Barbie’s negative effects on young girls

Cindy Jackson presently holds first topographic point in the Guinness Book of World Records for undergoing the most back-to-back decorative surgeries. While turning up, Cindy considered herself field and unattractive following to her beautiful sister, so she decided that she had to make something. At age six Cindy was obsessed with looking like Barbie. Cindy stated, “ I looked at a Barbie doll and said, ‘this is what I want to look like, I want to be her ‘ , ” ( Leung 1 ) . At age 21 Cindy packed up and moved to London, England, where she wanted to get down a new, pretty life. It took over 31 surgeries, 14 old ages, and five hundred thousand dollars to go the “ human Barbie. ” Now she has her ain web site, book, and multi-million dollar friends, at the disbursal of her organic structure.

Cindy Jackson is an illustration of how far people are willing to travel to look perfect in this society. Beauty is distorted by the media and by the plaything industry. In today ‘s society skinnier is better, and people are willing to travel through anything to accomplish this. Children should non be exposed to these thoughts. Alternatively, kids should merely be childs. Puting the Barbie doll into the custodies of kids Teachs them that they need to look like her: perfect. Although, Barbie is non the lone sole cause of low self satisfaction but is a conducive factor. Barbie has been proven to give kids who play with her lower self-pride and bring on increased desires to look skinnier. Barbie has negative influences on organic structure image and causes lower organic structure satisfaction degrees among immature misss, by giving kids false pretences and force per unit areas about being scraggy and perfect.

Barbie is the most successful plaything of the 20th century and the alleged icon of female beauty ( Kuther 39 ) . Most misss from the ages three to ten hold at least had one doll turning up. Although, she ‘s popular now she is really based off of another popular doll from Germany. The dolls name was Bild Lilli she was an original sketch character of an expressed amusing strip designed for grownup work forces. “ On August 12, 1955 Lilli was foremost sold in Germany, normally found in fume stores and a few plaything shops, ” ( Bild 1 ) . Barbie was based off of the Lilli doll by Ruth Handler ; she journeyed to Europe on holiday and bought a few Lilli dolls. When she returned back to New York Handler re-designed the doll to do Barbie, which was named after her granddaughter Barbara. Now Barbie is the most sold doll in the universe, Barbie is a 1.5 million dollar per-year industry ( Dittmar 283 ) .

Barbie gives kids a sense of low self-pride. Three developmental psychologists exposed one hundred 26 English kids from ages five to eight to a survey of how Barbie influences organic structure image. They were exposed to either Barbie dolls, Emme dolls ( a more normal proportioned doll ) , or no dolls and so completed assignments based on what they saw. Helga Dittmar concludes, “ Girls exposed to Barbie reported lower organic structure regard and greater desire for a dilutant organic structure form than misss in the other exposure conditions ” ( 284 ) . Dittmar continues, “ even if dolls cease to work as aspirant function theoretical accounts for older misss, early exposure to dolls typifying an unrealistically thin organic structure ideal may damage misss ‘ organic structure image, which would lend to an increased hazard of broken feeding and weight cycling ” ( 290 ) . This survey proves the fact that Barbie has some sort of clasp over childs. Since misss play with these dolls they are the most influenced by her since they are so immature. If we show our kids these images and state them to play with them, they will demo some kind of idolising to the dolls.

Handler ‘s granddaughter Stacey has written a book about her complications with life in the shadows of the Barbie doll. She has had many challenges keeping her weight to intermix into the household. Stacey Handler has experienced the life after Barbie as it has been in her life personally. Her book The Body Burden, Living In the Shadow of Barbie reveals her personal narrative of a lifetime conflict with organic structure image. She openly discloses her ain feelings about the Barbie doll, her grandma ‘s apparently guiltless “ perfect ” creative activity. She portions her minutes of low self-prides, including frights, insecurities, and distorted organic structure image that have been bestowed on her ( 213 ) .

She discusses society ‘s unrealistic organic structure images and how difficult it is for misss to set and love themselves for who they are ( 215 ) . For the first few chapters she expresses her feelings through verse forms and riming vocals ( 1 ) . Handler writes, “ They ne’er see behind the drapes that hide all my imperfectnesss… I was removed from the shelves where the perfect me… remained without a individual tear… I worked all twenty-four hours and dark to acquire rid of my extra cellulite until I looked… perfect in the eyes of society ” ( 12-13 ) . Stacey felt overwhelmed by what her grandma had invented. She was invariably dieting and practising unhealthy wonts of losing the extra weight.

Second, includes the controversial information of the Barbie. This includes the existent life Barbie and her measurings. Barbie was designed to look flawless because why would a child drama with a doll with defects or cracked dry tegument. These dolls are made to look perfect and about robotic ( one looking precisely like the other ) . Even though Barbie has late turned 50 old ages old she still looks like she is 20. She stays so immature merely because kids would non play with a grandma looking doll, it would be out of their likely goon to play with her. The kids would non look up to her. Her organic structure figure is really controversial because it demonstrates a bantam waist, long legs, ample bosom, and fluxing blond locks ( Winterman 1 ) . Some argue her organic structure form would be inaccessible and unsustainable if scaled up to life-size.

