Bccd Framework For Ivory Towers Essay

Ivory Towers offer a broad scope of merchandises and services. The edifices are surrounded by 20 estates of landscaped evidences with a assortment of leisure activities available to clients, which is situated in attractive countryside. There are 44 sleeping rooms available, all with en-suite installations and analyze countries and a few dual suites if required. They can add a all right dining eating house to heighten the client experience along with wireless cyberspace entree ( WIFI ) . The latter has been thought of and the development of an incorporate web is ongoing but the GM ‘s nephew left and it was non completed.

Ivory Towers have conference suites available which can keep ten, 30 and 50 people. These conference suites are equipped with air conditioning, sound proofing, a Personal computer with Microsoft 97 office suite of plans, overhead projection installation from the Personal computer, ample power points, BT telephone line, CCTV and chilled mineral H2O “on tap” . Other equipment which can be provided includes: complete VHS equipment, 14 or 24 inch proctors, somersault charts, 35 millimeter slide projectors, 16 millimeter projectors, white boards and screens.

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Bccd Framework For Ivory Towers Essay
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In its current province, Ivory Towers have a just thought of the activities in the local market. Basil, the Owner/General Manager belongs to the local Chamber of Commerce, the local golf nine and a twosome of voluntary administrations so that he can maintain an ear to the local pipeline about the competition and possible local conference chances. Occasionally he advertises in the local imperativeness. There is a booklet to pull new clients but there is no web site, which would broaden their market to a planetary graduated table.


There is a web site designed by the GM ‘s nephew but it was ne’er published and no online booking system. The GM ‘s nephew John volunteered to put up assorted computing machine undertakings. He wants to put in a computing machine room with internet entree, Bluetooth connectivity or a wireless LAN. Equipment was purchased but ne’er installed. A Personal computer was given to all directors but they are non being to the full utilised and no preparation was given. The lone individual internet entree is the receptionist merely to look into electronic mails. The administration uses a SAGE package bundle but it is non linked over a web to portion information throughout the administration. This creates really evident lacks in the concern processes.


There is no documented scheme for Ivory Towers but the proprietor has a program for where he wants the company to be in the following five old ages as he intends to retire by that clip.

Work force

All senior members of staff are ageing and are skilled in their several Fieldss. There is small or no IS/IT cognition between them and look to be loath to encompass engineering. Recent staff has programs of their ain but have new thoughts which can be brought to the tabular array. If an chance arises elsewhere at that place seems to be small at Ivory Towers to maintain them.

Procedure And Planning

There is no linkage between sections which prevents relevant information. The hotels procedures are intertwined to engagements. Due to a deficiency of interconnectivity between sections, client service is non optimum and be improved with the execution of an incorporate web. There is besides trouble in maintaining path of suites need to be cleaned and supplying right and timely nutrient and drink to the conferencing clients.


Cash flow is healthy and a large portion of their net incomes are achieved through conferencing and catering.

Customer Satisfaction

Ailments have been received refering the bringing of catering services and engagements. This is due to a bead in client service. Each section needs to be re-engineered to optimize efficiency and hike client service.


There is a clear demand for staff preparation and development aligned with the aims their several sections. At the direction degree, there is a demand for Information Technology ( IT ) preparation.

External Communication

Communication on the planetary market is about non existent. A web site was established but ne’er published and there is no on-line engagement. The receptionist has a dial up internet connexion with which she can entree e-mail three times a twenty-four hours. Other agencies of external communicating are the local administrations the GM is a member of, facsimile, telephone and letters. There are besides booklets for distribution and advertizements are placed in the local newspaper on occasion.

Is/It Audit

This is to nail the current IS/IT being used by Ivory Towers.

1. Accounting System

Ivory Towers presently use a Sage accounting bundle. It ‘s installed on three Personal computer ‘s which are networked and are used by the GM, helper GM and the responsibility director.


  • Continuing histories for hotel and conference clients
  • Planning of budgets
  • Invoice creative activity
  • Documentation of client and provider payments
  • Creation of studies


  • Three networked Personal computer ‘s
  • One pressman


  • Sage package bundle
  • Microsoft office 97
  • Desktop publication package


  • None


  • None

Interview Remarks

The full characteristics of SAGE package are non being used and it ‘s non integrated with other systems at Ivory Towers. If this was done, duplicate of informations entry would be alleviated. Some of the other characteristics of the package includes ; finance, human resource, endeavor resource planning and paysheet.


The histories country has been good managed so far but the remainder of Ivory Towers is non profiting from the package. Once it is integrated, it can be to the full utilized.

2. Conference Reservation System

A database is used to schedule conference engagements by the conference director. To get down this procedure, a missive, telephone or electronic mail has to be sent to Ivory Towers from a client to do a reserve. Then a petition is sent for a sedimentation and a formal engagement is so made one time the sedimentation has been received.


  • Scheduling of clients
  • Room handiness
  • Conference room and record of reserves


  • One Personal computer


  • Microsoft office 97 ( Access )



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