Barriers for Education in Honduras Essay

Barriers for Education in Honduras An education Is of utmost Importance to Improve oneself, a society. Or even an entire nation! Unfortunately, in third world countries such as Honduras, education is something everyone wishes for, but face barriers to attain, The big question is, what makes getting an education difficult for these Honduras? Well, a combination of political, technological, intellectual, social , and financial factors prevent Honduras students from receiving the education they are entitled to by the Constitution of Honduras.

In March 2011, hundreds of Honduras teachers went on strike because of he low wages they were paid. This resulted In 305 teachers being suspended, and no education for the children the teachers taught. These frequent clashes between the government and the teachers’ union results In abandoned classrooms and illiterate children

The absence of teachers results in extremely short or long school days, because there is not an exact time In or time out of school. This results In the education becoming unaccountable for and divided. This makes planning for transportation and other necessities difficult for parents, contributing to them withdrawing their children from school. Teachers don’t cooperate with the government either because of the low salary, which Is what causes them to go on strikes In the first place. A combination of these political factors result in a poor education for Honduras’ children.

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Barriers for Education in Honduras Essay
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