Basic personality of an individual Essay

It ‘s really of import for an single to cognize about his personality. “Personality has been defined as “ an person ‘s characteristic forms of idea, emotion, and behavior, together with the psychological mechanisms — hidden or non — behind those patterns” . No two individuals can be the same they differ at any point even the twin ‘s possess different personality behavior. Over period of research analysis it was found out that the personality is determined by the Heredity, Environment and Situation of the person. ( Robbins & A ; Judge, 2009 )

I have ne’er thought of what my personality is, so when I was asked to compose an essay on what my personality was it was merely a great undertaking for me to composing about my personality. Subsequently with the aid of Prentice Hall ‘s Self Assessment Library I came to cognize a small about my personality. At first it seemed to be a normal one for me to go to the trial but subsequently after seeing the consequences had me to take the trial earnestly and was involved in the trial to happen my personality. So with the aid of this Self Assessment trial, this essay will be discoursing my personality behavior and the thing that motivate me in the occupation environment.

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Basic personality of an individual Essay
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My basic personality:Emotional stableness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and openness to see. These are called as Big Five theoretical accounts of personality ( Robbins & A ; Judge,2009 ) .Emotions are the intense feelings that are directed at person are something. I am ever enthusiastic individual but going a unagitated individual by and by. I ever lose my composure easy but by making some personality development categories I have started being a unagitated individual and enthusiastic individual.

When a work is assigned to me and if it is capable of me to work i do it with enthusiasm and complete it. I am a individual who thinks that the duty is achieved and can non be taken. It is us who are responsible for 1s future and about dependableness to state I depend on many beginnings like my friends, seniors during some actions. As I used to wish in the residential campus from my schooling so in the starting yearss i used to be an introvert individual being entirely and used to speak to merely few individuals but by and by as the clip passes I changed myself into an extravert individual and started acquiring together with other individuals and like the company of others. I am besides non an openness individual because comfortableness is found in the 1s which are familiar to me instead than the 1s that are non familiar to me.

Jungian 16-Type Personality:This trial tells that my mark consequence isENTPwhich means I am an advanced, individualistic, various and entrepreneurial. I have an thought of set uping an sole concern for net incomes and besides like to confront hazards and take challenges it was easy forme to follow to the surrounding and I am an individual who does non wish to be independent and like to be a fellow individual in a group instead than a some individual in a group.

Am I a Type-A? :In this personality trial I achieved A+ personality type. I believe that it reflects merely some of my qualities like that aggressive, traveling, walking, eating quickly and the impatient quality and occupation satisfaction in everyday and truly on velocity. As of making work i do n’t wish to make both things at a clip but instead like concentrating on each thing and like to work out in groups I do n’t wish to wok on long term consequences but instead like to work on fast giving up results..

Ambiguity:Ambiguity refers to the term uncertainty or uncertainness. This can be interacted as the uncertainness in the behavior of the individual seen at different state of affairss. ( Ritov and Droary, 1996 )

I do agree with the trial partly as it reflects my personality because one tend to be more comfy in forepart of the known people instead than the 1s whom i do n’t cognize. I like the things traveling in the same manner instead than altering instantly. But this one is worked out to be merely outside the organisation but within the organisation the consequence reflects my personality. So for me the consequence reflects my personality in the work topographic point or an organisation because I like to work in a group if one am unsure of what i am I ca n’t be friendly to the other people. So by this I ca n’t state that I can manage ambiguity depending on the fortunes around me.

Creativity:Creativity is one of the finest ability to last in the present universe. “Roger von Oech – Creative thought involves conceive ofing familiar things in a new visible radiation, delving below the surface to happen antecedently undetected forms, and happening connexions among unrelated phenomena.” I am non an originative individual but was good at surveies and score good per centum but the originative ability is really less in me.During my group presentation I could happen the things that are available merely but could non come up with anything new which my chap couples could come up with on a peculiar thought. Hence I can judge to myself that one am low at originative believing “ Being originative is seeing the same thing as everybody else but believing of something different ”

All the five appraisals trial discussed above are about my personality now we will discourse about the things that motivate me and there penetrations.

The first trial is aboutwhat Motivates Me?Motivation means “The procedure that accounts for an person ‘s strength, way, and continuity of attempt toward achieving a goal” . ( Robbins & A ; Judge, 2009: 175 ) .The cardinal elements in motive are Intensity, Direction, Persistence. For the trial the analysis was made on the Growth, relatedness and Existence demands. I prefer to be given an loyal wage for the work done that was done me instead than seting with the imbalanced wage and if you are paid harmonizing to the work this would actuate you and do you to work difficult.It was during my occupation as a selling gross revenues executive where my foreman called everyone up and said he would be giving an bonus payment for the 1s who makes more gross revenues for every three months, this announce by the foreman has made everyone to work hard and it helped everyone on both sides.

