family of the parents are as involved in the new child’s life as the parents. Additionally, a baby shower provides a meeting place for young parents to sit and talk about their own subjective experiences with childbirth and child-raising. It is not a good idea to throw a baby shower for the second child, as the financial strain for baby items has grown in the last few years.

Also, the novelty of having a child in the family has worn off. The parents have also grasped the basics of child rearing and are able to provide for the new child and do not rely on loved ones for handouts and assistance. However each child is special, and there should be some kind of commemoration for this event, though maybe on a smaller scale. Baby Showers Around The World The term baby shower originated from the very concept of the event; that is, showering the baby with gifts.

Conventionally, baby showers are held just for the expectant mother, and only women attend, though, recently the trend of men participating and attending this event is steadily rising. The custom of baby showers is said to have originated in America, and then spread to all corners of the world. However there are instances of baby showers existing prior to that, though in a more religious sense. Jews also celebrate baby showers, but the one difference between a Jewish gift reception and typical baby showers is the time when it takes place; in Jewish tradition, the shower is held after the birth of the child.

It must be noted, that American Jews generally follow the norm baby showers in America and commemorate it while the baby is as yet unborn. In India as well, Hindus observe a religious ceremony which occurs during the seventh month of pregnancy, which proves that baby showers may have transpired before America made the practice popular. This used to be a women-only event, but it has now evolved into an occasion in which even males play a part Baby showers are a relatively recent development, even in Western ountries such as France and the United Kingdom along with other parts of Europe. The emergence of baby showers is providing business possibilities and scope for industries to capitalize on catering to goods required for this occasion. Africa and Asia are also embracing the concept of baby showers; however it remains a female dominated event, with no males present. Keeping in mind the increasing western influence, it can be predicted that soon, even there, baby showers will transform into an event which can be celebrated with both genders present.


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