Balance Between Standardization Uniformity And Adaptation Commerce Essay

Franchising has penetrated all the concern globally as it has been a good thought for concern work forces who are afraid to get down their ain concern and take the hazard of being enterprisers, for these concern work forces they have to take to fall in or track a successful concern and do a “ franchise an understanding whereby person with a good thought for a concern ( the franchisor ) sells the rights to utilize the concern name and sell a merchandise or service ( the franchise ) to others ( the franchisee ) in a given district ” . ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 )

Many concern today run under the franchising facet as big per centum of concern depend on franchising such as eating houses, java, services and auto menders, as the franchisor gives the right to the franchisee to transport out the trade grade of the merchandise to the country in which the franchisee will run in, for illustration Tim Horton the trade grade it ‘s good known over CANDA so if some one walks inside a shop out side the regional country of CANDA they will acknowledge the trade grade of Tim Horton. ( Taimi Williamson )

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Balance Between Standardization Uniformity And Adaptation Commerce Essay
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Franchising is one of the most important concern all over the universe as it offers merchandises and services that dependable and convenient for all consumers locally and globally as it has some benefits and opposes, advantages and disadvantages. ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 ) ,

Advantages and Benefits.

1- Management and selling aid ( for franchisee ) : a individual who is franchising has a much bigger opportunity to win than a individual who is get downing a concern as that individual already has aid from the franchisor as the trade name is known and is already in the market the franchisors makes the publicities and chooses the location and additions aid in the other operations. ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 )

2- personal ownership ( for franchisee ) : a individual who is a franchisee is still the proprietor of his ain shop therefore deriving the net income if he is a exclusive owner or sharing the net income if he is in a partnership, but still the regulations and ordinances of the franchisor are followed but the fact still remains that the franchisee is his ain foreman. ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 )

3- nationally recognized name ( for franchisee ) : if opening a franchised shop such as Nike the franchisee is non opening a concern that is freshly introduced, the concern is good known in different states so the facet of being introduced or go throughing through the acknowledgment procedure is no job since the trade name is already known, ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 )

4- Lower capital investing ( for franchisor ) : by franchising if the franchisor wants to spread out his concern by opening new shops without confronting the normal capital costs that are required, as a franchisor you can compel the franchisee to pay initial costs for startups that include rent, stock list and staff for the shop that the franchisee is traveling to open in the location chosen. ( Azrin,2003 )

5- Lower forces demand ( for franchisor ) : alternatively of the franchisor being forced to enroll and engage the employees for the shops, the franchisor can trust on the franchisee to do these demands, the franchisor puts the regulations and ordinances for the franchisee to flux while he leaves the remainder to the franchisee to make up one’s mind. ( Azrin,2003 )

6- Lower hazard ( for franchisor ) : the franchisor is the proprietor of the concern but does n’t take all the hazard if something happens in the other locations ( countries where the franchisees are in ) , the franchisees who are more to take the duty for most of the hazards that happen such as the hazard that the shop fails, jurisprudence suits, mulcts and punishments while the franchisor ‘s exposure to these hazards is minimized. ( Azrin,2003 )

7- Low failure rate ( for both ) : the failure rate of franchising is less than the rate of other concern, some experts stated that the failure of concern to go on is eight times more than a franchising to neglect, but the franchisor and the franchisee must be cognizant of the hazards that might confront them so as to non neglect because nowadays weak franchises has entered the field. ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 )

As there are advantage to franchising there are besides disadvantages for franchising that might confront both the franchisor and the franchisee.

Disadvantage and Opposes.

