Background Of Bank Of Montreal Essay

This paper will explicate importance of organisational behaviour and the issue which occurred during the alteration event with the aid of Bank of Montreal as an illustration, where I have worked antecedently.This will be followed by alteration in construction and civilization due to alter which includes leading issues and power and political relations. Will besides throw light on Human resource and SHRM, integrated position encompassing both theory and pattern.This paper will be concluded by recommendations.

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Background Of Bank Of Montreal Essay
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Organizational behaviour

In today ‘s quickly turning dynamic and competitory environment understanding the organisational civilization and effectivity for the direction is really indispensable for the success and growing of organisation ( Champoux 2011 ), for which larning about organisational behaviour is indispensable. It is a survey of “ persons and groups in organisation ( Gallic et Al. 2011 ). As people are the chief resources of any organisation it is really of import to cognize about the organisational civilization and it besides helps to foretell and understand different human behaviours. Organizational behaviour is “ The survey of the construction, working and public presentation of organisations and the behaviour of people and groups within them ” ( Pugh 1971 ) survey of oganizational behaviour makes it easier for directors to manage hard state of affairss and they can cover with them suitably and efficaciously. They can calculate the causes of jobs, predict steps and besides command its effects.

Below diagram explains the importance of organisational behaviour in an any organisation and connects between people behavior and the effectivity. In the Centre we can see the human behaviour which is straight linked with different positions and these will be discussed through out in the assignment like struggles, power and political relations, organisational construction etc. This is a really effectual theoretical account and I can associate it with my banking client service experience. Harmonizing to this theoretical account it is of import for directors to understand people and through that they can be motivated to work efficaciously like in groups which improves there interpersonal accomplishments and besides managing struggles, difference of sentiment and struggles which helps them to confront challenges when working. This makes employees more confident and effectual. Besides employees demands to understand civilization, construction and their functions to accomplish there ends.

Fig 1: Model of Organizational Behavior ( Parikh 2010 )

Organizational behaviour has many challenges and issues but merely few are discussed in this paper.

Organizational Structure

It is really of import to understand the organisation construction because it provides counsel to any organisation that it should alter and introduce due to competition in that peculiar sector. It is one of the ways to run into possible challenges for any organisation ( Education resource Information Centre 2006 ).A good organisational construction non merely increases efficiency but besides productiveness and economic efficiency but besides increases employee morale and occupation satisfaction ( mullins 2007 ). It besides helps to explicate schemes and explains twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities within the organisation. Due to increasing competition and planetary markets alterations are go oning rather frequently. This is apparent from my instance survey of Bank of Montreal which had to undergo technological alteration because nucleus banking was deriving importance and it was compulsory to acquire this alteration, otherwise will consequence the concern by fring clients who will be more attractive towards the safer and better banking options.

Even if the companies are stable sometimes alterations are required to get by up with the competition. Changes in the organisation can be internal or external. Internal are alteration in size of organisation, employees need or change in top direction whereas, external are concern scenarios, enviromental factors or engineering ( Sengupta, Mousumi and Sengupta 2006 ). I agree with this sentiment because my administration had besides undergone technological alteration. In the banking sector nothiong works without engineering and with the promotion of engineering it became really of import for the company to convey a alteration. To implement any Change is really disputing for directors and causes tonss of organizational issues and the whole construction alterations which causes tonss of behavioural issues excessively.

Few of the issues are being dicussed in this paper concentrating on the alteration that happened.

Background of bank of Montreal

My instance survey is traveling to be about Bank of Montreal, in Canada where I have as a client service executive.

bmo_logo.JPG was established in 1817 opening its doors for concern on nov3,1817. it is Canada ‘s First bank. BMO was foremost to go around Canadian currency and had been a large subscriber in state ‘s growing. Since 1817 it has grown into one of biggest Bankss in Canada numbering its assets to 525Billion dollars as of 31, Oct 2012.BMO serves more than12 million clients in North America and Internationally in personal, commercial, corporate sector and to supply these services top its clients and is listed on TSX, NYSE: BMO ( Bank of Montreal 2012 )

BMO has assorted sectors to assist and function Canadian clients and has central offices is Toronto, Canada and employs about 47,180 people.BMO has personal and commercial banking for twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities and so there is wealth direction through Nesbitt Burns ( Bank of montreal 2012 ) BMO clients across boundary line in United provinces are helped and served by BMO Harris bank with their personal and commercial demands. Private bank is there for wealth direction ( Bank of Montreal 2012 )

Another accomplishment by BMO was on 8th, October 2012 when BMO ‘s amalgamation with Marshal and IIsley corporation ( M & A ; I ) was completed M & A ; I merged with Harris Bank to Form BMO Harris Bank of NA. All its subdivisions now operate under BMO Harris Bank ( Bank of montreal 2012 ).

