Bacteria & Prokaryote/Eukaryote

Question Answer
Examples of prokaryotes Kingdom Monera & Algae
Where are hereditary information contained in prokaryotes? cell's cytoplasm
Do prokaryotes have a nucleus? No
What are prokaryotes? No membrane based organelles & 1st cells on Earth
What did eukaryotes evolve from? Prokaryotic cell
Do eukaryotes have a nucleus? yes
Where are hereditary information contained in eukaryotes? the nucleus
What are examples of eukaryotes? Fungus, plants, animals, and protists
made from damaged particles from bacteria cell walls or from killed bacteria and used to prevent certain diseases vaccine
whiplike tails that help bacteria move flagella
an organism that uses oxygen for respiration aerobe
an organism that lives without oxygen anaerobe
any organism that uses dead material as a food and energy source saprophyte
type of bacteria in pea plant roots that benefits the plant nitrogen-fixing bacteria
any organism that can cause disease pathogen
poison produced by pathogens toxin
substance used to kill bacteria antibiotic
heat-resistant structure in bacteria endospore
sphere-shaped bacteria cocci
asexual form of bacterial reproduction fission
rod-shaped bacteria bacilli
growths on roots of pea plants where beneficial bacteria live nodules
globular groups in which many cyanobacteria live colonies
Why is Alexander Flemming important? He was a scientist that discovered the first antibiotic ; penicillum
What does antibiotic life? not life
How many times larger are eukaryotes than prokaryotes? 1000 times larger

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