Dominant Needs:The dominant trial was carried out on four societal demands Achievement, Affiliation, Autonomy, Power. I agree with the trial consequence because I am so much focused to stand out in my surveies during my under graduation clip because of my failure in a unit, so during the following test I thought to better myself and execute better than the past consequence and achieved it and the similar 1 is being following in my life like making the things with comparing the past consequences. Even the companies take the past consequence into consideration and program the present scheme. The other societal demands are still satisfactory for me.

On the trial consequence ofwhat i value most? It Is a really good trial inquiry for me because it reflects most of my thoughts in making or taking an occupation at an organisation. As of the consequence shows my thoughts of an ideal occupation whether it is a good wage, esteemed rubric, holiday clip, security in occupation, acknowledgment, interesting work, plesent working conditions friendly colleagues but I scored rather low in the flexible agenda which says that I like to work in an designed agenda instead than frequent alterations.

The following trial is What ‘smy position on the nature of people? This trial consequence was based on the Douglas McGregor ‘s Theory X and Theory Y. It is said by the Douglas McGregor ‘s that the individual with Theory X possess to be lazy, disinterest in working while the Theory Y is rather contradictory to Theory X. Persons with Theory Y tend to work interestingly and are really responsible in their work.Based on the tonss of the consequence the personality of a individual is divided equally. Harmonizing to the assessment trial consequence I am flexible in the choice of my senses. An illustration for this can be during the group formation of a peculiar unit. Each and everyone are new for me and I have no thought of their cognition, personality and behavior. Few of them looked to be smart, non active, lazy and thought I had fallen in an unexpected group and have decided to seek my fortune in the group but as the timed passed by the group was more friendly and everyone are rather different from what I judged.

The following trial is on theclass public presentation ends?The trial is fundamentally seeking to prove our grounds to analyze and whether it is an end oriented survey class work or non. I have come to Australia from India for making my Post graduation in Telecom and Business Management. As I want to research my cognition globally and three would be no sense if I have come here without any end and waste my money. I have done my Under graduation in India and every bit hold a end of set uping an concern and idea to set up that concern in Australia. So thought to make my station Graduation in Australia which help me in two things like acquiring to cognize the Australian civilization and will besides be obtaining a survey grade.

The following inquiry is abouthow confident am I in my Abilities to win?Without self assurance and difficult work accomplishing ends is non easy. Robbins and Judge ( 2009 ) states that self-efficacy refers to an person ‘s belief that he or she is capable of executing a undertaking.An illustration for this can be the recent occupation which I had got in an package company.My function is to name the clients and remind them to do their outstanding balances, at first when I started doing calls I was so much shocked by the responses of the clients and as it a new challenge for me to vie i thought to retreat from the occupation by the response of the clients but the squad leader helped me in lifting my assurance and after that the occupation was non as it is before.

The following trial is about my Attitude toward Achievement: this trial helps in understanding the reaction of the person on the success of the others. The tonss tell me that i favour really less seeing the successful people fall. An illustration for this can be the present autumn of an Indian originated MNC company SATYAM. The president of the company had worked hard to build-up the company but he had been rip offing the company portion holders from past few old ages demoing bogus one-year consequences of the company. I do besides wish to see the successful people being rewarded. An illustration for this can be the Issue of Oscar award to the Indian Musician A.R.Rahman.

I like to acquire paid for what I do and anticipate to be given the same importance as other who do the same work as I do. In a short and simple to state one expect the results to be the same as the incomes of which one support. The appraisal consequence says my character as the equity sensitivenesss which is an mirror image of my quality and thought.

Theoccupation motive potencyis calculated depending on the factors of accomplishments, undertaking individuality, undertaking significance, Autonomy and Feedback.I like to work in a occupation where there is assortment, less part moderate liberty and a changeless feedback for my work. During my occupation as an call Centre operator I used to hold assortment undertakings to finish and my part would be less for the company and used to acquire a changeless feedback for every call I talk.

Do I want an Enriched occupation?Everyone like to hold a enriched occupation. “job enrichment schemes may non hold the same effects in more collectivized civilizations than they do in individualistic cultures” ( Robbins and Judge, 2009: 237 ) .The consequence shows that I like have a occupation with invention, security, friendly employees and my ability to stand out.

It would be fantastic thing to summarize my essay in few lines. With the aid of this essay it was able for me to cognize my personality and motive. My personality is an emotional stableness one with a less originative cognition and emphasis based and have ambiguity quality and demand to cut down this. On for the 1s that motivates me are the during my occupation is the good wage for the occupation, friendly environment, power to make, security in the occupation, mentality of the people, purpose oriented and the attitude towards the accomplishment and the degree of assurance in accomplishing the end.


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