1- Large start-up costs: some franchises demand a high start up cost that might be hard for franchisee to obtain therefore for them it might be un low-cost doing the franchisee to take loans from Bankss to afford the start up, some trade name might be high startups as in really big sum of money while some other trade names might non be with high start up drunkards. ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 ) )

2- Shared net income: since the franchisor is existent concern proprietor he frequently demand from the franchisee a portion of the net income in add-on to the fees fro the initial start up cost, franchisors call it royalty, for illustration ” if a franchisor demand 10 per centum royalty on a franchise ‘s net gross revenues, 10 cents of every dollar collected at the franchise ( before revenue enhancements and other disbursals ) must be paid to the franchisor ” . ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 )

3- Management ordinance: in some franchises the direction has it ‘s manner in being directives with regulations and ordinances as it puts regulations and restrictions for the franchisees doing them feel like they are non their ain foreman, some franchising concern set the regulations that must be applied by the franchisee in the direction aid therefore these regulations must be followed by the franchisees. ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 )

4- Coattail effects: the coattail consequence is when the franchisor ‘ concern is profitable and in the growing degree so he faces a large job when his franchisees are neglecting no affair how his concern is profitable the franchisor must maintain in head that his concern is at hazard if his chap franchisees are neglecting. ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 )

5- Restrictions on merchandising: in the franchising concern it is hard for the franchisee to sell their companies or shops unless the franchisors approves with the new proprietor that he will follow their criterions and use to it, unlike any other concern the franchisee ca n’t sell because it ‘s non a private concern. ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 )

6- Deceitful Franchisors: some franchisors are big concern franchisors and some are little concern in the two instances the franchisees must be cognizant of the fraudulent that might confront them from franchisors as some franchisees faced the job that the franchisors delivered small or nil of what they promised, some of the little companies might non use or conceal some prospective from franchisees. ( Nickels, McHugh, McHugh,2008 )

Types of franchising.

1- Globalization: as the universe has emerged into a new degree the fact became that globalisation is how concerns are covering with Thursday

e universe as a individual market, for franchisors they are analyzing this fact on how to interact with several markets and exchange goods and services across boundary lines, developing new thoughts to fit the demands of clients all around the planetary universe ( Alon, December 2004 )

Harmonizing to Levitt ( 1983 ) and Yip ( 1987 ) “ suggested that the planetary commonalties driven by progresss in engineering have led to the standardisation of merchandises, fabrication and establishments of trade and commercialism ” , for many franchisors these thoughts have embraced them to double their concern globally. ( Alon, December 2004 )

2- Internationalization: international franchising has some of the dimensions of globalisation such as transverse national trading, the exchange of thoughts and the capital investings, it differentiate from planetary franchising in some other signifiers such as the distribution in the market, how the entry in the international market will be accomplished through licensing for the exportation, importing and foreign direct investing. ( Alon, December 2004 )

There are more than 63 per centum of franchisors in the U.S seeking international franchising, it besides indicates that there are 16 different international industries such as nutrient, retailing, diversion and hotels seeking international franchising. ( Alon, December 2004 )

The international franchising has an economic impact on occupation creative activity, economic modernisation, balance of payment, little concern entrepreneurship and the revenue enhancement base. ( Alon, December 2004 )

3- Local franchising: franchising has emerged in local states and gave the enterprisers the bravery to get down their ain concern and franchise it locally, this has helped in supplying employment and increasing productiveness in the local parts. . ( Alon, December 2004 )

In my sentiment franchising has encouraged tonss of enterprisers to get down franchising industries locally for illustration Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s take an illustration in Egypt in of the major successful enterpriser is ( AMMO HOSNY ) the fast nutrient eating house which foremost started as a shop that sells fast nutrient now it has progressively expanded and has local subdivisions in Egypt.

This proposal about the thesis is concentrating on the facet of the franchising struggle on how to accomplish standardisation and uniformity and balance between the standardisation and acceptance.


The franchising of a concern is related with the construct that if a franchisee is taking the franchisors concern they must accomplish the criterions of the concern such as for illustration if a individual is franchising a bakeshop shop the individual must accomplish the same bars with the same formulas as the franchisor with out adding any other ingredients from him self or else he will non be franchising, the individual must follow the regulations and ordinances of the franchisor utilizing the same formulas and the same ingredients as the existent concern and he must be trained and instructed to follow in order to maintain the quality of the merchandise. ( Taimi Williamson )

The major issue in standardisation is that in some concern tenseness is created between the franchisor who wants the criterions of the concern to be purely followed and the franchisee who wants the concern to accommodate to the civilization he is runing the concern in for selling satisfaction. ( Cox, and Mason, December 2007 ) .