Denise Winterman states, “ They claim she would non be able to stand up because her organic structure frame would be so imbalanced. A existent life Barbie would merely fall over ” .A survey at Southern Australia University suggest the likeliness of a adult female holding Barbie ‘s organic structure form is one in one hundred 1000s so non impossible, but highly rare ( Winterman 1 ) . Winterman claims, “ Research workers at Finland ‘s University Central Hospital in Helsinki say if Barbie were life size she would miss the 17 to 22 per centum organic structure fat required for a adult female to flow. So once more, non an unattainable figure, but surely non a healthy one ” . If Barbie were a existent individual, she would stand five pes two inches and weigh about one hundred 10 lbs. Her waist would mensurate a singular 20 inches, her chest 38 inches, and her hips 34 inches ( Kuther 322 ) .

Third toys give kids an influence particularly at younger ages. Barbie is so advertised to kids who are immature, chiefly three to ten twelvemonth olds. Childs who play with playthings at aged three to eight are said to be influenced more from the plaything they play with than the 10 twelvemonth olds advertised excessively besides ( Duffy 1 ) . Judith Duffy suggests that misss every bit immature as five worry about their weight after playing with unrealistically slender figures such as the Barbie. Duffy ‘s article is a summarisation of facts based on miss ‘s ideal of beauty within the past five old ages. For illustration, a recent survey performed on one hundred 30 fifteen-year-old Scots misss has revealed that around 50 two per centum considered themselves to be “ excessively fat ” , and 29 per centum were actively seeking to lose weight. This is hideous sing that 15 twelvemonth olds are merely get downing their high school calling. These adolescents should be more concentrated on their surveies than on their demand to be perfect and size two.

Some authors, women’s rightists and psychologists think Barbie is a positive function theoretical account and a healthy image for immature misss to hold. For illustration, Deb Mehecke author of the article “ Rethinking Barbie, ” explains that Barbie gives kids a opportunity to utilize their imaginativenesss and the chance to fuss something. She besides claims, Barbie allows immature adult females to woolgather about all of the possibilities, Barbie can be a physician, an spaceman, a banker, a attorney, a nurse, a gymnast etc… ” . Children do like to fuss their playthings and make-believe they are existent, but do we hold to give our kids such an inappropriate doll. We could give our kids a H2O babe or a chou spot doll, why do we take a firm stand they take attention of such a glamourous doll?

Developmental psychologist Julia Griffin stated her thought of Barbie in her article “ Academicians Like to Play with Barbie excessively. ” Griffin explains Barbie is indispensable to a miss ‘s development in a societal interaction along with societal values. Alternatively of Barbie being the indispensable portion of a kid ‘s life, parents should assist their kids develop societal interaction and societal value accomplishments. Many people think Barbie has nil to make with feeding upsets and the negative organic structure image in immature misss. Mattel, the company that produces the doll denies any and all negative accusals with Barbie and the negative affects it rings to the kids who play with her.

Solutions are a must with this issue such solutions are: surrogate dolls for kids and immature adolescents, parent duty and positive support of organic structure image, and companies need to do dolls more realistic. Some surrogate dolls for immature misss would be the Groovy Girl dolls, and the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, and for the older age groups the American Girl Doll and Emme.

The Groovy Girl dolls are sold at Target shops countrywide, and sell for approximately 16 to 19 dollars. These dolls can be considered expensive but they resemble kids, in appropriate vesture and offer great values to kids. The editor for the savvymom web site and co-founder of the Groovy Girls is Victoria Pericon who appears on the official web site she states, ” With three kids of my ain, I am invariably seeking to filtrate the messages y childs are acquiring from telecasting, their equals, the Internet, magazines, and films. My girl, particularly, is surrounded by confounding messages that make it hard for her to develop a strong sense and a healthy organic structure image. The Groovy Girl dolls helped my girl happen her interior beauty in a respectful manner, ” ( ) . This web site has a parent ‘s option which has ways to assist your girl learn to do good determinations along with features parents should implement. The Cabbage Patch Kid dolls are harder to happen but they are sold at Wal-Mart and Target shops along with other with other plaything shops countrywide. They sell for approximately ten to fifteen dollars depending on the doll and accoutrements included. These dolls are positive for small kids because they are realistic in their visual aspect harmonizing to the kid ‘s age group, and they can care for them decently.

The American Girl dolls are by far the most educational and most expensive. These dolls are designed to learn kids about a defined clip period. For illustration, The Great Depression and the 70 ‘s dolls Kit and Julie. Although, these dolls are extremely expensive and are more posh and high terminal of the doll market they include a batch of valuable information and penetration into the misss influence. The concluding surrogate doll would be the Emme doll. This doll is sold online and in choice shops and is priced between 20 and 35 dollars. The optional excess outfits can be anyplace from 50 to ninety dollars. These dolls are the most proportionate to an mean healthy adult female which makes this doll the best dolls for turning and altering kids to adolescents.

In decision, Barbie so became a basic of today ‘s society based on her popularity but she is going a factor of low self-pride in immature misss. If we act now we can halt the addition in this affair before it gets even worse.

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