Beautiful Norway Sample Essay

There’s merely one manner. and that’s Norway. Do I truly want to see and research the land of the midnight Sun? And will I be a good embassador for South Africa? Read this essay and bask my exhilaration. my hungering for non merely to larn cognition but to portion cognition. I am positive that at the terminal of this essay the reply will be ‘’yebo yes! ’’ Last December my parent gave me the chance and the privilege to research the civilization. historical edifices. linguistic communication. nutrient and snow in 7 different states. I was so overwhelmed by the experience that it felt like I’ve been enrolled by the universe university.

I am now hungry and dying to see more and more. and as a proud and loyal South African I have the impulse to state aliens about our beautiful state and its rich history and colorful rainbow state. and to promote the Norwegians to see our state which will assist with economic growing. As my imaginativeness runs wild I already picture myself eating lutfisk. watching them celebrate fundamental law twenty-four hours have oning their traditional vesture. hearing the people greet each other with ‘’god dag’’experiencing the northern visible radiations. run intoing the Sami people and possibly merely possibly I’ll run into a troll along the manner.

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Beautiful Norway Sample Essay
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What I admire the most about Norway is the fact that all their instruction is free which give everyone an equal chance for a good instruction. even the hapless. As a friendly. reasonably. enthusiastic. indapendent. easy adaptable. diplomatic. honest and end orientated single. I believe that you won’t regret taking me to stand for South Africa in Norway. So for me there is merely one manner. and that’s NORWAY!


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