Beau Benefield Mrs. Payne soci Essay

Prescription drug abuse has, and always will be a problem in todays society. While there has been a decrease in the use of some illegal drugs, data shows that nearly one-third of people who used drugs in 2009 began by using a prescription drug non- medically. Prescription drugs have now moved into the second-most abused category of drugs after marijuana. People who abuse the drugs believe these substances are safer than the illicit drugs because they are prescribed by a healthcare professional and dispensed by a pharmacist.

The prescription drugs that are most often abused include painkillers, edatives, anti-anxiety medications, and stimulates. Most people experiment with prescription drugs because they think they will help them lose weight, have more fun, and Just fit in with todays society. Most of the time people get the drugs from friends or family members, but they are also sometimes sold on the street illegally. While abusing prescription drugs, users often have trouble at school, at home, with friends, or with the law. The likelihood goes way up for a person to commit a crime if that person is abusing drugs.

Drugs abusers are also known for causing amily problems while they are abusing drugs. Many people get so addicted to the drug that they will do Just about anything to get their hands on the drug. Although some people believe it is safer to use prescription drugs rather than street drugs, they are completely wrong. Using prescription drugs for the wrong reasons have serious risks for a persons health. Abuse can lead to mood changes, vomiting, decrease the ability to think, and can even lead to coma or death. Prescription have actually been discovered to be a lot worse for you than a lot of the illicit drugs on the street today.


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