Barclays is a major planetary fiscal services supplier engaged in retail and commercial banking, recognition cards, investing banking, wealth direction and investing direction services, with an extended international presence in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia.

With over 300 old ages of history and expertness in banking, Barclays operates in over 50 states and employs over 150,000 people.

Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for over 42 million clients and clients worldwide ( ) .

Barclays Group scheme overview

Barclay ‘s aspiration is to go one of the smattering of cosmopolitan Bankss taking the planetary fiscal services industry. This means offering a full scope of retail and sweeping services to clients and clients throughout the universe. These services include: retail, concern and private banking, recognition cards, investing banking, investing direction and wealth direction.

The bank ‘s scheme follows a simple premiss: expect the demands of their clients and clients, so function them by assisting them achieve their ends ( ) .

Introduction of the External Marketing Environment

No concern operates with out regulations and ordinances any concern is surrounded by Torahs and liabilities, force per unit area groups and public organic structures, clients and rivals. These are portion of the selling environment that the administration works within, and since selling is the interface between the administration and the outside universe, covering with this environment is a major portion of seller ‘s work ( Jim Blythe 2008 )

The external selling environment analysis is the first phase of scrutinizing procedure. It creates the information and analysis necessary for an administration to get down to place the cardinal issues it will necessitate to turn to in order to develop successful scheme.

As environment of concern has ne’er been the so complex as it is today you need a appreciation of the large image, the function of administration and yourself within it. System theory makes clear that every administration operates within an industry puting that in bend interacts with a social environment that is itself influenced by a planetary market place. The planetary market environment appears really distant to sellers runing on a regional or even national graduated table, but with the information engineerings shriveling distances, these transnational operation are widening into every corner of the market topographic point ( Mike Oldroyd 2006, Graeme Drummond, John Ensor, Ruth Ashford 2008 ) .

Therefore the selling environment is “ The external forces that straight or indirectly act upon an organisation ‘s acquisition of inputs and coevals of end products, consisting six classs of forces: political, legal, regulative, societal/green, technological, and economic/competitive ( Dibb et al, 2006: 68 ) . Within any society, all concerns face a common political, economic, societal and technological environment, although any one component will frequently impact otherwise harmonizing to the size and state of affairs of the house ( Mike Oldroyd 2006 ) . Whether a market fluctuates quickly or easy, environmental forces are ever dynamic. Changing in the selling environment can make uncertainness, menaces and chances for the seller ‘s. Although the hereafter is non really predictable, seller ‘s can gauge what will go on, although some fail to make so, therefore negatively impacting the public presentation of their concerns. It can be stated with certainty that sellers will go on to modify their selling schemes in response to the dynamic environment. Furthermore, selling directors who fail to recognize alterations in environmental forces leave their houses unprepared to capitalise on selling chances or to get by with the alterations created in the selling environment ( Dibb et al, 2006: 68 )

Research methodological analysis

Using PEST analysis to understand your environment

Plague analysis is designed to supply a focussed model to help you in set uping your aims. It will take the consequence of your selling audit and put them in a logical format to guarantee that you have considered all of the factors that could impact your market ( Phil Stone 2001 )

Political environment

In every state there are regulations and ordinances that all concerns need to follow in order to run lawfully.

Government at both national and local degrees can impact companies non merely on a day-day footing through jurisprudence, policies and authorization but besides a strategic degree by making chances and menaces. Specifically, these arise because at competitory degree the authorities can find industry construction via monopoly and restrictive trade patterns legislations farther. Legislations will promote competition so that clients can hold more options ( Dale Littler and Dominic Wilson 1995 ) .

So there is a scope of political administrations that have to be considered when looking at the influences in this country of the audit. The construction of a political system defines the Centres of political influence. A province with a federal political construction will differ from a unitary political system. In the UK there is a parliament for Scotland and an assembly for Wales. However some of the duties are still the duty of Westminster parliament. There is besides threading of determinations taking topographic point both politically and lawfully within the model of European Union. Political groups such Greenpeace can besides consequence the political docket. Therefore when sing these country of the environment a much wider position has to be taken than merely the domestic national authorities or legal procedure ( mention ) .

Banks are contending for endurance because the current state of affairs in the universe economic system the UK authorities is giving support to Bankss by step ining.

The authorities has pledged to pass up to & A ; lb ; 37bn to purchase bets in three Bankss – Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB and HBOS. The Bank of England has lent farther one million millions of lbs to the wider banking sector ( ) .