Personal and commercial banking:

Personal and commercial banking in Canada provides client with great experience with good informed and trained employees so that clients can do good informed and right fiscal determination. BMO offers a broad scope of merchandises and services for its clients that are more than 7 million. One point contact with fiscal service representative enhances client experience as they are matched to right merchandises and services to run into with their fiscal demands. There are assorted banking options besides available for clients to make their banking. They can utilize subdivisions, telephone banking, online banking and ATM ‘s along with advise from expertness ‘s of fiscal advisers and mortgage specializer. Personal and commercial banking in US is provided in assorted metropoliss, the bank has more than 600 subdivisions and about 1,300 ATM all over in Us for convenience of clients ( Bank of montreal 2012 )

Private client group

Private client group is at that place to assist clients from mainstream to extremist high net worth clients. It has wide scope of wealth direction merchandises and solutions. Clients PCG operated in Canada, USA, China and UK. Clients can utilize BMO Nesbitt Burns, BMO Investor line, Insurance, BMO Harris Bank and BMO Private Bank ( BMO fiscal group 2012 ).

Vision ” We know how of import it is to acknowledge and esteem client values and to incarnate them in our ain values and the manner we do concern. ” Bill Downe ( President and Chief, BMO Financial Group ) The vision of Bank of Montreal is to be the bank that provides client with the ultimate experience. Helping clients with their money that would do sense exceed them ( Bank of montreal 2012 )

Valuess: Take Pride, Keep your word, Embrace Diversity, Do the right thing, Have bravery to win. At BMO Bank of Montreal they take pride in what they do by maintaining their committednesss esteeming their clients and their demands, therefore deriving their trust which in return makes so successful and a leader in what they do ( BMO fiscal group 2012 )

The alteration: Main Issue

For the growing and success of any organisation alterations are indispensable because of globalisation and altering tendencies is concern universe. The purpose of any alteration is aimed on civilization alteration, aims, scheme or engineering and to win in the alteration “ it is of import to cognize the preparedness of alteration -at both single and whole of organisation degree ” ( Smith 2006, p.301 ) For any successful alteration employees engagement is really of import as employees are the resource of organisation through which alterations are implemented with their advanced thoughts for future betterment.


It was determined that the client experience at the Bank of Montreal was dawdling behind that of their competitors.A The package that was presently being used for even comparatively little minutess resulted in drawn-out procedures and processs and led to a clip consuming, excessively labour intensive and finally frustrating experience for the customers.A These methods needed to be upgraded to guarantee that the clients experienced a more streamlined, simple and synergistic procedure that remained safe and unafraid while minutess were being carried out.A The new interface should be simple to utilize for all of the bank ‘s customers.A The determination was taken, hence, to upgrade the full proficient system chiefly because of the undermentioned grounds:

Changes in engineering

Change in client service

Changes due to competition

Changing tendencies of banking.

A This was achieved by altering from and Windows to a Linux based system and wholly redesigning the interface to do the client experience more synergistic and intuitive while staying safe and secure. It was an emergent alteration and it was compulsory for BMO to implement this alteration for its endurance as the bank was already fring clients. This alteration had few booby traps, which are discussed in this paper. However, their was a hold but it finally was a successful alteration.

