Bachelor in Computer Applicatio Essay

What are the problems that may arise in this approach? Give the various methods of dealing with the problems 3. Explain OR graphs with example(Best First Search) 4. Explain the algorithm to solve a problem using agendas 5. Explain AND-OR graphs with example(Problem Reduction) 6. Explain constraint satisfaction with an example. UNIT II Chapter 4: Knowledge Representation 1 . Define knowledge. 2. Define procedural knowledge with an example. 3 Denne declarative Knowledge wltn an example. 4. Define epistemology. 5. Define meta knowledge. 6. List out the properties of knowledge representation .

Differentiate between intensional and extensional representation with examples. 1. What are the different levels in which knowledge can be represented? 2. Explain the various properties of knowledge representation. 3. Explain about inheritable knowledge. 4. Write an algorithm for property inheritance 5. Explain briefly the various issues in knowledge representation. 6. Explain inferential and procedural knowledge with examples. Chapter 5: Using Predicate Logic 1. Differentiate between propositional logic and predicate logic. 2. What are computable functions? Give examples 1 .

With suitable examples, explain how facts are represented in predicate logic. UNIT Ill Chapter 6: Natural Language Processing 1 . Differentiate between top-down parsing and bottom up parsing semantic grammar. 3. Define conceptual parsing. 4. Define semantic markers. Give examples 5. What ATN? 2. Define 1 . Explain the component of natural language understanding process. Lexical processing? Explain. 3. Write a note on conceptual parsing with an example. 4. Write the graph unify algorithm. 5. Write a note on unification grammars. 6. Explain semantic analysis .

Explain the various modeling beliefs. 8. Explain about ATN. Chapter 7: Learning 1. List the various learning techniques. 2. What is rote learning? 3. Define classification. 4. What is a decision tree? 5. What are the advantages of decision trees? 2. What is 1 . What is the goal of version spaces? How is it different from Winston’s learning program? 2. What is learning by parameter adjustment? Explain with an example. 3 wnat are tne Inputs accepted Dy EBL programs. Olve examples. Candidate elimination algorithm. UNIT Chapter 8: LISP and PROLOG 4 Explaln 1 .

Explain the syntax of the following with examples(ALL) b. Cdr c. list d. let e. setf f. setq h. do 2. Syntax and example of all the predicates in LISP. 3. Write a LISP code to find the average of three numbers. find area ofa circle a. car 4. Write a LISP code to 5. Write a LISP code to find the area and perimeter ofa square. 6. Define fact in PROLOG with an example. 7. Define rule in PROLOG with an example. 8. What is the purpose of head and tail function in PROLOG 9. How are lists represented in PROLOG? Give example. 10. How are functions written in LISP. 1.

Write a LISP code to convert Fahrenheit to centigrade temperature 2. Write a recursive function to find the factorial ofa number. 3. Write a recursive function to find the power ofa number m n times. 4. Write a function to find the factorial ofa number. 5. Explain the concept of arrays in LISP. 6. Explain property lists along with the various functions used. 7. Explain the 1/0 functions in LISP. 8. Give the internal storage cons-cell structure for the list ((x 9. Evaluating all types of LISP expressions. 10. Write a note on mapcar and lambda functions in LISP with examples 11.

Write a PROLOG that aanswers the queries about members and their relations. Also include predicates and rules which define sister, brother, mother, father, grandchild, grandfather and uncle. The program should answer the following: a. ?-father(X, bob) b. ?-grandson(X,Y) c. ?-uncle(bill, sue) d. ?-mother(mary, X) Chapter 9: Expert systems 1 . Define expert system. 2. Define expert system shell 3. List any two applications of expert systems. 1 . Write a note on expert system shells. 2. Explain the characteristic features of expert systems.

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