Bahrain Petroleum Company Bapco Commerce Essay

The company has a monolithic capacity of up to 250,000 barrel of refinery per twenty-four hours. Not merely is the mammoth storage capacity of more than 14 million barrels available with the company. Not merely that the company owns a marine terminus for selling and gross revenues of its crude oil merchandises.

The new countries of oil and gas militias are monitored and it is calculated that if the militias is good plenty for geographic expedition that is if the end product will transcend the cost that might be input on it. Therefore there is a uninterrupted hunt of oil Fieldss that can assist the company to increase its end product and gross revenues.

Drilling and Production:

BAPCO uses advanced boring techniques and methods to draw out the maximal oil end product from its militias. The company is besides working hard to further more gas as per the lifting demand of gas around the universe for the vehicle operations. The undermentioned diagram shows how the boring procedure.

Company end product:

BAPCO has the largest refinery in the Middle East. Its refinery gives an end product of 250,000 barrels of rough oil per twenty-four hours. The company gets 1/6th of its rough oil end product from Bahrain and the remainder from the Saudi Arabia through a fixed grapevine which is 27 kilometer on land and the other 27kms under the sea. The undermentioned diagram shows the refinement procedure.

Selling by BAPCO:

As stated earlier merely 5 % of the BAPCO end product is sold in the domestic market and the remainder 95 % is exported to other states of the universe. These include the states in the Middle East, Far East, South East Asia and India. BAPCO besides sells air power fuel to Bahrain International Airport through its affiliate. The company holds 60 % of the shareholding in BAFCO or Bahrain Aviation Fuelling Company.

Purpose, Mission, Vision and Value statement of BAPCO:

Purpose of the BAPCO includes coaction and growing in its field of concern that is crude oil and related industries. The company aims at maximising its part to the national income of Bahrain by gaining more foreign currency and conveying full employment to its ain state citizens.

Mission of the company is to make value for money for its clients in the domestic and international market by bettering its present operation and quality of incorporate oil and gas concern.

Vision of the company is to accomplish excellence in its field and force back its rivals.

Valuess of the company include the invention, unity, teamwork, regard and personal answerability to its clients and the land of Bahrain.

Sustainability Report:

Sustainability study contains the information about the economic wellness of the company, its working internal and external environment, societal and legal place of the company. Largely the sustainability study can be found out in the operations portion of the fiscal study of the company. In this article we will take a expression at the fiscal study of the company in twelvemonth 2010. The sustainability study of BAPCO can be figured out as follows.

Economic factors.

The economic factors of the company mean the development and advancement of the company in the coming old ages. The cardinal figures of the company economic factors include the followerss.

The company refinery processed 265,200 barrels per twenty-four hours of petroleum oil, which is highest of all time production by the company.

A new works of the refinery worth US $ 151 million is inaugurated in 2010.

The company has issued a figure of programs which are discussed and planned to be followed in the coming old ages.

Therefore the company has a batch more to develop growing programs which are expected to come in action in following old ages.


The environment of the company is contributing for doing enlargement and advancement of the company in the coming old ages. The characteristics of the company environment are as follows.

In the ambitious environment of planetary lag the company has achieved a satisfactory gross refinery border of US $ 6.87 per barrel.

The sale of 85.6 million barrel of refined oil was sold in 36 states in the financial twelvemonth of 2010.

The company started its export to Singapore and Egypt in May. It consisted the first cargo of 62,000 metric tons of extremist low sulfur gas oil or ULSD.

Therefore with the planetary lag around the universe, the company is still spread outing its operations and gaining good net incomes from the foreign market.

Social activities.

The societal activities of the company include the development of consciousness of cardinal issues related to the environment, wellness and safety of the employees in the company premises. For this purpose the undermentioned stairss are taken.

An one-year EHS twenty-four hours is celebrated by the company. In twelvemonth 2010, the twenty-four hours was celebrated by 20,000 employees of the company with their households.

The 404 Bahraini university and college & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s pupil got on the occupation industrial preparation at BAPCO in 2010.

A new strategy has been introduced by BAPCO, which consisted of presenting bursaries to cover the higher instruction fees of about 400 kids of company employees analyzing in local universities and colleges.