A Organizational civilization

Organizational civilization is the built-in portion of any organisation and has gained importance in the last 20 old ages and the companies universe broad ‘try to accommodate their civilization harmonizing to external environment and to the new challenges ‘ ( Valeriu 2009 ) and due to the same grounds BMO had to alter its engineering as the banking sector is really competitory and all

the Bankss are client focused seeking to pull clients by giving them better and secured banking options like utilizing any ATM for hard currency, on-line banking and easy banking options for which your engineering has to be compatible with other Bankss. Organizational civilization “ is the shared values, beliefs, and norms which influence the manner employees think, feel and act towards inside and outside organisation ( Huczynski and Buchanan 2007, p.100 ). It is a manner of making things in modus operandi. This definition is rather true as without values and beliefs it is truly hard to understand the civilization and organisation outlooks from employees. The shared values and beliefs of BMO was embrace diverseness and do the right things which helps employee to cover with hard state of affairss while managing clients and taking self determinations ( BMO fiscal group 2012 ).These premises are continous procedure of human interaction, in simple words it is the right manner in which things are done or the job should be good understood which was really much adapted by BMO employees ( E.C and F 2003 )

The diagram below different dimension of organisational civilization which were observed in BMO. This is suited for BMO civilization as it has invocative and originative civilization which employees find t exciting and challenging.

Dimensions of organisational civilization ( E.C and F 2003, p.70 )

BMO had a really strong civilization and was a really innovating and originative topographic point to work.It maintained high quality criterions and we employees truly enjoyed the working environment which consequences in occupation satisfaction and motive to make better and demo commitment towards organisation by making our best. All the top directors were flexible and ever maintained contact with lower degrees by carry oning monthly meetings to portion our positions.The core civilization of BMO was making ‘great client experience ‘ which is really of import in banking sector ( BMO fiscal group 2012 ). This starts with doing certain that it is a advanced and exciting organisation to work with.

Many theoretical accounts are developed to understand organisational civilization. ( Sathe 1985 ) developed theory of organisational civilization which chiefly focused on influences of leading, organisations system and employee form, this was limited to organisations internal issues.this theory deficiency and is non suited for any public sector because it doe non explain effects of civilization by external environment which is a really of import facet in the competitory concern universe. Awareness of environment is really critical to last in today ‘s planetary markets ( E.C and F 2003 ).

The most widely accepted organisational civilization theoretical account of ( Scheins 2004 ) is divided into three degrees artifacts, values and basic premises as shown in below diagram. This theoretical account can be explained by taking BMO as an illustration for better apprehension as BMO concentrates batch on keeping corporate civilization and directors do do frequent alterations to do it entrepreneurial.


Schein ‘s three degree of civilization ( Huczynski and Buchanan 2007, p.101 )

Artifacts is the first bed and is a seeable formal system.This is the civilization of the organisation which is observed by the employees and it is the duty of the directors to keep. BMO did detect this civilization as troughs ever maintained good relation with work force as discussed above in BMO ‘s civilization and maintained the professionalism and understood employees behavior by keeping all norms, rites and rites and puting ends and missions,.The other two beds which are unseeable but most of import because it describes about values and premises by directors which helps them to cognize the potency of organisation.

These two beds explains the set regulations of working and how hard state of affairss should be handled. They are besides involved in larning procedure like in BMO when technological alteration took topographic point directors had undergone preparation foremost so that they can steer employees and understand their behaviour towards the alteration and acquisition procedure. values are really of import for any organisation and are ever seen in companies mission or vision statement as by BMO ( BMO fiscal group 2012 ).The 3rd bed which talk about basic premises of organisation in relation with environment.These are non seeable but have to be understood by directors and main executive for competitory advantage and have to be more advanced and originative. to keep this corporate civilization directors are the existent leaders.


‘Leadership is the procedure of act uponing the activities of an organized group in its attempt toward goal-setting and end accomplishment ‘ ( Huczynski and Buchanan 2007, p695 ). directors who are the existent leaders play an of import function while implementing a alteration.The diagram below shows the traits a leader should hold to promote employees for a successful alteration.

( Daft 2008 ).The leading experience. pg.5

In BMO when a alteration happened there were few traits of leading like motive, deficiency of preparation accomplishments were losing and there was no proper co-ordination among leaders which bought batch of troubles for employees. Lot of issues were faced when I was undergoing a alteration procedure. Leaderships were excessively busy working on their mission and due to shortage of clip the alteration was really aggressive. No proper preparation was given and to alter the full system within two hebdomads was excessively short. The top direction had pressured the center directors to implement the alteration at earliest. due to clip limitations the whole organisation civilization was altering and employees were happening hard to alter the modus operandi and grip clients with the new engineering set uping the client service which was the nucleus value of BMO. Long line ups, proficient issues and doing client experience satisfied with the new system was really ambitious. employees were split in different groups and every group had a leader. All the groups were trained otherwise and the information was non complete as leaders itself were non good educated about the alteration procedure which bough batch of struggles in the direction specially between the top directors and in-between directors who were taking the alteration this disabled them to increase morale of employees.