Standardization and uniformity has ever been the nucleus rocks of franchising the grounds are:

1- standardisation means accomplishing cost minimisation for both the franchisor and the franchisee in selling and implementing

2- the standardisation keeps the trade name image maintained in forepart of the clients which makes consumers experience the same manner toward the image of the trade name. ( Cox, and Mason, December 2007 )

Standardization Formats for any franchising concern include the followers:

Product and service: the alone characteristics of the format of the franchising criterions that are fundamentally the construct of franchising, such as in a fast nutrient concern the bill of fare that introduces the constituents which gives a competitory advantage in the market.

Benefits communicators: these are the things which create dependability and assurance to the quality of the merchandise, such as in a fast nutrient concern standardisation of clean uniforms indicates high quality.

System identifiers: these are the elements and units that bond the client with the concern, such as the hallmark, name, logo, colourss and uniforms.

Format facilitators: these are the regulations and processs of how the standardisation should be implemented in order to hold a successful franchising such as the equipments, layout and design. ( Cox, and Mason, December 2007 )


The chief tenseness happens in the franchising concern between the standardisation and the version where the franchisors needs to implement the standardisation for the franchisee to follow, in some local or other cultural environments it differs because there are some consumers which vary in degree, gustatory sensation, penchant and socio-economic composing such as the age and income, the grade and type of the competition differs from one state to another, in each state or local environment the factors of production differ so some premises to implement the standardisation formats are sufficient, acceptance among the franchisee should go on in different local countries in order to vie with others the acceptance should go on in.

1- The merchandise mix fluctuation

2- Pricing construction

3- Local selling

4- Human dealingss patterns

( Cox and Marson, December 2007 )

Standardization makes clients “ expects the same merchandise or service in every location ” . ( Fable and Dondrige, 1992, ( Cox, and Mason, December 2007 )

Standardization makes clients ” seek the common ingestion experience that trade grade represents ” . ( Michael, 2002, Cox, and Mason, December 2007 )

The nature of Standardization is that the franchisor implements the whole set of regulations and mercantile establishments as a whole non specific staff which creates tenseness between standardisation and acceptance. ( Kaufmann and Eroglu, 1999, Cox, and Mason, December 2007 )

When the concern environment Become more competitory more inventions are needed from the franchisee in order to meet any competition within the local environment to maintain the system runing acceptance is needed in some local countries to maintain the competition traveling when there is new merchandises and switching in the degree of consumer income therefore buying is switching so the standardisation is non needed in this state of affairss the acceptance is what the franchisee demand but the challenge is that the franchisor direction is at hazard when the franchisee quest for liberty.

( Dant and Gundlach, 1999, Cox, and Mason, December 2007 )

The struggle is that standardising with excessively much control is dearly-won and creates jobs with the motivational spirit of the franchisee how of all time if the standardisation is small controlled and to much liberty is given so it may ensue in the loss of the cooperate individuality and trade name equity. ( Dant and Gundlach, 1999 )

Macdonaldization is the balance between standardisation and acceptance.

This proposal is to make all the franchising concern to implement their standardisation such as MacDonald ‘s that reached the balance of standardisation and acceptance.

MacDonald ‘s reached the globalisation market with a individual message and satisfied the universe with a individual merchandise, it reached civilizations and societies with globalisation ( criterions ) and modernisation ( acceptance ) , Macdonaldization as “ an of all time greater uniformity of life manner, cultural symbols and transitional theoretical accounts of behavior.aa‚¬A? ( Alon, December 2004 )

MacDonald ‘s is found in over than 118 states and the fact that Macdonaldization had a great impact on the civilization of different states is that it penetrated the Nipponese market and the Indian market whether itaa‚¬a„?s name was changed into Mos Burger in Japan ) or Nirula ‘s in India, the fact still remains that MacDonald ‘s altered each civilization ‘s status such as India by offering fast nutrient concatenation eating houses which sell Mutton Burgers because 80 % of the people in India are Hindus and do n’t eat meat, MacDonald ‘s besides penetrated the markets and civilizations of the Arab universe, the Asiatic universe and the European universe therefore implementing Macdonaldization

Research aims.


Time graduated table.


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