The company besides supported the pupil & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s registration in Jaz Bahrain wherein the young person is equipped with the personal and professional life accomplishments.

Therefore with the betterment in the economic conditions on the mark, the company besides indulges in assorted societal activities for the development and growing of its employees every bit good.

Employees support.

The employees support means the company employees engagement in assorted activities initiated by the company to convey a sense of belongingness among the employees and their households. For this purpose the undermentioned stairss are taken by the company in twelvemonth 2010.

About 2,256 employees of BAPCO are given entree to the preparation and development plans of the company.

An understanding was reached between the employees and the directors of the BAPCO trade brotherhood on a public presentation based bonus presenting schemes. This fillip sum has been increased up to two months salary in 2010.

To assist the employees get easiness of head from work during the interruption, a park viz. Princess Sabeeka Park has been developed in the BAPCO premises, where the employees of the company can come and loosen up.

Therefore the employees are besides make participated in the assorted company extracurricular activities.

Local and Abroad Communities.

Local and Abroad communities sees BAPCO with regard and efforts are made by the company itself to acquire popular in the local and abroad communities.

A major reappraisal of the corporate schemes has been developed which is entrusted with the undertaking of reexamining the future way of development and growing of the company in the local and abroad countries.

The company officially organized the Bahrain International Air show in twelvemonth 2010.

The company has contributed a entire amount of US $ 2 million to more than 200 organisations inside and outside the state for financing the societal support plans started by assorted authorities and non-profit-making organisations.

Safety records.

A figure of safety ordinances has been followed by the company in the workplace. Due to this ground the company has been appreciated with the undermentioned awards.

BAPCO was awarded The Emirates Energy Award in Dubai for following wellness and safety steps in the organisation work country.

Det Norske Veritas certified BAPCO as the best company for following the occupational wellness and safety appraisal series criterion or OHSAS.

BAPCO passed ISO 14001 enfranchisement without any job.

Therefore by acquiring the above mentioned certifications the company confirms to the rich person followed all the demands of wellness and safety in the organisation.

Government conformities.

BAPCO has been following all the declarations passed by the authorities bureaus in Bahrain. A figure of declarations have been passed in Bahrain to safeguard the wellness and safety of workers in mill. The security statute laws and ordinances consist of long list of set of regulations and ordinances that are required to be followed by the employer and the employee both. The latest declarations passed and followed by BAPCO include the followerss.

Resolution figure 3 of twelvemonth 2005, which concerns the environmental demands and criterions in the work topographic point. It fundamentally consists of the illuming agreements, safety from machines, proper hazard appraisal and instruction to the employees about safeguard steps.

Municipal by jurisprudence figure 1 of 2005 concerned forming of working hours at the work topographic point in a residential country which can turn out harmful to the life of the work force and people populating about. Therefore by restricting the work topographic point and hours near the hazardous machinery would non merely do the work force cautious but guarantee their safety for longer period.

Occupational safety and wellness decree figure 2 of 1994 helped in the accession of the province of Bahrain to Arab labour conventions figure 7 of 1977 which ensures employee safety at the work topographic point.

Remarks of Board of Directors on Sustainability study:

The Board of Directors on Sustainability study confirms the followerss.

The growing and enlargement programs working good in gesture and on the right path.

The company is to the full indulging itself in societal public assistance patterns by giving 1000000s in contributions.

The societal conditions of the company are healthy and employee & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s involvement has been taken attention of.

The company has followed all authorities conformities.

The economic status of the company and the environment of the company was contributing in giving the company new chances around the Earth.

Financial mentality based on sustainability study:

The fiscal of the sustainability study are as follows.

The company is gaining good net incomes in the present financial twelvemonth.

The company is opening new refineries by puting 1000000s of dollars as portion of its enlargement programs.

The employees are experiencing fiscal secure by working with the company.

The growing chances are lifting and the company is acquiring more concern in Asia and Africa, specifically Singapore and Egypt.


In the terminal, the company has been on the right path by taking attention of the human resource every bit good as the economic environment of the company. This is assisting the company to turn and thrive and explicate the development programs which will assist the client base enlargement in other states.


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