Power and Politicss

Power and political relations have great impact on organisations success or failure and besides affects human behaviour within the organisation ( Huczynski and Buchanan 2007, p797 ). As good said by ( Huczynski and Buchanan 2007, p798 ) “ power is the capacity of indiviuals to get the better of opposition on the portion of others, to exercise their will and to bring forth consequences consistent with their involvements abd objectives “.this definition is best suited in my instance survey because when changed occered there was resetance shown by few employees as they were non able to accommodate the alteration but so it was imporatant to get the better of opposition.As directors have powers they used to actuate those employess by giving some excess preparation which increased their morale and assurance to accommodate the alteration.

Power depends on the employees appellation, like top direction has maximum powers they have entree to full companies information, have all updated informtaion which prepares them in adavance to achoieve there ends.Politics is “ influence to obtain terminals non sanctioned by the organisation, or to obtain canonic terminals through non sanctioned means if influence “ ( Gallic et Al. 2011, p.498 ). Normally political relations happens at the top direction degree in organisation which was precisely the instance in BMO. We at have.However, organisation power and political relations is really effectual for directors to cover with issues or for doing any determinations, like to get the better of any forces insufficiencies, header with alteration replacement for formal authorization ( Gallic et Al. 2011, p.503 ).

This theory is good supported for my instance survey because when the alteration took topographic point leaders ahd a struggle as it was really cahllenging to develop employess and there was no apprehension between leaders. employees were responding otherwise and top mangement had to take determination on behalf of leaders to decide issues by giving those immune employees some excess preparation and doing them understand the importance of alteration. political relations is where people try to exhert influence on those around them and other members of staff in order to guarantee that their position prevails in the administration

However, political powers are even be misused and the influence can take many signifiers, from direct line direction, to more indirect influences which can be based on favors, friendly relationships and regard that others may hold for the individuals accomplishments, cognition, experience and webs.

Human Resource Management

To hold a better understanding about SHRM, analyzing about human resource direction is besides of import. HRM needs to scan the environment really carefully to hold a competitory border. As defined by ( J and J 2000, p.37 ) “ Human Resource Management as the procedure of associating the human resource map with the strategic aims of the organisation in order to better public presentation ”

Hr plays critical function than any other resource in the organisation. Role of HR directors functions should be parallel with the demand of organisational alterations. Mostly organisations are going more adaptable, seek to do frequent alterations for competitory advantage and our client centered.If an organisation has this sort of enviroment Hr professionals should hold a clear apprehension of the emerging alterations and concentrate more on employee development by proper planning and commanding the human resources ( Albu 2009 )

Human resource execution scheme theoretical account ( Deb 2006, p.58 )

The above theoretical account shows the complete function of Human resources. Some of the relevant facets of HR were examined taking into consideration determination doing procedure and its impact on operations of organisation and its effectivity in operations of organisation ( Deb 2006 ). As seen in above diagram Hr occupation is non merely to understand internal environment of org but besides external depending on which they train the employees to run into the demands of concern.They have their mission that is the alteration and so put ends and decides which is the best strategic pick to implement the alteration.the same scheme was followed by BMO as their mission was engineering alteration and their end was to heighten client service through this alteration for implementing alteration preparation was given to employees.

The cardinal function of Hr is recruitment and preparation and this section is responsible for keeping quality criterion through recruiting, that the company is able to enroll and retain the staff with the right accomplishment set guaranting productive work force which is really indispensable in today competitory universe. As justly said by ( Roy 194 ) there are certain quality criterions that can be modeled by Hr dept. To hold a competitory advantage, the directors at BMO adapted the undermentioned scheme for implementing the alteration which was:

Focus on client demands

Focus on job resolution

Continous betterment

Employee preparation for better quality

Using squad attack for better job work outing accomplishments.

This helped in good public presentation fulfilling client demands and demands wich is the chief focal point at BMO.

