BD Pathshala: Spreading Education Using Native Language Essay

BAD Pathways – A dream online education platform for 250 million + people ! The campaign is about raising funds to build an Online Education System (from Primary level to University level including vocational education) for the people around the world who speak Bengali. Set up Goal: $ 20,000 Providing Free Online World-Class Education to ensure Equal Opportunities for All What Is BAD Pathways? BAD Pathways Is an online learning platform on a Nilsson to provide quality educational material for the Bengali speaking people around the world.

The majority of the Bengali speaking communities are mainly based In Asia. We believe that by targeting the Bengali communities In this way we are able to provide a platform that can educate, empower and change the socio-economic status of the Bengali people In their respective countries. Perhaps then, they would feel more confident to participate in the mainstream societies around the world. Thus in turn, the Bengali people would educate and teach others about their own unique language and cultures. Why in Bengali?

With at least 230 million native speakers around the World, Bangle or Bengali is the national language of Bangladesh and an official language of India. Bengali ranked the the language in terms of the number of people speaking any language. With the rate of growing population it has the potential to be number 6th surpassing Portuguese. It has numerous dialects, which show mainly phonological and lexical differences. However, Standard Bengali is used in educational and formal social settings and is understood by speakers of the various dialects.

Recently, Bengali was included as one of the official languages of the UN- Peace Mission and it has been accepted as an official language in Sierra Leone (Africa). In future, we expect to see an increase in the Bengali speaking population around the World. Many Bengali speaking people live in Europe and the American region. If BAD Pathways achieves its goal, then we would be spreading our venture to help other communities develop their own culturally appropriate educational platform by using their own native languages.

We already have many great educational resources in English and that’s why we don’t feel the need to develop something in this language. Currently, many native language resources have been dubbed straight from English and yet it’s been found that a lot of the material are not culturally relevant or appropriate to the cultural mindset of the people. BAD Pathways wishes to start employing teachers and once It proves to be popular then it will be driven through volunteer teachers.

We wish to develop quality content by paying teachers first of all so that the educators In turn feel Inspired with the success of the program and provide ongoing free education. It Is BAD Patella’s desire to provide free education for the knowledge seeker. We need your help to set up the office and also to pay the wages of the teachers How can this project change millions of people’s lives? I née majority AT ten Bengali speaking population are mostly Trot developing or partly plopped countries. In fact, most live below the poverty line. The per annum income of a person is way below the monthly wage of a developed country person.

Economic, social and health conditions are of poor standards as well. We feel that a lot of this is happening because of a lack of knowledge and good quality education. The formal education system that are currently in place are not helping our Bengali speaking people to become properly self educated or well trained to work for a better living. The Bengali people all over the World are well known for their meritorious nature ND hard working ethic. They have a natural entrepreneurial spirit and many have contributed towards great inventions of the World.

We will pay wages like salaries to the teachers and staff behind the project who are giving their precious time to it as there is no such free thing in this modern world. We need to earn our living also. If we get any extra, that will be added to the improvement of BAD Pathways. Future plan to Implement tongue BAD Patrons a Online Real Time Class Room Mobile Based Lecture Materials Online Examination system to ensure quality assessment of skills for knowledge seekers after the successfully complete learning their desired courses. E-learning,

Real time Online Classroom for remote areas and villages. As many as possible to setup. Online workshop fully free to the people who want to know certain topics. Interviews of Icon fugues. * Who am l? I am a Computer Science and Computer Engineering Graduate majoring in Software Engineering. I used to lecture in an University in Bangladesh named University of Information Technology and Sciences (ITS). From there I felt the urge to build a learning platform which will not follow the traditional teaching way Just to pass the curriculum but to make people learn thing properly.

I am currently running a small IT enabled service business offering all solutions like software development, Web and web Application development, SEE, Graphics Designing etc. I love to read and research and share my knowledge. To know more about me: BAD Pathways Courses that we’re offering in the near future: General Education: * (Please note that, all courses will be from elementary school level to University graduation level. I. E each course will have different no of courses based on age group) Bengali Grammar, English literature, English grammar, Spoken English, LILTS,

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