The UK Treasury has announced a fiscal line of life, which could finally be deserving up to & A ; lb ; 500bn, to seek and brace the UK banking sector. Opposition parties loosely backed the programs, which could see the authorities shoot up to & A ; lb ; 50bn in capital – basically taxpayers money – into taking Bankss and edifice societies. As frights of a drawn-out planetary recession rise, the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank each announced an exigency 0.5 % cut in involvement rates. But this unprecedented move has had merely a limited impact on the disruptive stock markets. Despite retrieving somewhat, the FTSE 100 was still down 2 % in London by mid-afternoon while markets in Germany and France were down by more than 3 % . But in the US, the Dow Jones rallied in early trading after the crisp falls of recent yearss. In another key development, the UK authorities moved to protect sedimentation holders in UK outgrowths of Icelandic Bankss, endangering legal action against Iceland to retrieve money from one collapsed bank ( )

However Barclays did non seek aid from the UK authorities in the current economic crisis alternatively they raised hard currency from Middle Eastern investors ( ) .

Economic environment

The economic system is closely linked with political environment, it consists the current and future province of cardinal economic variables used to depict the wealth, buying power, nest eggs and ingestion together with the authorities economic policies deployed to consequence those variable. These include the consequence of rising prices, involvement rates and exchange rates and will hold impact on the cost, monetary values, fight and profitableness of the concern. In footings of strategic selling undertakings, of premier importance as portion of the strategic planning procedure is the designation, monitoring and prediction of those economic variables to which the company ‘s market attempt is most sensitive. So understanding of the cardinal economic indexs provides the necessary information for expecting developments in the market topographic point. Economic uncertainnesss impact negatively on concern and consumer assurance so the cardinal selling undertaking is to try to recognize the relationships between motions in the economic system and alterations in the market topographic point.

Social environment

This is possibly the most hard for the seller to place evaluate and respond to it. It is a composite of demographics it includes alterations in population features educational criterions, civilization, lifestyle attitudes and beliefs. The manner we think, we live and behave is the result of complex cultural conditioning by household, friends, schools, work and assorted media. It conditions who decides what we buy, where and when we buy it, and whether we recognition or hard currency for illustration 45 per centum of consumers agreed that they give into enticement and purchase things because they like them and non because they need them. This was up from 30 per centum 20 old ages ago. So concerns need to see the altering demographic tendencies in their concern and the altering societal clime in different parts of the universe ( Dale Littler and Dominic Wilson 1995, Phil Stone 2001 and Mike Oldroyd 2006 ) .

Peoples ‘s life style are altering because in today ‘s universe outlooks are higher as people have become more affluent, they have come to anticipate more. In 20 first century Britain, few people would see populating with out a telephone, telecasting, icebox, auto, bank history or recognition cards. In 1960s all these merchandises were illustrations of things owned by merely a minority of the population so the seller will be concerned with all the influences impacting the client ‘s pick ( Jim Blythe 2008 and Mike Oldroyd 2006 )

Barclays Financial Planning has launched two new pensions merchandises to equal stakeholder pensions. Harmonizing to the bank, clients can take either a basic investing solution, comparable to a stakeholder merchandise, or to diversify their pension assets, including the option of a ‘select pick ‘ fund proposition. Barclays manager of investing advice and merchandises David Stuart says the new pensions offer mundane pensions investors something much more flexible than a stakeholder program but without the more complicated construction or cost deductions of a full Sipp. ( )


Technology has become one of the most of import factors impacting concerns over the last decennary. The development of information engineering has impacted in the manner concern is conducted. For illustration the usage of facsimiles and e-mail and chances created by the cyberspace ( Phil Stone 2001 ) .

For many concerns the usage of cyberspace as selling tool is small understood and surely non apprehended cyberspace can be really efficient marketing tool making global chances for even smaller one employee concerns manner.

Barclays must see the usage of latest available engineering ( Phil Stone 2001 ) in order to remain competitory with other Bankss E.G. HSBC because few serious sellers would see non holding a corporate web site. Yet merely ten old ages ago such web sites were rare, and were frequently simply ‘presence ‘ sites which directed visitants to a telephone figure or reference ( Jim Blythe 2008 ) . New engineerings create new markets and chances ( Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong2004 )


A company will non hold strategic selling planning procedure with out taking into consideration in to the external selling environment as this vital in the company ability to run as concern.

Because any administration is surrounded by Torahs and liabilities, force per unit areas groups and public organic structures, clients and rivals. These liabilities are portion of the selling environment that the administration works within. And since selling is at the interface between administration and the outside universe, covering with this environment is a major portion of seller ‘s work ( stone Phil 2001 ) .

Barclay ‘s external environment is undertaken in order to detect the chances and menaces that are germinating and that demand to be addressed by the company ( Graeme Drummond, John Ensor, Ruth Ashford 2008 ) .

External environmental analysis will supply Barclays with a wider position on the hereafter selling aims of the concern. It concentrates on the hereafter of the concern. PEST analysis must be frontward looking based on bing cognition. It is in this manner that you can set up aims that will either counter the menaces that you will confront in the market or work the chances that you will happen.

Barclays need to move socially responsible because this can give them competitory advantage through good media feedback and this will reflect on the manner clients see the Barclays so repute is of import.

A successful selling program is all about deriving competitory advantage. It is hence virtually of import you do measure all of your options carefully ( rock Phil 2001 )


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