Strategic Human Resource Management

SHRM is a general attack to human resource direction sing physical factors like fiscal, technological resources to put ends and work out organisational issues. Harmonizing to ( Giri 2005 ) SHRM is really the construct which integrates traditional human relation direction activities within house overall strategic planning and execution. SHRM focuses on HR issues within an organisation to guarantee that the company acquire the best of out staff.It attempts to concentrate on the person ‘s demands sing personal development and personal well being therefore guaranting that both the person and the the company ends are met to everyone ‘s satisfaction..

There are different theories which have been developed which S aid directors to command organisational behaviour for its possible as without people there is no organisation and meeting employee demand is a large challenge in the present concern universe. Harmonizing to my sentiment Denise Rousseau Psychological Contract theory is a really relevant theory which helps to understand different psychological behaviours in organisation and besides age effects in developing accomplishments which was the issue in BMO during the alteration event. This theory can be supported by my instance survey of BMO. Harmonizing to ( Rousseau 2012 ) “ It is a construct of free will ”. She besides explained peoples will is non crystalline and deficiency of cognition is menace to maps of societal ordinances.

In BMO when alteration took topographic point directors anticipated that two hebdomads preparation was good clip to larn new accomplishments which was unrealistic.But they ignored the age factor and assumed older people will besides larn new proficient accomplishments and accommodate the alteration.If directors had the apprehension of psychological contract they would hold foremost made employees understand the complete alteration procedure, fix them psychologically and so present the alteration understanding their efficiency. this would hold made the alteration more effectual and in a planned and organized manner increasing employee assurance and committed.but due to miss of psychological contract few aged employees left the organisation because of deficiency of occupation satisfaction and non understanding the alteration.

Healthy psychological contract Fosters occupation satisfaction which in bend encourages employees to make their best and turn in there calling which is a benefit for the administration. So both employee and employer demands are meet and they feel good about the relationship with workplace. However, if there was a common apprehension between and employee and employer both would profit from each other which will be helpful for there future growing. It affects desire to work efficaciously, enthusiastically and to deduce satisfaction. The purpose is to hold a win – win state of affairs for everyone.


BMO as an illustration has helped us to understand issues that can germinate during alteration. Inspite, of investing of clip, attempt and resources alterations fail or fail to accomplish assumed consequences. Some of the drawbacks which were observed in BMO alteration procedure and besides described by ( Smith 2006 ) are:

Lack of alteration preparedness

Lack of proper preparation

Failure in leading qualities

Ineffective planning

Though this alteration was non a failure but taught a lesson to the directors and they should see the following cardinal points for possible alterations:

Guaranting preparedness for alteration

Directors should be cognizant that people are responsible for the success of alteration and they are the 1s who will encompass or defy the alteration ( Smith 2006 )


Directors should form good preparation plans and educate the people to understand the alteration wholly. This will assist them to accommodate the alteration faster and do them experience confident.

Lead Change

Top directors and leaders play critical function in actuating and doing a alteration effectual. They should hold a clear vision which helps in better public presentation and employees are more productive and shows their committedness towards organisation.

Plan for Change

Proper planning should be done and sufficient clip should be given to implement alteration in a systematic and organized manner. This helps in implementing the alteration efficaciously and expeditiously without any holds.

Deal with Resistance

Resistance is a large issue and any alteration brings opposition because people are different. Some people enjoy the alteration and trade with it easy whereas few show opposition. There should be good communicating between leaders and immune people so they can get the better of and acquire involved in alteration procedure.

Above are the few recommendations which can be considered if a alteration has to be implemented. I would besides wish to urge McKinsey 7 ‘s theoretical account which is really appropriate for any sort of alteration to keep competitory advantage.

McKinseys 7 ‘s Model

This theoretical account can be used by directors to name any alteration for effectual public presentation guaranting the impact of alteration.There are seven elements aligned and they are all inter-related. It helps to steer the organisational behaviour, determines how to implement the proposed scheme, reconstituting any procedure and alining different sections in the organisation. It helps to do complex state of affairs easy and its consequences are rather effectual as it links all the of import facets for better co-ordination and apprehension ( Mind Tools 2012 )


I would wish to reason by that to accomplish competitory advantage in banking sector is really of import to last to pull clients and fulfill their demands for which timely alterations are of import. Directors and leaders who are involved in this procedure should be more focussed, actuating and committed towards the work force to execute efficaciously and expeditiously. In this paper we besides understood the function of HR in the alteration procedure.the cognition gained was a good learnind experience and will assist me in my possible calling growing.


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