Basic Construction Company Profile Essay

M/s GROWIN INDUSTRIES LIMITED PROFILE Scope of Work : Package No. 2 HNSS PROJECT DATA Value of Contract:1500. 00 ( In Lakhs ) Payable currency component :Indian Rupees Employer:I & CAD Dept. Govt. of A. P. , Date of Commencement:6. 1. 2009 Completion Period:12 Months Type of Contract:E. P. C. Contract Defect Liability Period:12 Months Price escalation:Payable QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PLANNING : Quality Management System of the project shall start with the establishing of Quality plan of the site of Planning Stage. Once the job is awarded, planning activity for the job takes Place.

This is done with the establishing of Quality Plan Construction Methodology. Control estimate and cash flow of the project. This gives resources requirements and its schedule. Various processes involved in the project and its construction are established and documented in the Quality Plan. Method statement shall be established for critical process. Quality Plan shall give process and its details and its measurement criteria. ORGANISATION CHART M/s GROWIN INDUSTRIES LIMITED [pic] MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY : Management’s Commitment : 1. Be in constant contact with site to complete the project as per Clients requirement and on or before 30. 9. 2013 as programmed in now. 2. Establish the quality objectives for site. 3. Conduct management reviews of the site once in a month. 4. Ensure that the resources required for the completion of the project are available on time. Customer Focus : The management shall keep in mind the requirements of the clients as stated in the contract agreement and the internal requirements like : 1. Completion of the Project by 30. 09. 2013 2. Defect liability period of 24 months 3. Completion of project as per the latest revised construction programme. 4. Ensuring the safety norms established etc. . Equipment Maintenance of the Project for 2 years. Responsibility and Communication : Responsibility : The site In-Charge Shall defines the responsibilities and authority of the site personnel. The responsibilities authorities of the site personnel shall be as follows. 1. SITE IN-CHARGE: Responsibility: 1. To make the estimate, programme, work instruction and monitor as per the programme and estimate made. 2. Interaction with Engineer, Employer and HO 3. Monitoring men and resources required for site i. e. , arranging for the staff, plant machinery from the sources available at HO 4.

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Follow up for getting the various construction activities scheduled. 5. Monitoring the daily expenditure made at site. 6. Chair the review meeting’s to sort out the problems on execution of the job. 7. To check the accounting, finance, consumption, progress report and stock statements are to be made properly and send in time. 8. Attending the employer’s officials in their site inspection and in meetings. 2. PLANNING ENGINEER: Responsibility: 1. Make estimation, programming and method statement and review the programme periodically. 2. Maintaining the register for drawing cement, steel etc. , 3.

Estimating the quantities required for the next week, next fortnight, next month and informing to the site. 4. Reconciliation of the materials like concrete, steel etc and gets it approved from Site In-Charge. 5. Prepare weekly monthly progress and submit to H. O. 6. Preparing work orders for Price Rate workers and checking of bills for Price Rate worker. 7. Make the arrangement of weekly review meeting and sending its minutes to H. O. 3. BILLING ENGINEER: Responsibility: 1. He shall make running account bills monthly and escalation bills. 2. Reviewing the work done quantities with the work done R. A. Bills 3.

He shall check the price Rate Worker measurement books and approved the monthly measurements. 4. SITE MANAGEMENT REPRESENTIATIVE : Responsibility: 1. Initiate the internal audit and conducts Site Management Review. 2. Meeting and take corrective action to close all Non Confirming report risen in the audit in consultation with Site In-Charge. 3. Ensure that all staff follows quality management system at site. 4. Maintain list of all quality records maintained at site. 5. SAFETY SUPERVISOR: Responsibility: 1. Ensuring overall at site. 2. Preparing comprehensive and detailed accident report whenever accidents occur. 3.

Understanding the site conditions at various stages of work from perspective of safety of personnel and machinery. 4. Evaluating the requirement of safety training programmes and carrying out the safety training programmes. 5. Conduct safety induction training as and when situation demands. 6 PERSONNEL AND ADMINISTRATION : Responsibility: 1. Arranging facilities such as communication, transportation, accommodation etc. , required at site. 2. Allocating and maintaining accommodation facilities for personnel at site. 3. Maintaining various personnel records. 4. Maintaining security arrangements for works camps, colony and equipments. . Liasion with local departments like transport, electrical, postal telephones, labours provident fund etc. 6. Complying with various statutory requirements applicable to the project. 7. QUALITY ASSURANCE AND QUALITY CONTROL ENGINEER: Responsibility: 1. Take corrective actions to close all non-conformities identified during audit in consultation with site management respresentative. 2. Maintaining list of quality related records. 3. Conducting various tests as indicated in the quality plans. 4. Reporting the inspection and tests reports to SMR. 5. Attending site QC work.

PROCESS OF CONTROL OF DOCUMENT AND DATA All the process shall be carried out as quality plan and contracting specifications. Constructions activities shall be carried out as per month statement. The following documents are applicable |Document |Controlling authority/ Person | |Contact Agreement |Planning and Billing Engineer | |Drawings |Planning and Billing Engineer | Relevant I. S. Codes |Quality Control Engineer | |Quality Plan with method statement, procedure for site |Management | |safety and testing of incoming materials | | IN PROCESS TEST Production of Concrete :

Before production of concrete quality control engineer will check the quality of various ingredients like aggregates, water, cement and admixtures and do the necessary adjustments in the concrete mix as per the quality of ingredients. After production of concrete from concrete mixture, consistency of concrete by means of slump test, total air content by using air meter and temperature of concrete, the six set of cubes should be caste to check the 7 and 28 days compressive strength of hardened concrete before dispatch of concrete to pour point.

At pour point before place in the concrete, the temperature and slump test should be check for the heat of hydration and workability of concrete. The Site Engineers should check shuttering and reinforcement properly before place in the concrete. Site Engineer should ensure proper compaction of concrete to remove the entrapped air in concrete and for proper placing of concrete. Production of Coarse Agreegates : During the production of aggregates in crusher plant, suitable measure shall be taken to check the undersize and oversize production of aggregates.

The aggregates should be tested for gradation, flakiness, abrasion, impact and crushing strength once in a week. ———————– G. D. VIJAY KUMAR M. B. A. , K. BALANAGENDRA REDDY L. L. B. , Managing Director K. BALANAGENDRA REDDY Works Supervisor Works Supervisor J. LAKSHMIKANTH M. B. A. , Project Manager Design Engineer Planning Engineer Works Supervisor Accounts Personnel For Admn. Mach. InCharge Lab Incharge Design Engineer Site Engineer Accounts In charge Personnel & Admn. Mech. In charge Lab In Charge


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